Robert Pattinson almost got fired from Twilight

The landscape of teen-vampire-romance cinema could have looked wildly different as Robert Pattinson was almost fired from the role that made him famous for being to brooding!

In a recent interview wit Howard Stern Pattinson let rip on Twilight bts…

“I was very serious. I thought at the time – I was 21 – if you were going into a relationship with someone, the way you could make it really intense was if you could barely talk to each other, you could barely touch each other, incredibly serious all the time.., “Everyone was like it ‘No, it should be happy and having fun! That’s what people want!’…Now the whole series is known as a brooding thing, but I remember the producers giving me the book and every singe instance where my character smiled, they’d highlight.”

So even though Pattinson’s withering stares launched a thousand teen crushes it could have looked completely different.

Although it seems like they were fine with him dissing the whole franchise as that was Robert Pattinson’ fave interview topic…

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