Pretty Little Liars ‘Finale’ Review

-Warning the following contains spoilers from the final episode of Pretty Little Liars proceed with caution…

Or do whatever you want I’m a blog post, not a cop…

Pretty Little Liars came at the perfect time to say something interesting about cyber bullying and how quick our world went online. It addressed LGBT issues, addiction and murder throughout its seven-year run, Pretty Little Liars is part of pop culture history now and no one can take that away from them.

The twin theory has been floating around PLL since the first episode as in the books it’s Allie’s twin, Courtney that becomes one of the later plot twists. Of course, they had to turn it on its head I just didn’t expect it to be like this…

Till Death Do Us Part takes place a year after the previous episode which I think is probably for the best, it seems they’ve finally learnt their lesson after squishing the first three seasons into one school year.

There hasn’t been any word from A.D, Lucas is a tap dancer and Jenna has taken up horse riding…oh it’s a dream… I’m glad they are honouring the absurdist moments of PLL in the finale episode even if it’s more a nod then anything and Lucas gets a series wrap in a white top hat.

In the real world, it’s almost time for the wedding of Aria to her high school English teacher and everyone is excited, except Caleb and Hanna who are arguing after Hanna agrees to let Mona stay with them after she leaves Radley 2.0

I know this show doesn’t take place in the real world but shouldn’t Mona have a social worker? A concerned friend? A secret twin? Someone else out there that could take her away from this mess?

But everyone gets to the Lost Resort for the world’s most boring bachelor/bachelorette party (seriously if anyone was going to accidentally kill someone on their last night of freedom you would think it’d be these guys) And everyone gets busy except Toby and Spencer who bond over obscure word scrabble and unsaid feelings.

Except they don’t.

Yup, the long held Spencer twin theory turns out to be true with one shocking twist, Alex Drake is British. To be more exact she’s from the same place in England as Anne Hathaway from One Day.

Seriously, I think I could have been on board with the whole Spencer twin thing if it wasn’t so very clearly stuffed in at the last minute and the accent just felt unnecessarily jarring even for a show that balances the campy line.

The backstory being that Wren found Alex Drake in a pub in England by happenstance and told her the whole story of her sisters in the States and her secret twin. Cece and Alex bonded in Paris each with their own doctor boyfriend and a growing hatred for their sisters.

Alex created a lair complete with a fake prop house and locking cells (apparently all construction companies in Rosewood are great at no questions asked work)  and keeps Spencer in a cell while taking over her life. She also kidnaps Ezra because Alex is a messy bitch who lives for drama.

However, the main foil to Alex’s plan is Jenna and an oversensitive horse who recognise that she’s not Spencer and warn Toby who rolls with it.

Things are seemingly wrapped up with a wedding an engagement and a pregnancy announcement but the door is left open as Mona apparently has Mary and Alex Drake in a Dollhouse and the new Rosewood bitch is now missing…

This show was never going to have a satisfying ending with N.A.T club, Toby’s mom and if Wren is truly dead (or if they know he’s the baby daddy) still up in the air I’m at least grateful this show was crazy right till the end


Pretty Little Liars: Classroom scene explained


When it was announced Pretty Little Liars would be jumping forward five years in its sixth season fans were living for the idea of the liars all grown-up. And one of the first tastes of that new life came from the first clip we got to see of Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria in Alison’s classroom warning her about someone coming….

But as we got closer to the final, the phrase ‘He’s coming’ just didn’t seem to fit into the narrative that was until in the penultimate episode when the words were uttered and it turns out to just be one of the signature crazy dreams we’ve come to know from Pretty Little Liars.

Marlene King told TVLine how it all came about…

“I’ll be super honest with you — that was one of those things we didn’t have a well thought-out plan for…Ultimately, in a homage to the horror aspect of Pretty Little Liars, we decided that we could just have fun with it as a dream sequence.

Fans will remember from the earlier seasons dreams were often prophetic and a supposedly dead Allie would often make an appearance but this new dream tells a different story.

“I thought it was a great homage to how much Emily cares about Alison…attacking it from an emotional standpoint, instead of from a plot or mystery standpoint, was what made it work and what made it rewarding for fans.”

So what do you think? Were you excited for the mystery or just happy to see an emilson scene?

Pretty Little Liars ‘Farewell, my lovely’ Review

With only one more episode to go Pretty Little Liars gives us some solid answers but there are still mysteries to be solved in Rosewood.

