Black Lightning​ to bring reality to CW hero shows

The arrival of Black Lightning in the fall brings a fresh new look at the superhero genre. As Jefferson Pierce, retired superhero and current High Principal wrestles with his own heroism and his superpowers as a gang encroaches on his family life.

It’s completely different dynamic from the millenial rom-com superhero styles of Supergirl and The Flash.

Black Lightning’s villians  will not neccessarily be of the ‘super’ variety we’ve come to know in these shows.

Salim Akil, one of the executive producers hinted “Our villains are not necessarily aliens or other people with superpowers, they’re the villains that we know every day,” Black Lightning as a show will also apparently be veering off ‘hero of the week’ motif typical of superhero and into longer character arcs and mirroring real world issues.

“There’s a problem with police brutality and we will get into that. There’s also a problem with us killing each other,”

Coming at the tulmutous time in the world Black Lightning has the potential to be stand out TV show for the CW or it could go the Bionic Woman, What do you think?

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