Pretty Little Liars ‘Finale’ Review

-Warning the following contains spoilers from the final episode of Pretty Little Liars proceed with caution…

Or do whatever you want I’m a blog post, not a cop…

Pretty Little Liars came at the perfect time to say something interesting about cyber bullying and how quick our world went online. It addressed LGBT issues, addiction and murder throughout its seven-year run, Pretty Little Liars is part of pop culture history now and no one can take that away from them.

The twin theory has been floating around PLL since the first episode as in the books it’s Allie’s twin, Courtney that becomes one of the later plot twists. Of course, they had to turn it on its head I just didn’t expect it to be like this…

Till Death Do Us Part takes place a year after the previous episode which I think is probably for the best, it seems they’ve finally learnt their lesson after squishing the first three seasons into one school year.

There hasn’t been any word from A.D, Lucas is a tap dancer and Jenna has taken up horse riding…oh it’s a dream… I’m glad they are honouring the absurdist moments of PLL in the finale episode even if it’s more a nod then anything and Lucas gets a series wrap in a white top hat.

In the real world, it’s almost time for the wedding of Aria to her high school English teacher and everyone is excited, except Caleb and Hanna who are arguing after Hanna agrees to let Mona stay with them after she leaves Radley 2.0

I know this show doesn’t take place in the real world but shouldn’t Mona have a social worker? A concerned friend? A secret twin? Someone else out there that could take her away from this mess?

But everyone gets to the Lost Resort for the world’s most boring bachelor/bachelorette party (seriously if anyone was going to accidentally kill someone on their last night of freedom you would think it’d be these guys) And everyone gets busy except Toby and Spencer who bond over obscure word scrabble and unsaid feelings.

Except they don’t.

Yup, the long held Spencer twin theory turns out to be true with one shocking twist, Alex Drake is British. To be more exact she’s from the same place in England as Anne Hathaway from One Day.

Seriously, I think I could have been on board with the whole Spencer twin thing if it wasn’t so very clearly stuffed in at the last minute and the accent just felt unnecessarily jarring even for a show that balances the campy line.

The backstory being that Wren found Alex Drake in a pub in England by happenstance and told her the whole story of her sisters in the States and her secret twin. Cece and Alex bonded in Paris each with their own doctor boyfriend and a growing hatred for their sisters.

Alex created a lair complete with a fake prop house and locking cells (apparently all construction companies in Rosewood are great at no questions asked work)  and keeps Spencer in a cell while taking over her life. She also kidnaps Ezra because Alex is a messy bitch who lives for drama.

However, the main foil to Alex’s plan is Jenna and an oversensitive horse who recognise that she’s not Spencer and warn Toby who rolls with it.

Things are seemingly wrapped up with a wedding an engagement and a pregnancy announcement but the door is left open as Mona apparently has Mary and Alex Drake in a Dollhouse and the new Rosewood bitch is now missing…

This show was never going to have a satisfying ending with N.A.T club, Toby’s mom and if Wren is truly dead (or if they know he’s the baby daddy) still up in the air I’m at least grateful this show was crazy right till the end


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