Wynonna Earp ‘ Gonna Getcha Good’ Review

Haught gets the spotlight for this episode which provides a nice divergence from the Black Badge crew. Every group needs to proverbial human to counterbalance the crazy going on. It’s nice to see Haught work out how she fits into the new dynamic and how she deals with her day to day job. Haught feels more human and insecure which is sort of lovely in a show like this.

The episode primarily centres around a homecoming hockey game and the 2007 winners that all went off to be mysteriously successfully into they wind up dead with their guts pulled out.


Three episodes in and the demon-motif of Wynonna Earp’s is wholly successful at keeping interest on an episodic level and whatever is going on with Waverly allows and intriguing season arc.

What can I say, this show is good. Its real strength is in it’s writing,  it’s a refreshingly modern drama wrapped up in supernatural action with a smattering of Whedon esque one liners.

In fact, if you’re looking the spiritual successor to Buffy the Vampire Slayer then you’ve found it, Wynonna Earp, I have high hopes for the second season and I don’t think I’m going to be disappointed.

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