Netflix ‘You Get Me’ Review

A one night stand turns into the school day from hell in this new Netflix thriller than combines L.A cool and millennial Femme Fatales into a deliciously devilish package.

The story of Taylor, a seventeen-year-old boy currently living his Californian dream with a great job busting tables at the beach and a great girlfriend, things are going pretty well for him.

But during an argument at a house party Tyler and his girlfriend, Alison split up and Tyler rebounds with one magical weekend with one really cool girl, nothing could go wrong…. right?

‘You Get Me’ seems to be a teenage Dangerous Liaisons and honestly, I don’t hate the concept. Teenage love mixed with the obsession of a complex antagonist does create a compelling story in theory whether or not they execute it to the fullest extent remains to be seen.

The first thing you notice about this movie is in the gorgeous cinematography, I’m talking quintessential L.A with sun drench beaches and overhead light in night shots. The romantic drama and its shots can easily be played out in a music video for a pop/edm song but the real linchpin of this movie is Bella Thorne as spurned lover Holly.

Thorne is the undeniable stand out of this movie, she balances the ‘cool girl’ persona that attracts the protagonist Tyler and allows him to spill his guts about family drama and his feeling towards his girlfriend. But she also captures the sinister goings on underneath in the portrayal of a very troubled girl.

You Get Me lives and dies on the back of its antagonist because there’s very little screen time given to anyone else. The other characters including the MC Tyler aren’t given enough room to develop against Holly’s intense back story.

The naturalism of this film allows us to experience a very intense drama in the most normal way possible, a couple of awkward missteps aside things bubble nicely under the service and culminates in a satisfying way.

Netflix has armed itself as the rebirth of the big indie movie, unlike the millions of superhero movies that litter the cinema Netflix can experiment with what it puts out there and try to capture the teen market. I don’t think You Get Me will captive its audience but it moves like a day dream and will at least capture the attention of the tumblr crowd at least for the moment.

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