Pretty Little Liars: Classroom scene explained


When it was announced Pretty Little Liars would be jumping forward five years in its sixth season fans were living for the idea of the liars all grown-up. And one of the first tastes of that new life came from the first clip we got to see of Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria in Alison’s classroom warning her about someone coming….

But as we got closer to the final, the phrase ‘He’s coming’ just didn’t seem to fit into the narrative that was until in the penultimate episode when the words were uttered and it turns out to just be one of the signature crazy dreams we’ve come to know from Pretty Little Liars.

Marlene King told TVLine how it all came about…

“I’ll be super honest with you — that was one of those things we didn’t have a well thought-out plan for…Ultimately, in a homage to the horror aspect of Pretty Little Liars, we decided that we could just have fun with it as a dream sequence.

Fans will remember from the earlier seasons dreams were often prophetic and a supposedly dead Allie would often make an appearance but this new dream tells a different story.

“I thought it was a great homage to how much Emily cares about Alison…attacking it from an emotional standpoint, instead of from a plot or mystery standpoint, was what made it work and what made it rewarding for fans.”

So what do you think? Were you excited for the mystery or just happy to see an emilson scene?

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