Xena the Warrior Princess reboot is not happening

Nine year old me is currently very sad rn, as NBC have now shelved the Xena reboot

Grillo-Marxuach,  known for his work on the 100 was supposed to be helming the reboot but left due to creative differences and it seems the whole project has been scrapped.

Xena the Warrior Princess was a 1995 spin-off of Hercules chronicling ex-warlord Xena who attempts to make amends for her ways by fighting evil.

Ending in 2001 Xena grew to be something of a cult hit in the past sixteen years and has gained a very loyal fan base. In the wake of Wonder Woman’s success and the arrival of more complex female characters, a darker version of the warrior princess could have had a Game of Thrones feel to it.

Fans of the original series also shipped Xena with her sidekick Gabrielle and Grillo-Marxuach was allegedly in full support of developing the relationship.

So what do you think, could a Xena for the millennial could have worked?

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