Twin Peaks ‘Part 9’ Review

After a two week break (just enough time to recover from the existentialist crisis episode eight gave me) episode nine of Twin Peaks returns with a decidedly more character based episode that drives the plot forward- at least for now-

In a tale of two Coops, the evil one has made his way out of prison and to a ranch where a-list actors Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tim Roth as the rednecks waiting for him almost like this all just some part of Evil Coop’s master plan. Meanwhile, Dougie’s still in his stasis after nearly being murdered, at the police station his identity looks to be almost revealed with a coffee cup DNA test. But if I’m being honest I probably won’t get my hopes up for that until the last half of the episodes.

However, in Twin Peaks, the Sheriff department looks to be onto something with Bobby’s mother revealing that Major Briggs knew that one day Bobby and the rest were going to come to his house looking for information and reveals a secret coded message about two Dale Coopers.

Alternate dimensions are spoken into the ether as Matthew Lillard’s whimpering high school principal Will Hastings is revealed to be one of the many authors behind an alternative dimension blog that may or may not be linked to the death of time-travel of the Major.

Are we finally seeing the dots connect in the case of the Black Lodge and the White Lodge?

The episode ends with two young women at the Roadhouse talking about penguins and bears in a way that suggests they are not talking about penguins or bears, is this coded language suggesting some kind of drugs drop-off or the passage way into another dimension, with Twin Peaks it could be neither or it could be both.

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