Teen Wolf to continue as a podcast?

Even before the final season hits are screens there are already talks of a spin off to the MTV hit show Teen Wolf.

MTV President Chris McCarthy recently hinted that we haven’t seen the last of Beacon Hills:

“We are talking with Jeff about how do we actually keep that franchise alive. And the beauty of the evolution of media is you can see the series going on through a series of podcasts and then see a resurrection of a new class in a couple years.”

So a podcast based on a TV show based on a movie, is the way they are looking at it and I don’t want to be *that* guy but I would be into it if they did it as a fictional Serial  documentary style podcast where you have a student journalist investigating a murder linking back to werewolves and have it unfold that way you could have a really natural link to established podcast. (Call me MTV president I got this shit sorted.) There is enough lore surrounding werewolves and every other fucking monster for it to expand into a new story and the podcast motif is hot right now so why not jump on the bandwagon. At the same time, Teen Wolf is a show known for its visuals so it might have a hard time translating cross medium.

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