Book Review: The Couple Next Door

A child is kidnapped and everything is not what it seems…Anne and Marco go to the next door neighbours for a party only when they return their daughter is gone. Everyone is a suspect and people aren’t what they appear to be. The Couple Next Door is a tense domestic thriller that you’ll rip through.

Good Points:

  • Everyone is explored as a suspect in the disappearance of Cora (the baby) motives are unravelled and explored
  • Fast paced and tight, this is a story that will suck you in
  • I loved the ending, I’m a big fan of things not being tied up into a happily ever after
  • Secrets are everywhere, primarily secres that feel like part of the real world, even if they are rich people problems,

Bad points:

  • The writing style wasn’t for me, it felt a little too reported
  • There are certain aspects that should have been explored further to give more credence to the ending
  • I would preferred more from my villans

This book would be definitely something I’d recommend for anyone looking for a smart and slick thriller that would carry you from the airport and a plane ride.


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