What Would Happen If Gossip Girl Was Set In 2018

Gossip Girl was easily one of my favourite shows growing up, the glitz and glamour of Manhattan’s elite and the judgemental eye overseeing everything with an xoxo. But it’s amazing to see how much things have changed in such a small amount of time, the show ended in 2012 before

Following the lives of Blair and Serena at their Upper East Side, private school razr phones and aim messenger are still a massive part of the original show.

It’s amazing to see how much things have changed in such a small amount of time, the show ended in 2012 before snapchat, the trump presidency and while Kylie Jenner was still in middle school so how would a show like Gossip Girl look like


  • Gossip Girl would have started out as an instagram drama page before getting it’s own website and then app
  • Serena would have been snapchatting her return to the city- completely scooping GG on the scandalous news
  • Blair would have the most followers but Serena would have more mainstream success
  • Dan would secretly want to get twitter verified and secretly seethe when Jenny got verified first
  • Jenny would definitely have a youtube account complete with dress making and heavy eyeliner tutorials
  • Nate would have invested in a poorly thought out new social media platform
  • Blair would be an aspiring make-up entrepreneur
  • Vanessa befriends Lena Dunham, no ones knows how or why
  • Jenny befriends Kendall Jenner
  • The Constance Billard Choir sing a rendition of Bodak Yellow
  • Vanessa would be posting her documentaries to vimeo
  • The #Metoo movement came quickly and swiftly for Chuck Bass
  • Blair would initially be mad Ivanka got to the White House before her but has now decided to take a step back
  • Dorta and Vanya are brought in for questioning about the Russia investigation
  • Georgina who definitely had something to do with the Russia investigation is not brought in for questioning
  • The Gossip Girl app would go through an update and everyone would hate it
  • Serena actually makes it in LA, ends up starting a wellness blog, single handedly brings beet juice to the East Coast
  • Nate finds success in a weed vaping company and becomes an outspoken advocate for the use of pot in New York
  • A reverse google image search would have caught Charlie out
  • Agnes and Jenny date
  • Dan’s book would have been made into a HBO miniseries, Margot Robbie plays Serena, Jennifer Lawrence plays Blair, Elle Fanning is Jenny, Zac Efron is Nate
  • It’s critically panned as a straight, white mess
  • Blair devotes a substantial amount of time to getting on Raya before she realizes it sucks
  • Blair, Serena and Jenny all begin to read about feminism and 90% of the fights over guys are avoided

So that’s just a couple of my ideas on how Gossip Girl would look different in 2018, do you have any of your own let me know and as always…

You know you love me xoxo

5 Shows to watch instead Pretty Little Liars

As we wait with bated breath for Pretty Little Liars to come back for its final episodes we’re looking for other shows to fill the void of high drama, mystery shows set in a small town with a teenage cast…



The dark and twisty Archie comic book adaptation is still in its freshman series but it’s already got legions of fans. Taking place in the small town of Riverdale following Archie Andrews and his friends and the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom. Riverdale has the same young attractive cast, high school drama, and mystery.

Gossip Girl


The first anonymous social media star, Gossip Girl followed the lives of the young, rich and fabulous in New York City. With friendship and romantic drama heavy in the New York skyline, Gossip Girl doesn’t have the same stakes but if you go into the show looking for style and relationships then this in the show for you.

Twin Peaks


Both Twin Peaks and Pretty Little Liars actually follow similar premises with the death/disappearance of a mysterious enigmatic blonde girl. However, Twin Peaks focuses more on the investigation, like Rosewood the town of Twin Peaks has an unusual amount of secrets. If you enjoy the surreal and dreamlike moments of Pretty Little Liars then you’ll be on board with Twin Peaks.

Switched at Birth


If the intricate family drama is the reason you’re into Pretty Little Liars then you might like Switched at Birth. Centering around two girls who *spoiler alert* are switched at birth there’s class differences and a look into deaf culture that balances teen drama with heartwarming moments.

Veronica Mars


So it turns out there are more than a few shows that center around the mysterious death/disappearance of a blonde girl and I’m starting to feel weirdly insulted…Anyway, when her best friend Lily Kane dies Veronica Mars devotes her time to becoming a teen detective in her small town of Neptune. If you’re into the plot twists of Pretty Little Liars then you’ll like Veronica Mars, best to avoid season 3 tho.

By Katie Beech

What you didn’t know about Gossip Girl

Ten years ago Gossip Girl premiered, and as soon as we heard Kristen Bell greet the Upper Eastsiders we were completely hooked.

