Wynonna Earp ‘No Future in the Past’ Review

Actions have consequences and if you’re an Earp they can last for centuries.

As the mysterious Juan Carlos who has been a steadily confusing for the past season is now Purgatory’s premium vision quest facilitator takes Wynonna Earp back in time to where everything started.

The history of the Earp curse defined a lot of seasonĀ one but we’re still left without coming face to face with the man himself we instead learn how Bobo and the Stone Witch came to be.

The return of Bobo and watching his origin story play out looks to be widely different to the Bobo we were originally introduced to, his jiggery fuckery with Willa and manipulating Waverly had him set as the villain. However, there were moments of goodness sprinkled in with the season one finale so maybe Bobo’s redemption was planned all along.

I feel like the meat in this story really lies in Momma Earp, who is out there and knows who Waverly’s father is and more of the history that the Earp girls know nothing about.

Waverly battles with her own feelings about family, unaware of her sister’s predicament she goes on trying to organise a ‘baby bash’ with Rosita, Doc’s lady friend and Haught.

I’m assuming that Rosita has some supernatural connection (fingers crossed for werewolf) that will have her connecting with the group and I appreciated the scenes with her as comic relief.

And at the church Dolls wades in as our favourite protector dragon fighting off the black widows and watching over Wynonna as she completes her vision quest and I can’t imagine whatever happened in this show when he disappeared.

The episode ends with Earp dying a lil bit and Bobo coming back from the dead it looks like things are going to get a little more complicated….

And another thing

  • When Bobo died he mentioned that he’d seen flashes of Wynonna all of his life, could this mean we have another time travel episode coming?
  • Does Waverly know that Bobo was the one pulling her out of the lake, did he tell Willa about Waverly’s parentage
  • Ew I forgot that Bobo essentially groomed Willa
  • It looks like we’re moving from monster of the week episodes into overarching story and I wonder how that will go
  • #WhereisBobby



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