Chilling Adventures of Sabrina “An Exorcism in Greendale” Review

Sabrina Spellman’s two worlds collide in the sixth episode of an exorcism in Greendale as she uses magic to help her friends.

This episode was fantastically dark and perfectly shot as Susie’s demon Uncle Jesse haunted (is that the word?) Sabrina and her friends. Demon possession is the perfect motif especially as it relates to Susie’s family life as we see her quite clearly possessed uncle being dismissed. Sure, he’s crawling up walls right now.

Building up from the last couple of episodes Uncle Jesse’s demon tapped into Sabrina’s and her friend’s anxiety’s about their life while also providing more than a few jumps scares. In a way, this episode mirrors the sleep demon one in a lot of ways. However, there’s more story development in this one to keep you interested.

I’m not Regan

Demon possession is the perfect motif especially as it relates to Susie’s family life as we see her quite clearly possessed uncle being dismissed.

Sure, he’s literally crawling up walls right now, but as a kid, he used to wear dresses, so it’s pretty much the same.

It also introduces us to the reactions of humans to magic, with many elements of Uncle Jesse’s possession being dismissed by everyone. Sabrina’s naturally nervous about helping her friends with this, unsure if she even has a right to step in which leads me onto my next point

Wardwell ways

Miss Wardwell makes herself known this episode- well kind of- after Sabrina figures out that Miss Wardwell is magic she has no choice but to come out and say she’s got a vested interest in keeping Sabrina alive. Although she chooses to do this by aligning herself with Sabrina’s father instead of as a servant for the dark lord, something we’ve been led to believe for the past six episodes

Which leads me to my next point…

The crux of this episode depends on finding a witch exorcism spell. This was previously thought impossible because witches couldn’t perform to the Catholic right of exorcism. That’s until Miss Wardwell produces one that was written by Edward- Sabrina’s father. Could this possibly mean that Miss Wardwell isn’t lying and she’s both loyal to Sabrina’s father and the dark lord because they are one of the same?

Just a thought, anyway moving on.

I call on Anne Bolyen.

Aunt Zelda is the only one quite rightly suspicious of the witch exorcism as it does not align with their values until having a change of heart towards the end. Overall Zelda’s character development from a cold and distant follower of the dark to involved but ultimately tender caregiver has been the most satisfying to watch.

Losing my religion

This episode also gave us more of an insight into the way religion works in this world after the Catholics looked to be Sabrina’s only hope of salvation it leads me to wonder if it will be brought up again in future episodes.

All in all enjoyed this episode, great pacing, storytelling and acting.

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