Christopher Eccleston reacts to 13th Doctor casting

The casting of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor has sent shockwaves through the Whoinverse with some fans shocked that an ancient Alien doesn’t apply to human gender binary and others being excited by Whittaker’s acting pedigree.

Christopher Eccleston, the first man to revive the Doctor has been cast as the 9th Doctor was more than pleased by his successor:

“She’s working class, she’s northern, what can go wrong?

He said in a recent interview a few weeks ago alluding to the fact he and Whittaker are both from Lancashire and Yorkshire respectively, Eccleston also joined a litany of other positive reactions to the casting news including Kingston (River Song) who said at a recent convention event:

“Oh, that’s lovely. She’s a really great actress. She’s fantastic. Oh my God that’s so exciting! Ohhhh! How fabulous.


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