Aria’s still on the outs with the Liars but with Rollin’s body in her car she devises a plan to make things up to them by taking the fall. As she works this out she has a conversation with herself and I was kinda hoping this would lead to the discovery that Aria had been talking to herself for the past seven seasons and her split personality was A.D.

What can I say a girl can dream.

The big reveal of the night came from Mona, the underrated hero of this whole series. As fingers looked to be pointing squarely towards her for the role of A.D most viewers worked out that it immediately took her off the suspect list.

Instead, thanks to a break in her reality Mona reverts back to her previous nerdy status and informs the girl’s that she killed Charlotte. This didn’t feel like the shocking reveal it was amped up to be, I had my money on either her or Jason and due to the fact Jason didn’t pop up fifteen minutes before the end Mona became a safe bet.

The game ends with the girls receiving the final few puzzle pieces and the location of Rollins body only to be beaten to the punch by Detective Tanner who literally bulldozes over their plans.

The arrest fake-out is sort of something that should have been put to bed in season three but as the girls accept their fate Mary Drake swoops in and takes the blame.

I really hope this story is solidly put to bed now as I didn’t care about Rollins when he was alive and I didn’t care about him when he was dead.

But A.D is going to be revealed next week and I think they’ve truly exhausted all options for a satisfying ending. But maybe be they’ll prove me wrong, my money is still on Sean…

5 Pretty Little Liars spin-offs we wouldn’t mind watching

As we get ready to say goodbye to Pretty Little Liars we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the cast of characters we’ve come to know and love (+ sometimes hate) over the years, so with that in mind we’re putting forward five spin-offs we wouldn’t mind seeing our fave liars in…

Real Housewives of Rosewood


Alison and Emily are seemingly in a time of bliss with a baby on the way and a stable income but can you see former HBIC Alison being happy with that forever? Hell No! As the Housewives franchise increases, it’d be easy to see Alison putting herself forward as the main star of the show with another group of women to control. Just think of her tagline.

Sister, Sister







A family friendly comedy harkening back to the TGIF sitcoms of the nineties but with a modern day twist! Two twenty-something twins are reunited after one of them may or may not have been behind years of online torture. Think pratfalls, slapstick and a whole lotta family fun.



After leaving Rosewood for a small fishing village off the coast of the Baltic sea Mona Vanderwaal  wants nothing but a quiet life. But when people start turning up dead Mona can’t help but use her very particular set of skills in order to get to the bottom of it.

Grand Designs


After overhaulng the Radley into the hottest hotel this side of Pennsylvania Ashley Marin scours the country turning places with less than stellar reputations into chic hotspots for the young and affluent. Her first stop? The Hastings House.

To Catch a Predator


I mean…they could make more than one stop in Rosewood…

Pretty Little Liars ‘Choose or Lose’ Review

Mona is A.D? As the big reveal at the end of the last episode saw Mona Vanderwall sitting in an incriminating looking room filled with shovels and a suspiciously familar game it looks like the final boss has been revealed…

But as we all know things in Rosewood are never quite how they seem.

A search warrant for each of the Liar’s home marks the return of Lieutenant Tanner is in keeping with the theme of these last ten episodes which just seems to be ‘let’s throw everyone back in for one last horrah.

Which brings me to my next point, I bet it was Sean behind everything this whole time ….



Hahahaha it was me all along…wait you remember me right?



Homegirl Aria continues to be the worst as she gets caught by the rest of the Liars they realise that she’s been working with A.D this whole time in order to protect her predator boyfriend and they are pissed. 

Of course on balance this show is about terrible people being blackmailed into betraying their friends in order to cover up their own secrets but lets not focus on that atm.

Aria, pissed that betraying her friends demands more rewards from A.D and in a new turn of events she’s the only cleared for Alison’s ex-husbands murder.

The timeline of Pretty Little Liars has always been a bit sketchy but are we living in some kind of future where blowing phones up remotely is accessible to everyone?

But where would this show be without the romance factor because apparently looking for whoever killed Charlotte is so 2016… Hanna and Caleb tie the knot in a courthouse because they don’t need anyone but each other, Spencer and Toby are back together after he’s had a sensible month of grieving time for his dead wife, Aria continues to lie and betray people for her highschool English teacher whom knowing entered into a relationship with a sixteen year in order to research his book and Emily and Alison are making a go of things and apparently the baby daddy will stay a mystery forever.

