5 Pretty Little Liars spin-offs we wouldn’t mind watching

As we get ready to say goodbye to Pretty Little Liars we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the cast of characters we’ve come to know and love (+ sometimes hate) over the years, so with that in mind we’re putting forward five spin-offs we wouldn’t mind seeing our fave liars in…

Real Housewives of Rosewood


Alison and Emily are seemingly in a time of bliss with a baby on the way and a stable income but can you see former HBIC Alison being happy with that forever? Hell No! As the Housewives franchise increases, it’d be easy to see Alison putting herself forward as the main star of the show with another group of women to control. Just think of her tagline.

Sister, Sister







A family friendly comedy harkening back to the TGIF sitcoms of the nineties but with a modern day twist! Two twenty-something twins are reunited after one of them may or may not have been behind years of online torture. Think pratfalls, slapstick and a whole lotta family fun.



After leaving Rosewood for a small fishing village off the coast of the Baltic sea Mona Vanderwaal ¬†wants nothing but a quiet life. But when people start turning up dead Mona can’t help but use her very particular set of skills in order to get to the bottom of it.

Grand Designs


After overhaulng the Radley into the hottest hotel this side of Pennsylvania Ashley Marin scours the country turning places with less than stellar reputations into chic hotspots for the young and affluent. Her first stop? The Hastings House.

To Catch a Predator


I mean…they could make more than one stop in Rosewood…