Twin Peaks ‘Part Six’ Review

It’s confusing, it’s upsetting and it’s a little crazy but what else would Twin Peaks be? Although still making very little sense episode six has found a balance between the old and the new characters which happen to be both frustrating and intriguing all at once.

As Dougie continues to amble his way through an insurance job and bookie debt collectors there are signs that the Dale Cooper we know and love might be waking up. Whether it’s his interest in the police badge or the One-Armed man informing him he has to wake up. Coop has to be coming back.

The Double R Diner continues to be the most satisfying part of the revival as it appears the infamous giggling Heidi has returned to work after a twenty-five-year hiatus or did she never really leave?

With the cyclical nature of most of Lynch’s work, Twin Peaks thrives on repetition including the numbers ‘324810’ which feature on the intersection a child gets run over in this episode. Whether this is to set up the ‘Kid’ as being the douchebag’s second coming or to show that Carl Rodd can also see things in the way that Dougie can see lies and jackpots will play out in the next episode.

It’s beautiful, it’s tragic and it’s mind-melting, Twin Peaks is starting to feel like home again.

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