Arrow: Laurel could have been a Legend

Fan favourite and all around badass Katie Cassidy looks set to be returning to the cast of Arrow as earth two Laurel Lance, Black Siren.

Her return to the Flarrowverse has been slow with moments passing through the Flash, Arrow and now Legends of Tomorrow. The scene with Laurel and Sara Lance proving to be one of the more emotional points of the season finale could have spent into something more…

Marc Guggenheim, Legends of Tomorrow EP talked to Vulture her almost joining the Waverer crew:

 We briefly spoke about bringing her on “Legends,” but I think from a story perspective we would get far more mileage out of her interacting with the cast of “Arrow.”

It’s rumoured that Black Siren will be the main villain for the next season of the Arrow so maybe she’ll pull a Snart/Rory and join the crew as a reformed villain.

Legends of Tomorrow: Have we seen the last of Rip Hunter

As Legends of Tomorrow finished up its second season last week we’re left with a million questions.

What happens now Amaya’s part of the team?

Is the Legion of Doom gone for good?

Why are there, you know, dinosaurs in L.A?

All these questions and more are probably going to be answered with the next season of the CW show but we urgently need to know whether or not Rip Hunter is coming back for the next season.

Marc Guggenheim, Legends of Tomorrow showrunner recently told EW Radio that Rip will be returning but “In a different capacity than him being a member of the team.”

Arthur Darvill’s Time Master character, Rip Hunter had quite a season of ups and down, going from memory wiped film student to evil Rip to weird romantic relationship with Waverider computer Gideon.

So how do you think Rip will be incorporated into season three of the show? Do you still want him around?


Legends of Tomorrow ‘Aruba’ Review

Legends of Tomorrow does finale with all the weirdness, drama and epicness that we’ve come to expect from season two of the Arrow-verse show.

As the Legends escape the new timeline in a now full-sized waverider back to 1916 in order to destroy the Spear of Destiny. Crossing over your own time stream has been one of the first rules of time travel

It seems like it’s staple of the time travel show/movie to completely disregard the rules, the Legends very quickly come face to face with their former selves before the alternate reality as they quite rightly feel a little wary of their dopplegangers.

In terms of CW shows the Legion v Legends battle was all kinds of crazy as the show went very dark with death scene after death scene. Although it was established almost immediately in the episode that alternate-Legends weren’t getting out of this alive.

The spear ended up in the hands of Sara in the end, culminating her season long battle against the darkness she felt inside of her as well as the grief she felt for her sister. And in a welcome return to the Arrow Verse Kate Cassidy’s appearance as Laurel in the dream sequence feels especially heart breaking.

Sara choosing to depower the spear instead of make her own reality showed she’s the captain they desperately need. And Eobard being killed by half-mouth Flash in a fitting moment that once again finishes a story started in the first few episodes.

Things are put right with Dahrk being put inhis right moment in his time line, Mick Rory sending Snart to 2014, Mick’s final acceptance he’s part of the team feels sweet and like Mick has finally enjoyed his moment and hopes to go to Aruba.

The show ends with the after effects of a time storm and sadly Mick doesn’t get to go to Aruba…

What can I say, I love this show! With it’s Goonies references and dinosaur ending season two ended on a high note for me and I’m excited to see the show come back next season with more of the same.

Legends of Tomorrow ‘Fellowship of the Spear’ Review

Legends of Tomorrow goes to the Battle of the Somme to get Jesus’ blood to destroy the Spear of Destiny also J.R.R. Tolkien is there.

The ridiculousness of the above statement is exactly why I think this might be the best show on the CW.

Legends of Tomorrow is such a fucking charming show that makes it’s several competitively crazy storylines work as a streamlined show.

Rory begins to see Snart as they take the last pieces of the spear from the Legion of Doom. It’s nice to see that they’re not ignoring the history of the show + Wentworth Miller is fun on screen.

