Twin Peaks ‘Part 7’ Review

As we reach hour seven of the 18 hour Twin Peaks movie I’m afraid I must confess….

I have no actual clue what’s going on.

As Dale Cooper is seemingly waking up in the life of Dougie Jones and a very pissed off Diane enters the picture to face off with evil Coop there’s an enduring feeling that something is happening but we’re too close to see the full picture.

Although the seventh hour of the Twin Peaks epic is seemingly the most story-rich as they piece together the pages from Laura’s Diary hidden in the police station all those years ago, the mysterious and previously unseen Diane is an emotional tour-de-force in her moments with evil Coop leaving us to wonder exactly what happened the last time the two of them met.

This also seems to be the first time people are noticing that there is something wrong with both Dale Coopers as Doc Hayward reflects on his examination of Coop post-Black Lodge. This scene also showed us the first glimpse of more modern-day technology with the arrival of Skype and the iPhone in a separate scene maybe Twin Peaks is in some strange almost 21st-century world that only the edges of tech can touch.

But as Dougie seems to be waking up, no one is quite noticing he’s not right, in part due to Janey-E Jones who can seemingly scream criminals and police into submission as she solves both the car issue and the gambling debt simply by not shutting up.

The constantly tired and worried Mrs Jones is refreshingly comedic in the often macabre world of this show. I’m hoping she lasts long enough to get to Twin Peaks as I’d be interested to see how she reacts with some of the characters there.

The two scenes at the end both Coopers are breaking free from their current prisons, Good Dale stops Spike from attempting to assassinate him and Bad-Dale breaks out of prison after blackmailing the warden.

No one is quite sure where this story is going at the moment all I know is I’m ready for more and I’m hoping to see Michael Cena’s Marlon Brando impression again.

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