Riverdale: Are Archie and the gang repeating history?

Riverdale has become the smash hit of the season, racking up fans globally who not only become obsessed with who killed Jason Blossom but with the iconic quartet of Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead and their interwoven lives.

But is it all a bit too familiar? Tumblr user Quirkyanya theorised that Archie and the gang might just be repeating the history set out by their parents:

What if FP had a thing for Alice and perhaps it was mutual at some point? What if the younger generation is just repeating history and maybe this would be the reason for conflict in season 2 when the past collides with the future?

And it makes sense, doesn’t it? Alice and FP definitely have some unspoken history that could have been romantic at some point, Archie and Veronica are seemingly repeating the history of Hermoine and Fred, could the story simply be how they all get ripped apart?

There have been some rumours going around that there will be a flashback episode somewhere in the extended season two we will be able to see what really happened…

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