James Wan talks Mera & Aquaman in new stand alone movie.

As Amber Hear get’s ready to dominate 2017 with roles in indie movies and blockbusters, her casting as Mera in the Justice League spin-off (or sequel I don’t really know) Aquaman has been the one catching the most headlines.

Mera is the iconic comic book character primarily featured within Aquaman comics as the Queen of the Sea, a fiery and contentious character, she’s definitely a step away from the average Hollywood damsel in distress.

And it’s looking like her relationship with Aquaman won’t be running smoothly.

Talking with Bustle. com James Wan, Aquaman director said

“It starts off initially with [Aquaman & Mera] not quite clicking with each other.. the story progresses as they learn to try and work together, they get closer and closer. I think those stories are always such a great place for a filmmaker like myself to have fun with my actors.”

The Aquaman film will be following the events of the soon to be released Justice League movie which Amber Heard will also be having a role. But things won’t be running smoothly…

“Amber’s character is super strong, she’s very powerful as well.” Wan explained. ” You don’t wanna mess with her. I think Amber will bring that sense of strength, but at the same time, we also want someone who has a sort of feminine quality to her as well. She’s a bit of a contrast to Momoa, who’s more of a muscular machine almost.”

Aquaman is scheduled for a July 2017 release date.