Book Review: The Honeymoon by Tina Seskis

A man disappears on his honeymoon from hell and it seems like everyone’s got a motive, including his new wife…

To understand Jemma and her new husband we have to go back seven years to when Jemma was dating another man and looked to be heading towards another life.

Honeymoon is the first book I’ve read by Tina Seskis and I would describe it as a ‘light murder’ story although some of the twists are bone chillingly dark it’s enough to entertain and not have you think too hard at the end.

Good Points:

  • Short chapters
  • A solid and comprehensive timeline even though it did switch from past/present
  • Moments I would have never of guessed
  • A whole list of suspects
  • Complex female character
  • Beautiful, well-written luxury setting that makes everything feel a little more suffocating

Bad Points:

  • Split into three parts with an unexpected perspective change in the third act felt quite jarring, I would have either enjoyed multi-perspectives all the way through or not at all
  • Shocking twists are juxtaposed with chapters of wondering about
  • No real payoff for any of the characters


All in all Honeymoon is a beach read with bite but I wouldn’t go into it expecting Gone Girl…

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