Pretty Little Liars ‘Farewell, my lovely’ Review

With only one more episode to go Pretty Little Liars gives us some solid answers but there are still mysteries to be solved in Rosewood.

Aria’s still on the outs with the Liars but with Rollin’s body in her car she devises a plan to make things up to them by taking the fall. As she works this out she has a conversation with herself and I was kinda hoping this would lead to the discovery that Aria had been talking to herself for the past seven seasons and her split personality was A.D.

What can I say a girl can dream.

The big reveal of the night came from Mona, the underrated hero of this whole series. As fingers looked to be pointing squarely towards her for the role of A.D most viewers worked out that it immediately took her off the suspect list.

Instead, thanks to a break in her reality Mona reverts back to her previous nerdy status and informs the girl’s that she killed Charlotte. This didn’t feel like the shocking reveal it was amped up to be, I had my money on either her or Jason and due to the fact Jason didn’t pop up fifteen minutes before the end Mona became a safe bet.

The game ends with the girls receiving the final few puzzle pieces and the location of Rollins body only to be beaten to the punch by Detective Tanner who literally bulldozes over their plans.

The arrest fake-out is sort of something that should have been put to bed in season three but as the girls accept their fate Mary Drake swoops in and takes the blame.

I really hope this story is solidly put to bed now as I didn’t care about Rollins when he was alive and I didn’t care about him when he was dead.

But A.D is going to be revealed next week and I think they’ve truly exhausted all options for a satisfying ending. But maybe be they’ll prove me wrong, my money is still on Sean…

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