Southern Charm adds new cast member

Southern Charm is adding a new face to its cast, bachelor Austen Kroll will be featured in the fourth season. Confirmed via the Bravo blog Kroll will be sharing a lot of screen time with Southern Charm original Shep.

Southern Charm, for y’all that don’t know, is a weird fucking show that follows a bunch of rich white people of ‘diverse’ ages getting drunk and going too fancy parties. That’s it.  And it’s the best reality show on Bravo. I can’t hate it.

Season 4 premieres this April and Katherine Dennis is returning for the new season (yay) and it looks like there is still plenty of drama surrounding her relationship with Thomas. The new season four trailer also hints Cameron might be ready to try for a baby and Danni is a lil worst for wear.

And honestly, can’t wait.

Imposters ‘My so-called wife’ Review

Imposters is a beautiful story that starts off with the very lovely story of newly weds Ava and Ezra. Living their ideal life which involves twenty eight days of marriage presents and Hollywood movie style wedding videos. Ava is a beautiful Belgian woman whom works as a waitress and still doesn’t have a grasp on the language, Ezra is the adorable head-over the heels heir to a shoe empire.

Guess which one is the Imposter?

Yup, it’s Ava (actually Maddie) a grifter scamming Ezra out of all his money and leaving on the next plane out of dodge with nothing more than a very kind video explaining what’s happened and blackmail in case he thinks of going to the police.

It’s weird how cyclical TV is as this Bravo scripted show shares a very similar plot line to Shonda Rhimes’ ‘The Catch’ where a wife is scammed out of her money by a con-artist husband. Only this one is taking itself a little less seriously than its prestige counterpart.

The third Bravo scripted series and its good. Vaguely reminiscent of something that would come from the USA channel with the self awareness of a show that knows it’s on Bravo it reveals in its dark comedic moments knowing the stakes are so low.

Maddie is definitely the most interesting part of the show, a young grifter in a team with two older con-artists like she’s the Jennifer Love Hewitt in this heartbreakers style team. Out of our two main leads Maddie is probably intentionally the most dynamic of the two, probably by design, as Ezra spends most of the episode wallowing in a pit of betrayal.

As they go on their next con, brought to them by ‘The Doctor’ a fixer for those in the scamming life. The mysterious character is definitely the most intriguing moment in the pilot, an all seeing and all knowing figure for the criminal underworld. Only to be spoiled by Uma Thurman’s starring role in the post-credits teaser trailer because somehow I don’t think this Oscar-nominee is in this for a bit-part role.

Ezra’s part of the story really gets into its groove when Richard one of Maddie’s ex-husbands appears. Parker Young is a hilarious actor and should probably be more successful than he actually is. But I think very few people could pull off former college footballer turned car salesperson sex addict with as much humour as he does.

In terms of first episodes I honestly can’t fault it. It’s funny, it’s quick and the acting is great. I’m interested in seeing the direction of the show whether it goes procedural, romance or overarching drama, if it forgoes the typical twenty episode season and keeps it tight at less than thirteen Imposters could become an underdog success for Bravo.



What Vanderpump Rules could learn from Made in Chelsea.

The young, the rich, the beautiful. We all want to see them, regardless of which side of the pond we’re on, it’s as addictive as reality TV. This is why Vanderpump Rules and Made in Chelsea have both gained massive audiences and why we’re low-key obsessed with both of them and kind of hate ourselves.

The two share more similarities than differences, the cast is all ridiculously attractive, the drama never happens in real life and everything seems beautifully curated. While Vanderpump Rules edges it out when it comes to drama, Made in Chelsea wins it with pretty scenes and drink throwing.

Vanderpump Rules is still masquerading under the guise that it’s about a group of servers at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR in the same way we were supposed to believe that Lauren Conrad was an intern at Teen Vogue. It’s just following a group of friends some of whom like each other and some don’t which might be why the drama is stagnating this season. Made in Chelsea at least admits they spend their days going around drinking and partying.

And I apparently deeply care about the quality of a random show.

Why do I care? Well, you see I’m a reality connoisseur and overall just a trash person.

This season of Vanderpump Rules is Lala Kent centric, whether you care about if Lala Kent slept with a married man or not it was the main plot point for this season. Well, the only plot point, sure Katie is getting married but the conflict isn’t there and there are only so many times you can see tea towel wedding invitations.

It needs to extend its cast and it needs to extend it quickly.

I’m not talking about dismissing the original core cast, like Made in Chelsea Vanderpump Rules has its core characters. Spencer/Jax, Stassi/Lucy, Binky/Ariana (if you disagree with these comparisons pls let me know we could probably talk for hours) They could easily be rotated in and out depending on what’s going on, or even a Mark-Francis like character who literally floats around the show making bitchy remarks.

But adding extra scenes + cast members could help liven things up, a rotating cast manages to create interweaving story lines so as soon as you get bored with one you’re instantly put in the next.

Also for a show entitled Vanderpump Rules extending the cast to include more servers would give Lisa Vanderpump more of a platform in the show.

It’s not like there isn’t enough drama to go around as we saw with the litany of Sur waitresses who have apparently slept with James one of whom is already friends with Sheena, surely they’ve got a plethora of other problems going on. It would just make things flow a little better and stop one plot point being peddled over a bunch of episodes.

Either that or pls give me the Stassi spin-off we all want or else…