Charmed Pilot Review

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s witchy reboot season, and the first offering is the revival/reboot/continuation of the 90s hit TV show Charmed now on the CW.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while (it’s cool I know you haven’t) you’ll know I’ve been following the Charmed revival since it was first in the works as a prequel just over two years ago.

The first episode aired on the CW last night with Madison, Macy and Mel being our new Charmed ones in a college setting with one dead mom and a book of shadows and ready to fight the forces of evil (I think.)

Ostensibly I thought it was a good pilot, things were set up but dynamics take a while to be defined, and I don’t think modern audiences are as cut out for a ‘monster of the week’ format as they were in the 90s but were this season is going remains to be seen.

Now lets got onto the thoughts I had about it as a whole, word of warning there are spoilers, and there’s no particular order to the list I’m just attempting to get a framework and pretend this blog is professional.

If you’ve watched, then please join me down below, if you haven’t go watch- it’s a fun 40 minutes- then read and please feel free to email and we will argue.

Things I liked About The Charmed Pilot.

  1. I love me a college setting with a solid reason for every sister being there; it’s like having a small-town setting with all the amenities of a big city- a perfect choice
  2. I enjoyed all the sisters as individual characters, everyone was clearly defined, and I believe that helps with the witty banter that weaved itself into the show
  3. It was campy af, from the dialogue to the way the story goes  and I love me some camp we’ve seen too many gritty revivals give me something silly
  4. Enjoyed the White Lighter character- looking at other comments I think I’m in the minority for this- but I guess they objectively need a light sparring energy to play off some of the more serious elements- again campy shit is something I enjoy
    Did not realise the eldest sister was British until I googled so I’m impressed with the accent
  5. The main ‘humanistic’ (is that the right word?) arc of the story to do with sexual assault within a college based environment I felt was handled well
    I liked all the acting  everyone was charming and seemed to have a hold on their character
  6. The sorority captain was also very funny, and I hope she stays around as like their human adversary
  7. Overall I liked it because it was fun, silly and an enjoyable piece of TV, I will be watching the next episode however if they don’t find their feet quick enough I am worried that this won’t last long

Things I didn’t like About The Charmed Pilot

  1. This should have just objectively been a two-hour special to settle into the rhythm of things as we moved very quickly from mom’s death to secret sister to we’re witches to there’s a demon oh wait that’s the wrong demon. We’re introduced to all these characters and what’s more these characters are added to each other, it just felt natural that it would take them a little longer. Two hours would have also given them time to set up the mystery more although I will be watching the next episode I’m not desperate to watch it if you get me
  2. At the moment I don’t understand why this is a Charmed reboot (or is it a revival or a continuation I don’t know atm) add one more sibling and make half of them male, and you could do the same storyline without the connection to Charmed. I feel like this show could have worked on its own merits it’s not like a Book of spells, and the Source of All Power are two unique concepts to the original Charmed.
  3. On a different but also kind of the same note, most revivals/reboots at least have a connection to the original and at least casting Daryl as campus security would have been a nice homage. I feel like Charmed fans are really loyal (we would have watched that Billy spin-off for christ sake.) Even the way the book and the whitelighter worked didn’t seem cohesive with the old show if you want to get the old fans on board you have to give us something.
  4. WHY WAS THE MAIN DEMON LITERALLY WALMART THE NIGHT KING- I will eventually find a screenshot but my god none of them mentioned it throughout the whole fight scene even said the shocking similarity to the Game of Thrones character- it was right there just put a lampshade on it
  5. I just feel like I don’t know what I’m in store for this season, will this work or will it be cancelled after three episodes who tf knows at this point.

Anyway, I’m here for the next lot of episodes, and I’m secretly hoping for an original cast appearance here’s the trailer for the second episode.

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