So does Sabrina crossover with Riverdale

As part of the Archie comic universe, it’s been speculated that the modern adaptations of both Sabrina and Riverdale were going to crossover at some point and we’ve just got our first taste in episode seven when a familiar face popped up.

During The Feast of Feasts, an episode following the twisted tradition of human sacrifice and cannibalism in the witch community, Miss Wardwell orders a pie from Persephone’s Pizza and who should show up…

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 14.24.39

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 14.26.47

To bring the rest of you up to track, Ben Button has been a side character within the Riverdale universe. You’ll remember Ben’s traumatic suicide at the beginning of season 3 in relation to the Gargoyles game. However, he’s been working around the corners of the show since season 1.

He was also memorably another victim/target of Miss Grundy during the opening of season 2- this scene also took place in Greendale. I don’t believe that this is just a coincidence but rather a genuine sign that the two shows exist in the same universe.

Riverdale ‘And Back Again’ Review

Where would we be without the school dance?Now I’m not American but do you have to have a special formal wear budget during high school because this seems exhaustive.

Now I’m not American but do you have to have a special formal wear budget during high school because this seems exhaustive. Anyway, it’s Homecoming in Riverdale and the perfect time for Archie’s mother to make a reappearance as former students of Riverdale High descend on the school hall.

With its teen movie/tv pedigree, Molly Ringwald feels like a very fitting addition to the cast of Riverdale parents. She’s slightly awkward and a little precarious around her son I’d be interested to see how it’d work if she becomes a permanent addition to the cast.

The entire episode seemingly revolves around the parents, with FP finally getting his life together he tries to get Jughead off of the case of Jason Blossom, why? Spoiler alert: He may have killed him.

In the Lodge household, the threat of Hiram Lodge still looms over them as recent casting news will tell us he’s coming in season two, he’s now getting time off for time served.

Polly Cooper has apparently inherited her mother’s investigative abilities as she snooped around the Blossom household and finally we get a conclusion to the biggest mystery this side of Sweetwater river: Mr Blossom’s hair. The vaguely ominous, walk in wig wardrobe finding the ring that Jason allegedly had on his person before he died, nothing is resolved with the Blossom storyline as Polly is knocked out by a sleeping pill milkshake and ends up skipping the Homecoming.

Elsewhere the other Coopers are heading into the world’s most awkward meet the parent’s dinner. We know that Alice and FP know each other from way back in the day and her undercutting remarks just manage to make things even more awkward.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this Archie and Veronica take over the detective mantle as Veronica wants the two of them to ignore the hook-up and non-sexual sleepover and they do it by the only way these kids know how- breaking into someone’s house and looking for evidence in a murder case.

Only to return to the dance to perform their modern version of teenage kicks. I like the addition of live (at least the illusion of live) music it harkens back to a One Tree Hill or a Buffy style show. And it makes a nice background as the police go to FP’s and we find out he’s arrest for murder or so it seems…

And another thing

  • I don’t remember much of what Betty did this episode all I know is that her whole Homecoming look was beautiful
  • I think the season one finale death is probably going to be a parent and my money is on Ringwald as she’s such a big name coming so late in the game.
  • I want for FP and Alice scenes as the continue to hate/kind of love each other.


Riverdale ‘Heart of Darkness’ Review

The funeral of Jason Blossom takes hold of Riverdale High and we learn more about our murder victim and the weeks prior to his death. Only now we’re left with more questions, what did Cheryl’s dream mean? Why was he messed up in the weeks prior to his death?

Riverdale’s baby Lynchian credibility is solidified in its fifth episode. Even the scenes on the football field feel a little twisty but it’s only when they get to the Blossom family dinner do things start to get very weird.

Archie Andrews, our ginger Elena Gilbert continues his quest to balance football and music. With a proposed mentor on the horizon, he struggles in both of his passions although everything works out in his favour by the end because he’s Elena Gilbert. He’s only really brought into the fold again during the funeral. They also finally address the fact they both look very similar.

Betty and Jughead, on the other hand, step up their detective game.  Piecing together a new murder board, Betty looks further into her sister’s relationship with Jason only to discover a whole catacomb of secrets, including her suicide attempt and engagement to Jason. Mr Cooper is also given a chance to shine this episode as he moves from side parent to fully fledged character.

The parents overall get a chance to shine this episode predominately as adversaries. With the Blossom Family’s gothic horror experience truly being a standout. Hermoine’s story continues with a snake being delivered (there’s a Taylor Swift joke in here somewhere) the parent story in any teen show always feel very tacked on. But in this case, I’m willing to bet it means a parent probably shot Jason. At the moment Mr Cooper looks good for it but I wouldn’t discount unseen forces just yet.

But this truly is an episode for Cheryl Blossom, an insight into Riverdale’s resident bitches life in the creepy house on the hill. Breaking down the layers of conflict that she’s been experiencing in her twisted home life. It’s nice

Identifying the complexities of each of the characters is a nice step up for the CW. As we inevitably find out the identity of the killer Riverdale will continue after the mystery is solved.


Riverdale ‘Body Double’ Review

Slutshaming , Betty gets weird and Archie befriends the Pussycats. Riverdale finds its groove as a show outside of its murder mystery plot. 

