Wynonna Earp ‘Everyone Knows’ Review

‘Everyone knows’

Or does everyone know? What do they know? Who knows what?

Well I guess the first thing everyone knows is that Wynonna is pregnant, the bump is out of the bag and Doc is ready to become a daddy even semi-kidnapping a doctor to make sure everything’s okay but he doesn’t know that he might not be the baby daddy and no one really knows what the eff is going on with Dolls. Thematic choices, it’s like they do it intentionally or some shit.

Wynonna and Nicole take a trip to the strip club that Wynonna apparently used to work at as Aphrodite in a really adorable moment as Nicole gets wasted and we discover that Wynonna hooked up with another guy and oh shit he’s a revenant.

Overall, this element of story telling was quite jarring for me. I think it makes a good plot twist to have the paternity up in the air and also brings us back round to the revenants after many episodes surrounding demons.

Speaking of demons, a warrant out for Doc two hundred years ago finally comes to seek his bounty. It’s a reminder of how old Doc is and of the different parts of the supernatural western that comes out of the gothic south. And it also brings up the question of Jeremy’s skills in magic or should I say lack of skills.

The three of them are linked together thanks to Jeremy’s spell and this episode made me fall in love with this dynamic as Dolls and Doc have a mutual respect for each other even as they work out their feelings for the same girl. Also, Jeremy fits perfectly into the role of Chandler/Xander in this episode, I love him so much I’m scared he’s going to die soon…

With the baby daddy drama coming to a head it’s finally solved a problem for me, I’ve been apprehensive about the concept of a baby Earp in the typically violent environment of Purgatory, we haven’t really seen how a kid works in the world of revenants and westerns. But as Wynonna accepts her inevitable motherhood which is perfectly encapsulated with her murder of misogynistic demon guy, she’s ready.

Another super exciting moment in this episode was Waverly finally addressing her anxieties about not being an Earp, we’ve seen it written on Waverly’s face in the past few episodes as Bobo’s words about her ‘not really being an Earp’ play around her head.

There seems to be some set up for Waverly being part-demon as douche-bartender hints that human/rev babies have come before. I am definitely interested in what’s left unsaid through the whole motherhood conversation -where is momma Earp? We know she left years ago and if Waverly isn’t an Earp then she knows who she is, also Wynonna has to face her mother in order to deal with her anxieties about motherhood.


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