Wynonna Earp ‘Steel Bars and Stone Walls’ Review

Wynonna Earp returns for its second season in a hail of bullets and demons.

The story of the great-granddaughter of gunslinger Wyatt Earp and the Peacemaker gun as they rid their town from the revenants that killed Wyatt all those years ago.

Wynonna Earp became a surprise hit in 2016 mixing its supernatural elements in a Western setting and an ultimately modern twist. It’s a hilarious, sarcastic and well-engineered show that embraces diversity in a healthier way than a more ‘prestigious’ drama. More than anything it’s ridiculously fun.

Picking up from where it ended in season one the Purgatory gang are hatching a plan to release Agent Dolls from the Black Badge prison he’s being kept in.

Only to add another ring of craziness, Willa Earp unleashed a demonic threat onto the town of Purgatory with slug headed demons running around the woods it still looks like Wynonna has her work cut out for her. The demonic element to this season feels like the natural next step to a show like this and it allows them to play around with expectations of the supernatural that make me excited for episodes to come.

The introduction of black badge agent Eliza is a nice juxtaposition against Wynonna’s messier style of combat. She also adds a new side to Doll’s who has been something of a yellow-eyed question mark throughout the first season.

But maybe we should get to the demon in the room….

wtf is going on with Waverly!?!?!

At the end of season one, we saw Waverly be taken over by a demon and point a gun at Wynonna. Throughout the episode we see her get clouded over with demon eyes, we see her and Haught get way closer and a scene in a certain demon zoo we’re still left reeling as to exactly what’s going on.

Season 2 are always tricky, especially if you’re coming to it with expectations. If they’d drawn out the revenants storyline or romantic drama then things could have grown stale rather quickly. Wynonna Earp continues to be weird, mysterious and funny this show could jump into cult status.


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