Last episode saw Cheryl Blossom confessing she was guilty and being taken away, this episode quickly flips it around as she instantly clarifies she’s not guilty of her brother’s murder. Which I think we all knew, it’d be a weird if the central plot of the story was exposed in just a few episodes. But instead Cheryl and Jason were planning on running away, Jason faking his death so their parents wouldn’t come after them.

Neither the Principal or the Sheriff press on Cheryl as to why two sixteen year olds would go to such extremes in order to run away, instead what they take from her is the elusive gun shot heard on the 4th of July weekend as an attempt on Jason’s life.

And the only way that is believed is because Archie corroborates the story saying he was there on July 4th as well only then he gets in trouble or some bullshit I don’t know, Archie was very much a non entity this episode.

Chuck and Veronica go on a date that looks right at home in a Hallmark movie but the next day at school the Jock has announced Veronica did a ‘sticky maple.’ Implied to be a sexual act and one of those quirks from a small town Chuck is unrepentant in his accusations.

Just on a sidenote: Fans of this show have pointed out that heterosexual relationships are written to be skeevy or abusive. This episode does nothing to dispel this theory or that maybe Betty and Veronica do belong together.


The rumour-mill untrue slut shaming is a staple of the high school drama but in the days of Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill there wasn’t a name for it. And these girls aren’t about too let it stand, in a post Steubenville world the large group of girls all apart of this ranking system doesn’t seem all that unbelievable and neither does their sense of moral outrage.

Cheryl Blossom is in the background of this episode, granting Archie wishes and being the voice of Bitch America when the girls are breaking into the high school at night. But as she realises her brother isn’t who she thought he was, we see  a side too Cheryl that wasn’t there before. And in that sense I think Madelaine Petsch might be the breakout star of Riverdale, she’s got the hair, the acting chops and is bringing in a decent mix of drama and comedy.

As the slut-shaming continues Betty is emboldened too restart the Blue & Gold, the schools paper believing it is the only way too get their story out there. She assigns the story about the gunshot too Jughead giving him a bigger role in the episode. As Jughead tracks down and gets a confession out of the scoutmaster for the gun shot it feels like we’re one more layer away from finding out who killed Jason.

Grounded and apparently nowhere to be found at school Archie doesn’t seem to know what is going on at school. Instead spending his time with the Pussycats and a girl named Josie and in a refreshing change of pace when Josie tells him why she doesn’t want too sing his song there isn’t a white saviour moment and instead Archie shuts up, offering small suggestions when necessary. But seriously Archie, your girl is being slutshamed up and down the school and you’re just at band practice #notcool.

B + V take matters into their own hands in a B movie revenge plot which involves almost boiling Chuck until he admits he made it up. The glimmer of this scene is watching Betty as she calls Chuck Jason and tells him too apologise for what he did too her. With her black wig and low cut bra it looks like she’s having a dissociative state which is confirmed when she doesn’t remember what she said the next day.

Overall I think this was the strongest episode so far, story is worked out in a fast and interesting manner. The shows creepy and ominous factor still lies there and there are still mysteries too be solved meaning I’ll probably be watching the next episode of Riverdale.

14 suspects: Who shot Jason Blossom in #Riverdale

-Spoilers for Riverdale-

Riverdale, the new Archie comic adaptation has quickly amassed quite a following. I’m sure in some part due to it’s ridiculously attractive CW cast but mostly due to the mystery surrounding who shot golden boy Jason.

Okay, so FP has been arrested but it’s not over until the fat lady sings so here are the fourteen most likely suspects…

Archie Andrews (4/10)


Archie Andrews is nothing short of perfect, football star, talented musician and all around superstar. But surely there has to be something else under that butter wouldn’t melt surface, we already know he’s got a couple of secrets he’s hiding from the people around him. It wouldn’t be a stretch to see if he’s got a couple more up the sleeve of his letterman jacket.

Betty Cooper (5/10)


The nice as pie, Betty Cooper looks like the thought of murder wouldn’t cross her mind. But there are some dark edges underneath her pearly outer layer, an Adderall prescription and some unfinished business with the Blossom family it could seem that she just lost control and bit the bullet

Polly Cooper (6/10)


The mysterious and unseen Cooper sister was sent away after her relationship with Jason Blossom came to an untimely end. Pregnant with his baby it seems that Polly and Jason were the real thing and planning on running away together, at least that’s the story she’s sticking to. Now at the Blossom manor it could mean that there’s a bigger plan in work for the older Cooper sister

Reggie Mantle (6/10)


The jock of Riverdale high seems like he wouldn’t have enough I.Q points to pull off a murder. But Reggie is quick to push the blame onto Jughead when they learn about the murder. He’s also one of Jason’s teammates and friend. Statistically ,you’re are more likely to be killed by a friend rather than a stranger.

