TV First Impressions: Great News


Okay so instead of TV review episode by episode I thought I’d do two reviews for Great News, one at the start and one at the end- that’s right jagweeds I’m doing something different let’s roll with it-

The Story…

Katie and Carol Wendelson are a super close mother/daughter pairing but when Carol get’s an internship at Katie’s job things get more complicated

The Good…

  • It’s an adorable sitcom with an interesting premise, it’s a workplace and family comedy mashed into one.
  • The cast in this show is amazing, even when the jokes are corny, a cast of really talented main/supporting play it with plenty of charm
  • The amazing Andrea Martin continues to be amazing as a New Jersey mom in a fish out of water scenario
  • Overall the jokes are really funny and the characterisation was immediate, well thought out and the chemistry is wonderful.
  • The casting of Nicole Richie as social media obsessed news anchor and teaming her with straight-laced but insecure Chuck is amazing

The Bad…

  • As a Tina Fey produced TV show about a TV show the 30 rock comparisons are unavoidable and there are character mirrorings (e.g Katie/Liz Greg/Jack) but the characters in Great News are a lot more likeable and I’m not sure if that makes the show better.
  • If you need your shows to be subversive in its humour, you are gonna need a different show.
  • Getting into this show is a little touch and go with the premise at first but stick with it past the first episode.
  • We live in such a news and media driven world that there are a bunch of incredible places that they could go in terms of fake news, media manipulation and a bunch of other things. Although they’ve touched on a Brian Williams-esque scandal the show has definitely taken a back seat the behind the scenes.


This show is super cute (in a good way) it’s a workplace sitcom done right. We’re in a world of TV shows just needing to be ‘water cooler’ moments than just consistently funny but more than that it’s got room to get even better. Remember kids, Parks and Recreation wasn’t built in a day and Great News won’t get a chance to be great without time to move.

Grade: B

You’re the Worst: Pros and Cons of Pros and Cons

You’re the Worst delved into tropes this week as Jimmy decided to create pro + cons lists of everything in his life. He’s slowly been working through his emotions centred around the death of his dad and whether intentionally or not (I doubt he’d ever admit it) he’s been inspired by that cleaning everyone was obsessed during the summer to get rid of everything in his life that may have been influenced by his dad.

And eventually this includes Gretchen, a plot line which happened on Friends twenty years earlier You’re the Worst updates it so both sides are aware. And in true You’re the Worst style throughout most of the episode the pro + con lists are played for laughs until they’re not.

Its a wedding episode and it’s Shitstains- well it’s not a wedding more of an elopement party- after he unexpectedly gets married without telling his two best friends. Although the main drama of the wedding plays out as a side plot, two best friends coming to terms with a member of their team moving to a different stage in their life could easily have been played out as a movie all by itself.

Lindsay is surveying the world post-marriage and follows a bitchy stylist around the wedding too interview her about her job. Lindsay’s relationship with Paul continues to be the most dysfunctional of the group and I kind of hope they do pull the plug on it but keep Paul around as an unlikely friend to Jimmy because that guy is hilarious. And you see it etched on his face how much he wanted to be a dad and how much Lindsay doesn’t know or seem to care.

To reference Friends twice in a post (sorry I’m a girl in my twenties this is my major frame of reference for everything) but Friends wouldn’t have worked if had been solely focused on Ross and Rachel. The episodes taking out both the major characters allows side plots too mean a little bit more whether that’s Edgar finally getting into something he’s passionate about as his girlfriend starts to crumble or Lindsay finally telling Paul she’s leaving him.

They get into what might be their first fight as they cut into their both their deep insecurities. Whether this is just a one episode fight or the beginning of the end for our favourite terrible couple I think You’re The Worst is probably the only show on TV that could pull off a romantic comedy about two exes…


First look at the New Girl + Brooklyn Nine Nine crossover event

When we think of crossovers it’s more reserved for the superhero realm of TV but now our two favourite comedies are coming together for a one hour special. Jess and the gang go on a trip to New York only to find themselves caught in police crosshairs and she meets Jake and the rest of the gang at the Nine Nine.

On October 11th the two worlds collide in a wacky adventure we can’t wait for.

Leighton Meester set to star in time travelling comedy “Making History”

Leighton Meester will be returning to TV in this Fox comedy set to air in 2017.

Making History tells the story of Dan (Adam Pally) a nerdy computer science professor who managed to make create a time travel device in his garage. As part of the current trend of time travelling shows popping up this year.

He time travels on the weekends and sometimes on Tuesdays, get’s himself a badass girlfriend (Leighton Meester) from 18th century and manages to mess up the American revolution.

Enlisting the help of a history professor named Chris (Yassir Lester) they go back in time and try to fix his mistakes also discovering that Dan’s girlfriend is in fact Deborah Revere the daughter of Paul Revere (“the British are coming” guy)

The three friends from two different centuries end up time travelling to escape their mundane boring lives. An original idea, great cast and legitimately funny jokes we can’t wait for this to come on our screens in 2017.