Wynonna Earp ‘Whiskey Lullaby’ Review

The secret from last week is kicked up a notch and the town of Purgatory goes into a deep sleep as Wynonna Earp comes face to face with the literal Sandman.

Still reeling from the discovery she’s pregnant, Wynonna Earp is practising the ‘if I ignore it maybe it will go away’ method of problem-solving. Even when Waverly, the proverbial angel on her shoulder that she should tell Doc (btw Doc is older than the state of Colorado and has a whole mess of magic keeping him alive, what does that do to a baby?)

Waverly and Nicole continue to be adorable as they stumble into relations in a post-possessed Waverly world and Dolls and Wynonna look like they are FINALLY heading towards romance and then the entire town goes into a deep sleep.

As the Sister’s Grimm blackmail the clockmaker demon into stopping time by letting Tucker the-worst Gardener kidnap his daughter and use her for a creepy Waverly inspired sex game.

The ‘sleeping beauty on steroids’ story is simple yet effective, upping the creepy factor and not having to worry about the CGI budget, the clockmaker looks to be a contender for my favourite Earp demon.

So the town of Purgatory takes the ‘big nap’ and Wynonna is awoken by peacemaker having a panic attack and she realises she’s now well into the pregnancy big stomach and all. Luckily her penchant for big coats manages to cover it as she and Dolls try to find out what on earth is going on.

The seals come into play a lot this episode as the Widows in black are attempting to break out of the Ghost River Triangle. Jeremy works out that it’s under Shorties. and the team get together to try and stop them.

Meanwhile, baby Earp makes its presence known to everyone as Nicole sees the belly and is literally the calmest person. Whereas Dolls and Doc both have very different reactions and it turns out that Jeremy just knew anyway.

The episode ends with the death of the Clockmaker at the behest of Dolls who has been slightly off kilter due to his former agency noping out and leaving him without back up + the girl he likes is pregnant with another man’s baby.

I liked the clockmaker, as a villain and as a character he was was definitely interesting. I wonder if with his death his powers will pass down to his daughter, I can’t imagine we’ve seen the last of her.

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