As the Spear has the power to change reality each member of the team deals with that concept in a very different way. As Amaya now knows what happens in the future to her village and her lineage, she along with Rory finds herself the most tempted by it.

But of course, they need to destroy the spear and to do that they need the blood of Jesus Christ. Because of course. I don’t know how religion moves in a world of superheroes but apparently, you can find the blood of Christ on the French battlefield and it can destroy a reality altering weapon.

Rip Hunter also manages to find his place in the team after his turn as the villain. There’s no longer a power struggle between Lance and Hunter for the Captainship instead he’s arranging the famous ceasefire.

Although I’m enjoying the return of Leonard Snart I’m wondering how this happened without the ship feeling the time aberration.

The plot twist that the blood was a plot from the Legion wasn’t particularly surprising. But Mick choosing Snart over the Legends was a genuine shock, sure Mick might have been a criminal but a lot of the season had been built around Mick Rory bonding with the rest of the team.

So as four villains and Mick (I’m not giving up hope!) begin to use the spear it looks like things are going to get even more complicated….



Legends of Tomorrow ‘Land of the Lost’ Review

Legends of Tomorrow goes dino in an episode that’s half bottle and half epic adventure and I’m not sure which I liked more.

We start with Rip escaping the prison with ease, as a former captain he knows all of the Waverider’s tricks (really think the team should have thought about this)

Nick, Ray and Amaya venture into the unknown (and Ray’s old stomping ground) and there may be a little bit of a dino-vendetta as it looks like Ray may have eaten a dinosaur egg while he was there.

Sara and Jax dive into Rips mind as a dark version of the Waverider. Exploring how Rip has been manipulated into seeing all the Legends as evil versions of themselves. He is imprisoned in the bay looking a world away from the Rip of the past few episodes.

Gideon physically manifests into a very attractive woman in a move that resembles the episode of Doctor Who when the same thing happens to the Tardis. It’s a lil corny but then again so is everything about this show and I honestly don’t hate it.

Nate and Amaya’s relationship moves along and Ray informs Nate that she needs to return to her own timeline to continue on as she’s due to have children and not having her go would be detrimental to the world. Personally, I’ve been loving the relationship between the two but I am thinking she’ll probably be a one-season wonder for the Legends.

But that’s not before they face off against a fucking dinosaur. I don’t know why they chose a very brief (albeit sweet) moment to use their CGI dinosaur, at least it was a giant talking gorilla.

Rip’s return to his old self at the end of the episode feels like all is right with the world. But at the same time Legends of Tomorrow has been going through quite a gold streak without him, who knows maybe he isn’t the captain we need after all…

Legends of Tomorrow ‘Turncoat’ Review

Legends of Tomorrow find themselves smack bang in the middle of the American Revolution, sans their super computer and with an evil Rip Hunter set out on destroying them.

But seriously who writes this crap? I’m not sure if the Legends of Tomorrow episodes are written in a linear order because after last weeks evil narration and having Mick Rory doing the voiceover this week has fast become my favourite part of these episodes and I hope it continues.

Evil Rip Hunter is the perfect adversary for the team. Instead of killing him off (or whatever it’s called when you die in CW verse) having him turn into a cold and callous villain fittingly in a red coat. Moreover, you can tell that Arthur Darvill is enjoying the shit out of playing the bad guy. He’s seeking out the spear to give it to the Legion of Doom wanting to watch history burn. And this involves shooting George Washington and nearly killing Sara Lance.

The bulk of the episode centres around the Legends and their fight for the spear of destiny with Mick in the B plot being captured with George Washington. I think this is a good division of running time, Legends always feels weakest when it’s trying to fix a major point in history cos we know what’s going to happen. But this one kind of felt just like it was enjoying itself, the stakes weren’t too high and Rory got a statue out of it.

Jax finally gets the storyline he’s been needing as Sara passes over command of the ship to him. I’ve been waiting for Jackson to have his own storyline for the better part of two seasons.

