Wynonna Earp ‘Forever Mine Nevermind’ Review

The Widow Sister’s are ready to mess things up and Wynonna and Doc are attempting together the world’s weirdest family.

An awkward interaction between Rosita and Dolls has Rosita and Waverly going on a spa day and Wynonna decides now is the time to end the curse.

Tucker’s reappearance marks a satisfying end to one of the world’s crappiest characters. His obsession with Waverly, his misogyny and all around terribleness mark themselves as the perfect deterrent to the rest of the Scooby gang.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch he argument culminates in the two realising that the creepy doll painting is actually a creepy doll lady who is attracted to the tumultuous couple due to Doc’s ring.

Rosita saving the day while wearing a fluffy white robe is the beautifully campy action I’ve come to love from this show. Rosita as a character really starts to fit into the storyline it’s revealed she was a revenant it started to feel like history was repeating itself.

The revenant storylines have been going pretty crazy recently, they’ve been going on quite a big foreshadowing movement for the past few episodes.

I’m kind of disappointed that they’re not expanding on the universe. With the sandman demon and the dollface-painting-girl there’s a whole world of new problems out there stringently sticking to revenant problems doesn’t feel as fun.

And another thing

-Creepy ‘painting is real’ trope shoulda been it’s own episode

-Momma Earp needs to appear real soon

-The original Gardener is still alive, I hope it fixes itself

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