So in honor of the show, we’re settling down with our popcorn and our Netflix accounts and reliving the glory days with all the things we never knew about the series

Pre GG…


Before we’d even heard the name, Blake Lively Gossip Girl was originally pitched as a movie. With Lindsay Lohan for the role of Blair and Justin Chatwin as Nate, it was going to be a one-off movie until the backers fell through.

When the idea was reworked into a TV show casting directors initially pitched Ashley Olsen and Rumer Willis in the roles of Blair and Serena.



Many of the cast members have extraordinary musical talents, Taylor Momsen now fronts the successful rock band Pretty Reckless. Ed Westwick was in a band during the show. Leighton Meester has received critical acclaim for her album post- GG. Penn Badgley recorded a single when he was 12 (tragically never released) and showed off his musical skills as Jeff Buckley in ‘Greeting From Tim Buckley.’…

I’m now vaguely peeved they never did a musical episode

Chuck Bass…


Ed Westwick’s turn as Chuck Bass is definitely one of the most memorable characters on the show but the Bass we saw was almost completely different.

As casting agents commented,”He looked more like a serial killer than a romantic lead.” And there was never any intention of setting up Blair and Chuck as romantic partners, in the book series the two have very little interactions and Chuck is revealed to be gay at the end.

The arrival of the iconic Chuck and Blair relationship was down to the chemistry between Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester.



Gossip Girl had two spin-off shows planned, the episode ‘Valley Girls’ was originally a back-door pilot for a prequel show surrounding Serena’s mother Lily.

Set in the 80s, Brittany Snow and Krysten Ritter were originally planned to star as the Rhodes sisters in L.A and there was going to be some crossover with our other favorite teen show the O.C.

There was originally a plan to have a Jenny Humphrey spin-off as she leaves the show. Following in the same vein as the book series ‘it girl’ that showed her adventures at a New England boarding school.



Although Gossip Girl never spawned a successful spin-off it did serve as the inspiration for other things.

NYC Prep, the real life ‘Gossip Girl’ TV show that didn’t quite have the same charm as the scripted series. There was also Küçük Sirlar, the Turkish remake of the show and a Spanish remake Gossip Girl: Acapulco.

There was also a companion web series which followed Dorota and her friendships with the other housekeepers in the show called ‘Chasing Dorota.’

And there was a manga companion series to follow the book series. Even crazier there’s a version of the book where Blair and Serena are serial killers I shit you not.

11 of the best TV female friendships

In media, it’s very easy to see two women pitted against each other, whether it’s for career success or for a man. Sometimes there comes along a friendship so grand it shapes a whole show. So in honour of Galentines Day we’ve featured 10 of our favourite female TV friendships.

Grey Anatomy

greysantamony .gif

Meredith+ Cristina

“You’re my person” Three words that sum up exactly what best friendship is and Meredith and Christina had it in buckets.Meredith and Christina, bickered, challenged and hated each other at times but more than anything they loved each other dark + twisty ‘n all.

Gossip Girl


Blair + Serena

Blair and Serena were two other volitive besties backstabbing each other on the school yard. One of the most satisfying things about Gossip Girl was watching their friendship grow as they accepted each other flaws and all, choosing to support each other before dragging the other one down.

Broad City


Abby + Ilana

Broad City is a show so unashamedly about female friendship and the way it can brighten up even the most mundane days of your life. Abby and Ilana may never reach romantic paradise but at the of the day they have each other and that’s way more fun.



Phoebe + Monica+ Rachel

Phoebe, Rachel and Monica didn’t get a whole lot of time to hangout in a female only setting but when they did it was comedy gold. Whether it featured Danny Devito as a stripper or Phoebe declaring that Rachel and Monica were her bitches, the Friends girls always held their own and their bond was stronger than anything.

Jessica Jones


Trish + Jess

Trish and Jessica are the ultimate ride or die, two girls who have been to hell and back. With Trish being the not-so-perfect child star turned radio host and Jessica being an unlikely superhero come, alcoholic detective, Trish and Jessica make the most of unlikely of friends that’ll kill for each other.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

buffy the vampire slayer 9.gif

Buffy + Willow

Buffy and Willow are truly the heart of the show. Even though they end the show as a Witch and a Slayer they still found their way to each other as the Geek and the New Girl at Sunnydale High. Buffy and Willow transcend the supernatural.