Nate and Amaya turn things up to 11 after she seal-saves him from being drowned. In quite a silly episode it’s a moment that sort of comes out of left field due to the fact Amaya has been dealing with the loss of Rex since she first joined the team. But I like the choice of the two of them together, the actors have crazy chemistry and the writers aren’t in a rush to develop it too quickly.

The episode ends at Christmas which is perfectly fitting for the disjointed time frame of the show. With all sentiments being goodwill to all men including a moment where Sara talks Jax out of killing Rip. It’s one of the more loaded moments of the episode as Rip had just been taunting Jax with the possibility of rewriting his father’s death Jax still chooses to do the right thing .

Legends of Tomorrow is a corny fucking show but then again most of the best ones are, continuing in its self-awareness and light hearted attitude Legends of Tomorrow has the potential to overtake its Forefathers and no I’m not talking about Rory.

Anyway I have the sudden urge to go and listen to the Hamilton soundtrack now, I have no idea why…


Legends of Tomorrow ‘The Legion of Doom’ Review

Legends of Tomorrow dives into the Legion of Doom with one of the strongest episodes of the show so far.

Making fun of the fifty second intro that precedes all CW superheroes “My name is Barry Allen….When I was a child.” With a Damien Dahrk doing the voiceover you know you’re going to be in for a good time.

Dahrk explains how he got into the Legion of Doom and his arc of Arrow. And we’re immediately introduce too dissonance between the ranks and a very scared Rip Phil Hunter. Thawne (evil speedster) is acting as their leader but when you stick three supervillians in a room together they probably aren’t going to observe a proper ranking system.

An evil episode allows us proper motivations for our big bad this season and more insight onto just how bad the Legion of Doom is. I think the writers wanted a proper big bad for this season after they poked fun at the Vandal Savage of it all in the past episode

There are few shows both in and out of the CW-superheroverse that could have pulled this off. The show has enough backstory too play around with perceptions and it’s written too be funnier than the Arrow and a bit less soapy than the Flash giving us an almost Whedonesque episode.


There’s even a few dark moments as Dahrk pulls out Rip’s tooth, with a spine tingling scream and a dutch angle, it’s the little things that really stand out.

It’s also a great episode for the plot, I think the Arrow is often guilty of creating a convoluted plot line surrounding the macguffin (a word I learnt from this show) but possibly due too all it’s time travelling and large team The Legends of Tomorrow everything has been streamlined, motivations are clear and everything runs smoothly.

The Stein daughter plot also comes back around, Stein wrestles with his feelings about accidentally gaining a child and we have a few lovely moments with the young Stein who is a very strong character herself. And as it turns out that she’s not the only aberration, Thawne is also an aberration running away from a big-ass scary monster. Again using a plot point from the Flash to explain a villain allows Legends too play around with their show without too many info-dump backstories.

It is now apparent that John Barrowman and Neal McDonough were criminally underused before hand and if the CW want to give them a Suicide Squad spinoff I wouldn’t be adversed.

Overall I hope that Legends of Tomorrow continues in the same vein as this episode, a show like this should never take itself too seriously.

Legends of Tomorrow ‘Raiders of the Lost Art’ Review

Legends of Tomorrow returns on top form with Raiders of the Art, a sixties adventure into the wonderful world of movie making.

The season ended with a long awaited appearance from Rip Hunter on the set of what looked to be a Legends of Tomorrow movie. Is he faking trying too bring his friends back? Nope. Phil the film student is just minding his own business in the sixties making his movie with the help of his prop master some guy called George Lucas.

Legends is always strongest when it’s certain about its time period and the addition of George Lucas too the episode allows for some great pop culture and a few meta references.

Snart makes an appearance as Mick’s evil Jiminy Cricket and Mick starts too worry that he’s going insane. There’s a nice side story between Mick and Martin Stein as we see that Mick is still grieving for his fallen friend and wrestling with the person he’s become as opposed to the person he is.

In the central plot Phil the film student is discovering that the story  which he made up in his head might be real and we get to enjoy Arthur Darvill’s american accent as Phil blubbers around convinced he’s in an acid flashback.

