Younger: Hilary Duff gets Mean Girl moment

Younger Season4 started off with a bang as Liza confessed to Kelsey that she’s actually a forty-year-old single mom instead of a twenty something millennial Like many before her with a secret identity Eliza kept her age a secret so the people she loved wouldn’t get hurt but now it’s out in the open (sort of) will anything be the same again?

In a recent interview with HuffPost Hilary Duff gave the deets on Kelsey’s state of mind…

“This lie has gone on for so long, and it has so cheapened all of their experiences, memories and things they’ve built together…Kelsey mean-girls her really hard”

As the divide between the two girls depends it looks as though Kelsey will be finding some comfort with Liza’s ex-boyfriend Josh, could there be a new OTP in the works?


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