But it’s almost over with just a couple more episodes to go maybe this will all end in a satisfying way, who knows? All I’m saying is buckle in and know jumping over plot holes is excellent cardio.

Pretty Little Liars ‘Driving Miss Crazy’ Review

With only three episodes left Pretty Little Liars supplies us with more questions then we will ever get an answer to….

Aria’s in full A helper mode as we now finally know what’s in the Aria file: A police report she was going to file on Ezra as he abused his position of power as they dated when she was a student and he was a teacher. This has been something of an underlying issue throughout the show that has never really got addressed throughout the show, I doubt we’re getting anything from Ezra in the next few episodes apart from being leverage for Aria. I’m putting them to bed.

Speaking of romantic relationships I’m thinking we’re putting Spencer and Toby to bed barring the time jump in the last episode. Instead, Spencer is heavy into the family drama as the Hastings get ready to move and Aria comes in fucking up their whole life with the reveal that Alison’s mom and Spencer’s dad conspired to kill Mary Drake.

If this show does nothing for me but end with Spencer happy and fulfilled and far away from all the bullshit.


Mona’s presence is very firmly felt throughout the episode as she and Emily try and find out who exactly who is the baby daddy. And I’m reminded why I like Mona, she’s funny, she’s an active person when it comes to solving mysteries.

Sometimes I forget why I stuck with this show for however many years but then suddenly we’ll get a Mona fronted, black and white, jailhouse rock dream sequence and I’ll remember at it’s heart its a fucking weird show. They haven’t really moved into the dream sequences and imagined scenarios since Allie rose from the dead.

Basically #TeamMona

The reveal at the end seeing Mona in an A-esque lair complete with blue prints of the game and a small collection of shovels. It looks like Mona may have been A.D all along (of course we’ve all stuck with this hellshow long enough that it’s pretty obvious we’ll have at least six other twists before the end) Hopefully things will kick up a gear as we only have three episodes left.

Next week it looks Aria is getting found out…

And another thing…

  • Hanna and Caleb look to be getting hitched, it’s crazy that they are the most supportive and put together couple throughout this entire series
  • Hanna’s mom makes an appearance as well and also hasn’t murdered anyone or got a secret twin sister
  • Is Hanna Marin the most together person in this show?
  • What happened to Lucas? He just disappeared
  • Will we ever find out who killed Charlotte, does anyone even care anymore?

Pretty Little Liars ‘In the Eye Abides the Heart’ Review

Life moves pretty fast. Sometimes you get impregnated with your sort of ex/sort of besties baby, or sometimes you’ve got to cover up the murder from your sort of detective boyfriend or being blackmailed by someone using a computer animated version of yourself.

Look what I’m trying to say is that Pretty Little Liars is so basic atm.

Aria is brought further into A.D’s dark web as she’s forced to spy on her friends. An awkward computer animated version of herself yells at her in what can only be described as the most extra-move yet. This whole plot feels like a nod towards the Aria is A.D whether or not this turns out to be true remains to be seen.

Hanna takes up the mantle of discovering more about the game, enlisting Mona to help. There seems to be a lot of links to Hanna with the recent discovery of Lucas’ link to Charlotte. The discovery of Arcturas comic book penned by both Lucas and Charles about an avenging angel that Charles regularly turns into. Although this seems relatively cut and dry in its metaphor there are plenty of blonde girls the superhero could have been.

Alison and Emily are still dealing with the discovery Alison is carrying Emily’s baby and strangely this manages to be the most sensitively as they work out whether they should raise the baby together. Paige pops up as well having a heart to heart with Allison and hopefully, this is the last we’ll see of Paige.

Spencer is still trying to find out what is going on with Mary Drake and Marco follows her, his suspicions about the Rollins murder continues as he realises that the first time they met was when Spencer was using Rollins card.

Troian Bellisario takes up both the mantle of director and actress during this episode and I don’t know why I was expecting a lot of dreamy surrealism and flower crowns. However, there was soo much plot to burn through this episode there wasn’t much time for symbolism. But I did notice the scenes were shorter and a blue wash through a lot of it, what I’m trying to say is that I’d probably watch something she directs again.

In any other show the reappearance of Wren, this close to the end of the show would be something of significance. Especially as the spoiler that Wren was going to be the original A, yet this is PLL Wren Kingston’s reappearance was probably just a victory lap for the characters.


Pretty Little Liars ‘Power Play’ Review

With more reveals than a Las Vegas strip show Pretty Little Liars is back with the plot twists and strangeness as it turns out I’m sticking with this show till the bitter end.