Adding too the episode is the Legion of Doom with Merlyn, Dahrk and Reverse Flash coming too the 60s too cause trouble. They’re after the spear of Destiny an instrument which can be used to alter reality. Although we’re not too sure why they want it, I assume for evil dwelling purposes the Legion of Doom

When the show works, it works. Embracing its own corniness and allowing a good amount of screen time for each character Legends can carve out its own niche.

Having Rip be a bumbling idiot shows us just how far the legends have come since the first episode and showing the influence that Lucas’ films had over whom Ray and Nate became plays really well into their characters. My one gripe is the continuing under appreciation of Jax as a singular character even without being firestorm he could fit into some of the fight scenes.

The episode ends with a kidnapped Rip Hunter and the Legends flying a way in their ship. The next episode looks to be taking place almost entirely in space, so you can watch the trailer right here and let us know what you think in the comments below:

Legends of Tomorrow ‘The Chicago Way’ Review

In the crossover the Legends of Tomorrow felt a little side stepped with Oliver and Barry taking centre stage. But now back in the Wave rider The Legends of Tomorrow are back saving the past and this time it’s 1920s Chicago.

Because the best Legends episodes take place within the last century and in America.I don’t know why, maybe it’s the history the writers and directors are more familiar with or maybe it’s the pop culture references that get to be played with. But The Chicago Way felt like a really fun episode.

Legends of Tomorrow is making a self-contained crossover in a sense as Eobard Thane and Damien Dark’s Legion of Doom as another string too it’s bow and Malcolm Merlyn comes aboard. Not that I’m unhappy too see John Barrowman on TV again but why? I know it’s supposed to be a big mystery or whatever but come on give me some villain motivation.

They plan to use Al Capone too lure the Legends too the 1920s and steal a talisman. Doing so they kidnapped Stine and Sara, Malcolm promises Sara her life back, to go bak and change time so she’ll have never been on the capsized boat in the first place.

Sidenote: So in the past few Arrow episodes and now Legends, they’ve really been harking back too season one. Maybe they’re trying to show us how much the characters have changed or maybe they’re trying to remind us about certain characters from season one who have perished.

But Sara refuses, even though Malcolm changing the past and sparing her nine years of heartbreak and loss is something she does want, she knows the consequences. But seeing this Martin confesses too messing with the timeline and hiding the daughter that changing his past produced. But Martin puts himself on the line, willing too be tortured into oblivion if it means rescuing the team.

An interesting side story for this episode was Rory being followed around the ship by Snart. A very dead and still ultimately sarcastic Snart. Admonishing Rory for following orders, being part of a good guy team and a spark of something happening with Amaya.

A product of his own psyche and maybe the beer he was drinking it’s easy too see that Rory is still conflicted about his place in the team but whats more it’s nice too see that Captain Cold hasn’t been bleeped out of the timeline.

Double sidenote: Snart’s appearance also mirrors the ending of the Arrow midseason finale as Laurel Lance stands in the middle of the Arrow Cave. Is it just ghosts all around? Or is something slightly more sinister happening?

The ending sees Sara give up the amulet and the Legion of Doom and things look like they are taking a turn for the worst.

Plot twist! The last scene shows a slightly dissolved 1960s director producing a cheesy looking sci- fi that looks a little too familiar and things seem to be going in a completely different direction when we realise IT’S RIP HUNTER!

Legends of Tomorrow Midseason Finale trailer

Legends of Tomorrow is suitably going full steam ahead within it’s second season we’ve had new characters, ninjas and aliens. And the mid-season finale looks too be a doozy as the Legion of Doom team up with notorious gangster Al Capone.

And Snart looks too be back to join the Legion of Doom and come face to face with his old partner Rory . The Chicago Way will also feature Eobard Thane, Damien Darhk and  Malcolm Merlyn as adversaries too the Legends, so who do you think is getting out alive?