Wynonna Earp ‘Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers’ Review

One demon looks to rip the Earp sisters apart or bring them together in a life, death and purgatory situation. 

As we saw last episode  the Earp heir Wynonna has been possessed by the demon thats been possessing Waverly all season long. 

Melanie Scrofano is really enjoyable this episode as she plays both the demon, the demon pretending to be Wynonna and Wynonna the saviour. She’s dryly sarcastic and vulnerable in a way that feels earnt throughout. 

Dolls’ appearance at the Homestead after Waverly is tied up gives us a look inside just how far their friendship has come from the farm. The reintroduction to the group has been sort of lovely, as he’s relaxed into the group and the chemistry in everything is enjoyable.

Wynonna (well demon Wynonna) and Doc start investigating the seal and come across a very peculiar fire station which pissed off demon Wynonna. 

And in a move I didn’t see coming, Doc recognises there is something wrong with Wynonna as she walstes about the town in a Wynonna on acid sort of thing. She’s mean to Haught and the perfectly lovely diner waitress but what really sets him off is that Wynonna doesn’t have peacemaker on her…oh and her coffee preference.

The introduction of The Order is a welcome surprise as Purgatory has always been blissfully ignorant of the demons. As a continuing presence, they are vaguely reminiscent of the Initative from Buffy as a bunch of burly army dudes try to encroach on her turf and it looks like they’re staying for a while. 

As demon Wynonna is caught and back at the station they start studying the demon goo and Lucando’s head fucking explodes. Halfway through the episode, one of the main character dies. It was definitely a jarring moment in the episode and tbh I respect it, in a demon Western anything can happen.

The episode culminates with a demon stand off as Waverly actively seeks the demons possession to save Wynonna. The two face-off and all in all this “monster of the week ” double bill was a fantastic threat for the Scooby gang and I’m excited to see The Order take up the place of black badge.

But the episode isn’t done as we end on the plot twist that Wynonna is pregnant. I’m excited to see what happens with a new Earp heir but there are questions on whom the baby daddy is and if Wynonna is ready to be a mommy. 

“You’ve made a friend this Friday.”

“It’s Tuesday.”

“Good to know.”


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