Wynonna Earp ‘She Ain’t Right’ Review

She Ain’t Right starts with a demon-possessed Waverly sleepwalking across the homestead because, well she ain’t right. This episode brings forth the possession storyline that’s been bubbling in the background along with a piece of Earp history and Dolls ‘situation’ front and centre.

Even though it seems I’m professing this on a weekly basis, Wynonna Earp continues to be the best show on TV. Keeping a demon of the week feel and an over arc it’s nice to this sort of writing back on our screens as ridiculousness and comedy are all wrapped in one leather jacket wearing boss.

Last week we saw that Waverly had been keeping a demon-blood deprived Dolls in the barn out back of the homestead and now he’s escaped, rescued by Wynonna and taken to Shorty’s were Doc and Rosalita have been trying to make a demon blood synthesiser.

I didn’t quite feel Doc’s absence until his return this episode, Dolls and Wynonna have excellent chemistry and the juxtaposition between their straight-laced and sarcastic persona’s work really well together on screen.

What’s more, Doc and Dolls screentime together shows a remarkable difference between what they were before and showing Doc working so hard to try and help Dolls is next level adorable.

The demon of the week is a well-dressed mobster type who is hiding a pincer and fighting over a suitcase with the initials E.E engraved on them.

Waverly decides that she’s going to go full black badge and help Lucando track this demon down. They end up tracking him to a bar called Ba-ding, Ba-ding through a series of unfortunate misunderstandings Waverly ends up masquerading as a lounge singer because this show is ridiculous and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Back in Purgatory, The Gardener household is undergoing a few changes including Mercedes who seems to be acting like she’s just eaten bacon for the first time. Tucker continues to be the worst.

After Waverly’s cover is blown Wynonna marches into the seedy club and the two are held captive by creepy demon guy and his bodyguard. We finally get an insight into what’s going on with Waverly as she finally admits there are gaps in her memory and she doesn’t know what’s going on.

The Waverly/Wynonna relationship is ultimately at the heart of this show as the two sisters would very easily do anything for the other which is sort of the reason the whole demon thing becomes more profound.

Waverly ends up losing a hand or not quite losing a hand over this briefcase and the whole team ends up back together with Dolls revealing he’s kind of a dragon with fire breathing abilities.

All seems well in the town of Purgatory until the Earp sisters end up having a heart to heart about Waverly’s current demeanour. Evil Wave reveals herself and possesses Wynonna instead and it looks like things are about to get very interesting….

And another thing-

-Jeremy’s introduction to the group has been lovely, his awkward persona and intelligence are an excellent addition to the show

-Tucker Gardener as the human antagonist surrounded by the new demon sisters seems 100 percent in keeping with his current personality

-‘Call Doc Holliday’ ‘Calling the Holiday Inn’ was a corny gag played ridiculously well, I love how this show embraces everything cheesy

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