Veronica Lodge (2/10)


Although new to  Riverdale Veronica Lodge’s family ties back to the town. And we know there is a slightly more evil side to Veronica than we’ve seen. At the moment Lodge’s involvement seems to be a bit more of a stretch than anyone else but we her dad on the other hand…

Ms Grundy (7/10)


Over the past few episodes Ms.Grundy or should we say Jennifer Gibson has gone from long-shot to viable suspect. We know she has a gun, a fake name, used to teach Jason and has a penchant for underaged boys with red hair. Maybe an affair fizzled out and she just snapped, after all, do we really know what happened with her ex?

Jughead Jones (7/10)


The more we learn about Jughead the more questions we have.  We know he’s writing a novel based on the town and Jason’s murder, and he spent some time in juvie due to a pyro-mistake in his youth and had a well-documented bullying situation with the football team. Maybe Jughead just finally snapped.

Kevin Keller (2/10)


Betty’s BFF and Riverdale’s chief pop culture commenter looks like a long shot but he seems to know everything about everyone so it wouldn’t be too much of stretch to assume he found out something about Jason Blossom, something worth dying for. Besides would the Sheriff ever arrest his own son?

Cheryl Blossom (5/10)


Cheryl Blossom may be a stock character from a 90s high school movie but we know that she loved her brother. Although we don’t know if her whole story if Jason wanting to run away is a true story as of yet, the more we get into the series the less likely it seems that Cheryl Blossom would be capable of killing her twin.

Alice Cooper(6/10)


The type A mother of Betty and Polly has actively expressed her dislike for both Jason and his entire family. It wouldn’t be a stretched to assume her anger boils over into murder. But would Mrs Cooper risk her family’s reputation over a petty feud? Maybe she just had Mr Cooper do her dirty work for her.

Valerie Brown (5/10)


Valerie Brown is still a bit of enigma as a member of the Pussycats and sometimes girlfriend to Archie Andrews. But could her chill attitude be hiding something more sinister? We know she likes redheads maybe her relationship with Jason wasn’t as distant as we think…

FP Jones (2/10)

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 14.10.44.pngThe parent angle for the Jason Blossom murder is becoming highly probable. Southside Serpent Leader and Jughead Jones’ absentee father seems like he’d murder someone for the right price. But with his recent arrest it looks like his innocence maybe proved before long.

Mr + Mrs. Blossom (8/10)


Okay, so murdering your own child might be the worst thing you can do but you can’t deny there is something very weird about the whole Blossom family and their weird house on the hill. Maybe the sacrificed Jason to the gods of shiny red hair and riding outfits. Anything is possible and you probably can’t trust someone with that many wigs…

Riverdale ‘A touch of evil’ Review

The fine line between a creepy and appealing to teens is best exemplified in the opening scenes of episode two of the Archie comic adaptation Riverdale. Still reeling from the discovery that classmates on one half of The Shining twins, Jason Blossom was killed a shirtless Archie tosses and turns in bed dealing with a moral quandary.

Things are still tense with his former friend Betty as she deals with his rejection of her undying love, Archie still needs her friendship choosing to ignore her feelings and give her the elusive 3 am ‘U up?’ text.

Before we have time to wrestle with the fact that Archie Andrews might be a fuckboi he’s running shirtless too his teacher-girlfriend’s house in order to force her into confessing that they heard the 6 am gunshot when they were together over July 4th.

I’m still not exactly sure what we’re supposed to make of the Mrs Grundy/Archie storyline,  her manipulation of Archie is masked under cardigans and large glasses. At least when Jughead discovers his secret he can be a voice of reason to an Archie whom seems to be pin balling around the town without much direction.

The Betty and Veronica storyline was the most satisfying of the whole episode. With Betty still hurt by Veronica’s closet-monster betrayal she befriends Cheryl and rebuffs all of Veronica’s attempts to bridge the gap. Ultimately the two girls reunite, stronger together than apart.

Lili Reinhart remains a standout for me, the nice girl character can very quickly descend into the one dimension category but Betty manages to keep a very complex character just under the surface of her.

The ‘Cheryl and Jason’ of it all is the creepiest part of Riverdale so far. From the way, the boat incident was shot to Cheryl’s switching up emotions she definitely sprinkles in the weird. There’s a lot to Riverdale that looks to be a baby Twin Peaks (and I’m not just talking about Mächen Amick) but whereas Peaks dived headfirst into the surreal Riverdale is taking its sweet time.

A few moments in Riverdale feel creepy, with the bloated corpse of Jason and the dark autopsy room (is that up to health code?) But I have to admit the overall tone of the pep rally was delightfully weird. The way it was shot, the blue tone of the colour scheme, the mist on the field and the overall strangeness of a girl hosting a prep rally a few days after the bloated corpse of her twin is found.

Also there were more than a few references to the witch and the magic of it all in the whole episode, foreshadowing for the eventual Sabrina Spellman? Or just planting the seeds of magical surrealism?

The episode ends with Cheryl being arrested in science and saying ‘He was supposed to come back’ suggesting a timeline within Riverdale that we’re no longer aware of.

The second episode of the Archie adaptation leaves us with more than a few questions, why did Betty’s sister and Jason break up? Where did Jason go after the Fourth of July weekend? Which haircare products does Cheryl use? What was the gunshot Archie heard?

I love a good murder mystery and I can’t help but give Riverdale a chance.