Wynonna Earp ‘Shed Your Skin’ Review

In a hell of a goo-d episode, we learn more about the demon’s descending on Purgatory, Wynonna still has conflicting feelings about the death of Willa and Wayhaught crosses a milestone.

Also, Waverly’s still a demon but whatever….

With Dolls still in the wind, the dynamics of the Purgatory Scooby team are tentative at best with the addition of the hard ass Lucado and the adorable Jeremy, the chemistry isn’t quite there yet.

But the arrival of Mercedes Gardener, Waverly’s old school friend and the richest bitch in Purgatory takes the pressure off the police station corner of the show. Adding some positive history to the Earp backstory adds new insight to the into teen Wynonna and I hope we get a flashback episode for teenage Wynonna some time in the future.

But Mercedes is buying up the town in a gentrification plot that I suspect will come back to haunt us pretty soon. She’s building a complex on the old Purgatory school and has seemingly dug up a pile of demon eggs that go to attack the Earp girls back at the station.

The scene of Waverly and  Wynonna Earp fighting against the creature under the metal bin in the police station is exactly the reason I enjoy this show, I don’t think any other show could pull off b movie effects with such charm and confidence. Honestly, the show runs circles around its big budget competitors thanks to the acting skills of its cast and writing that balances emotions with one liners.

And at the same time Doc is now the proud owner of Shorty’s bar (if anyone knows how to get a Shorty’s t-shirt pls email me) but all isn’t as it seems with the addition of Rosita it seems that Doc has other things of his mind.

After feelings of conflict about their now different status with Officer Haught being a police officer and Waverly being a part of black badge blood pact but the two make up for it as the sidled into a new avenue of their relationship.

Waverly’s new demon status is probably my favourite part of the new season and its conflict with Wynonna’s misson. I’m interested to see if this comes from demon possession or some Earp blood pact.

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