Orange is the new Black


Taystee + Poussey

At the end of the day, we all want a friend who we’d get through prison with. That’s why Taystee and Poussey were the perfect pairing for life at Litchfield and why the ending to last season was so entirely devastating.

Sex and the City


Carrie + Samantha + Charlotte + Miranda

Never was there a show so in centred around female friendship, exploring the idea that your love story doesn’t have to be of the romantic type. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda informed an entire generation of girls that the women in your life will be there through thick and thin.

Pretty Little Liars


Aria + Spencer + Hanna + Emily

The Liars may spend more time keeping secrets than shopping but that doesn’t mean the girls don’t care for each other. Pretty Little Liars is a show ultimately about the crazy and insane moments in young female friendship and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Gilmore Girls


Rory + Lorelei

Rory and Lorelei are mother and daughter and also best friends. Their story together goes through more ups and downs than the roads around Stars Hollow. Their friendship and witty dialogue are just a couple of the reasons why Gilmore Girls is just as popular today as it was in the late 00s.

Parks and Recreation


Ann + Leslie

Where would a Galentines Day post be without honouring the original Leslie and Ann? The most tragic moment of the otherwise rose-tinted world of Parks and Rec was Ann’s departure but the show more than made up it by introducing us to the February 13th event.

Gossip Girl: The Blair and Chuck origin story

Gossip Girl was a mid 00s obsession for every teenage girl as a mysterious blog documented the goings on of the Upper East Side elite.

If you haven’t watched it, it’s currently on Netflix and is well worth a binge.

Gossip Girl co-creator sat down with Vulture.com to talk about Blair and Chuck the couple that launched a thousand fanfic. Josh Schwartz reflected on how the two anti-heroes grew into something beautiful…

they were incredibly sophisticated and devious compared to their peers. They were drawn to each other’s dark sides, but then found happiness and enlightenment and love because of that. The idea of these two people starting off as the ‘villains’ of the show becoming, for the large part, the romantic center of the show,

Initially the two were never supposed to date, in the books they rarely had any interactions but the chemistry between Leighton and Ed was too much to ignore…

it’s one of those great, fun things about making a television series — it’s an evolving, living, breathing thing, and things can easily change on a whim. You get an actor like Ed Westwick and see the chemistry he had with Leighton Meester, and their scenes just crackled. So it felt like, here are two people who are bonded by their mutual scheming and the dark side of the show, at least from the beginning, and that would naturally evolve into a romantic relationship

The enduring appeal of Chuck and Blair as a couple is a testament to the show which may not have won any production awards but was still hella fun.

Top 5 millennial TV teen bitches

The TV bitch has long been an archetype of TV drama, usually the woman that our main character has to overcome in order to fully come into her own. But in the 00s onwards the TV bitch has slowly been given her own autonomy and her own happy ending without sacrificing her quintessential bitchness.

5. Naomi Clark


The 90210 21st century remake wouldn’t have been complete without a HBIC and Naomi Clark fit the bill perfectly. Played by the impossibly gorgeous AnnaLynne McCord Naomi Clark started out as the privileged princess with a douchebag boyfriend to a complex antihero who ends up opening her own restaurant and learning that her worth isn’t based in a boyfriend.

4. Katerina Petrova 


Katerina Petrova first came onto our screens at the end of season 1, pretending to be Elena kissing Damon and nearly killing Elena’s uncle. With her snarky attitude and tragic backstory Katerina was the perfect offset to Elena Gilbert’s dullness. A testament to Nina Dobrev’s acting skills that she managed to create two (and then eighteen more) wildly different characters.

3. Alison DiLaurentis


For five seasons we saw Alison Dilaurentis through flashbacks as Queen Bitch of Rosewood and an army of people that she managed to piss off at sometime in her fourteen years on the planet. She returns in a hailstorm of secrets and shocking twists completely different person and if the twin theory is to be believed that might not be a turn of phrase.

2. Santana Lopez 


Glee was a show with flaws where the behind the scenes drama was more interesting than another mash-up. But Santana Lopez with her witty one-liners and earth shattering putdowns remained consistent and her relationship with Brittany was incredibly sweet.

1.Blair Waldorf 


The Upper East Side Alpha-Bitch won legions of fans with her complex character role. Blair Waldorf managed to both be terrible and amazing with her rocky friendship with Serena and her even rockier relationship with Chuck we all found ourselves rooting for the impeccably dressed Blair Waldorf