The Facebook TV Series Is Going To Be Huge

But will it be any good?

The idea of scripted TV on social media has always seemed a little shaky, it was initially tried by myspace back in the day and there have been several TV shows since that have tried to make their way through social media with the exception being Skam.

Now Facebook is getting in on the action with a show called the ‘Widow’ which will star Elizabeth Olsen as a grieving Widow who reconnects with people in her past.

This will be one of the first offerings from a new feature in development called Facebook watch but even as I write this I can’t help feel a little dubious.

I don’t think many people are looking to their social media for this kind of content also by the sound of it Widow will be a straight forward half an hour that you can watch through facebook it’s unknown whether it will be an annoying automatic video or if you’ll have to go to a separate place to watch it.

I’m not saying I’m not interested in the show although it would feel more at home on Starz or FX it’s just I don’t think this will be the sort of thing to get the average person flocking to a new streaming platform.

Even Youtube Red, the paid version of youtube with no ads and original programming hasn’t really had a breakout show despite featuring many youtubers with massive followings. I personally was unaware that Facebook had even started this until about five minutes ago and have learned they are rolling out programs in the US (do you guys like it, let me know!)



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