The Fosters: Callie changes

The Fosters season five premiere saw some of the most shocking scenes yet, as Jude gets maced, Jesus accuses Brandon and destroy his stuff and Mariana protests.

But fans were left on the edge of their seats of Foster’s season 4 as Callie went in place of another girl to the pimp.Stef raced against time to find her as it looked like Callie was going to be lost in the world of sex work.

In one profound moment at the end of the episode, Stef asked Callie “What’s it going to take for you to start valuing your own life?” reflecting on Callie’s self-destructive ways became a wake up call for the young girl as she looks towards life as an adult, in a recent interview Peter Paige told TVLine

She doesn’t have any ability to apply her best thinking to herself. She doesn’t value herself enough to make sure she’s safe, first and foremost, and then operate out of that space. So she starts to look at that. What that means is she starts to invest in areas of her life that need investment

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