Pretty Little Liars ‘Choose or Lose’ Review

Mona is A.D? As the big reveal at the end of the last episode saw Mona Vanderwall sitting in an incriminating looking room filled with shovels and a suspiciously familar game it looks like the final boss has been revealed…

But as we all know things in Rosewood are never quite how they seem.

A search warrant for each of the Liar’s home marks the return of Lieutenant Tanner is in keeping with the theme of these last ten episodes which just seems to be ‘let’s throw everyone back in for one last horrah.

Which brings me to my next point, I bet it was Sean behind everything this whole time ….



Hahahaha it was me all along…wait you remember me right?



Homegirl Aria continues to be the worst as she gets caught by the rest of the Liars they realise that she’s been working with A.D this whole time in order to protect her predator boyfriend and they are pissed. 

Of course on balance this show is about terrible people being blackmailed into betraying their friends in order to cover up their own secrets but lets not focus on that atm.

Aria, pissed that betraying her friends demands more rewards from A.D and in a new turn of events she’s the only cleared for Alison’s ex-husbands murder.

The timeline of Pretty Little Liars has always been a bit sketchy but are we living in some kind of future where blowing phones up remotely is accessible to everyone?

But where would this show be without the romance factor because apparently looking for whoever killed Charlotte is so 2016… Hanna and Caleb tie the knot in a courthouse because they don’t need anyone but each other, Spencer and Toby are back together after he’s had a sensible month of grieving time for his dead wife, Aria continues to lie and betray people for her highschool English teacher whom knowing entered into a relationship with a sixteen year in order to research his book and Emily and Alison are making a go of things and apparently the baby daddy will stay a mystery forever.

But it’s almost over with just a couple more episodes to go maybe this will all end in a satisfying way, who knows? All I’m saying is buckle in and know jumping over plot holes is excellent cardio.

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