Wynonna​ Earp: What’s the deal with Rosita

Last episode of Wynonna Earp revealed a lot of things to us, 1) You can live without a face, 2) If a doll painting is creepy then don’t buy it 3) Rosita is a Revenant.

The reveal was seemingly the natural next step in the story as Waverly also revealed her theory she’s half revenant, in a recent interview with EW Emily Andras talked about how our new favourite bartender

She’s very smart, not just a pretty face, and every inch a survivor. She’s definitely a reluctant revenant, and according to the story she told Waverly, one who was caught in Wyatt Earp’s crossfire vs. a stone cold criminal… I think Rosita’s desire to be part of the gang is true. It’s lonely being a revenant. And her feelings for Doc? I’m worried she’s going to get hurt.

It’s not confirmed whether or not Doc knows Rosita is a revenant although I suspect he does and I wonder if we’re going to end up seeing her dark side….

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