The Suits spin-off pilot is a go!

We haven’t seen the last of Jessica Pearson as the Suits season 7 finale will serve as a backdoor pilot. As season 7 wraps up fan favourite Jessica Pearson will be moving to Chicago and she won’t be dealing with legal proceedings for long as the minds behind the new show (and the current show) gave hints to what is going on in the Windy City:

“Jessica is going to get in a tangle and a tussle with some Chicago politics players. They will be of different levels, from the Mayor on down, and maybe not all will be directly involved in politics. We may have a real estate developer or someone of that type, and some power brokers within the city and maybe further a little down the rung in that world. As we go though the spinoff episode, at the end hopefully you’ll have a great idea of what her future is moving forward and who’s a potential ally and who’s a potential enemy in her world.”

No hints of a title (although maybe they’ll continue with the trend and we will get Dress)

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