Fittingly a lot of the drama in this episode takes place around Rosewood High where Alison decides to abort the child she’s carrying from an abusive dead husband that her friend murdered and Emily is saying goodbye to Paige who may be leaving for a job at a university.

My favourite part of the show is when it treats these two issues with exact same amount of drama

A.D’s manipulation takes hold of Alison this week with a trip to the baby store right before she’s planning on a medical abortion. I’m always vaguely surprised to see when things like terminating a pregnancy are talked about with a balanced and pragmatic approach in an overtly dramatic show such as Pretty Little Liars. But of course, it turns out that Alison isn’t even carrying her own baby, it’s Emily’s eggs stolen from the hospital.

So it looks like Emilson is happening, just in the strangest way possible.

In the midsts of all the game playing Aria goes rogue as she continues with her relationship drama. Hopefully, the whole Nicole storyline is done now (we’re only like five episodes away people!) as Aria’s the first person to really meet A.D.

Well not actually A.D shockingly Sydney turns out to be nothing but a pawn in the game, being the one that shot Spencer she offers Aria the chance to ‘switch sides.’ There has been a continuing theory that A.D is actually Aria but I think that this episode definitely puts an end to that, we seem to be done with any and all Aria family drama for the remaining episodes. We’re going to get an Ezra and  Aria wedding and all pretend it’s no weird that she’s marrying her high school English teacher.

Meanwhile, one of the biggest mysteries (which let’s be real we all sort of forgot about) the death of Mrs DiLaurentis as Spencer’s father says Mary Drake used his pills and blamed him for the whole thing. Of course, he could be lying to get the focus off himself but for the sake of brevity, it seems like Mary Drake is a straight up killer.

As Ted (oh yeah Pastor Ted pops up as well for an uncomfortable looking Hanna) mentions he also dated Mary Drake, that means she’s now connected to three out of the five liars. He also mentions a camp for troubled boys that he might Charles (Cece) at and Charles’ friend Lucas.

Along with Page, Lucas has been a sideline character since the first seasons it would make sense to bring one of them to the forefront as A.D but at this point, they are going to have pull out some pretty intense back story to justify all this shit.

I think I’ve finally accepted that Pretty Little Liars won’t come with a satisfying ending, as characters are brought on and storylines are dropped in ten-minute intervals things are going to be tied into a neat bow by the end.

But is that really the point? I’d like to see at least one episode from A.D’s perspective in the next few episodes but I think the whole point has been about friendship in the face of adversity whether that’s a board game or baby drama the Liars only win as a team.

*cue rotten fruit throwing at my own lame ending*

Pretty Little Liars ‘These Boots Are Made for Stalking’ Review

Swimming, shoes and secrets oh my! Pretty Little Liars shows us no matter how much things change they just stay the same.

Nicole’s return from kidnapping sets Aria’s relationship with Ezra into another realm. As a reporter comes looking for him Aria begins to realise that maybe Ezria isn’t the centre of the world. The whole kidnapping disappearance storyline of Ezra’s finacè feels like it’s taking place in a completely different universe. Unless it turns out that Nicole is actually A.D the whole situation feels like an unnecessarily convoluted hurdle for the eventual wedding in the less than ten episodes.

Addison, the current Rosewood High bitch starts causing waves with Emily. The suspiciously familiar teenager actually feels like a nice addition this late in the game, especially mirrored against Allison. Addison (I wish they’d named her something else or maybe they have to rhyme in order to get full bitch powers) starts fucking with Emily and Emily is faced with trying to be a disciplinary to someone not much older than her.

Meanwhile, Hanna spends most of the day sweating over a dress for Katherine, the senator’s daughter. Setting up a styling business (maybe?) with Mona Hanna starts to question whether or not her designs are good enough.

Spencer’s currently dealing with the repercussions of finding out that she’s Mary Drake’s daughter. Her story feels like the only one linked to the body of the plot. As she’s the first to discover Jenna Marshall’s return.

The second half of the episode we’re finally back at the big-ass board game that’s shaping the season, A.D seemingly behind Jenna receiving a copy of Hanna’s dress, Emily receiving Addison blackmail material and Emily finally embracing her dark side.

Aria is still upset that Ezra is off making nice with Nicole so she decides to go visit her at the clinic she’s staying in (Which might be in Rosewood? I don’t know…)But Holden follows her and manages to talk her out of bunny boiling. The two have a nice moment that makes wish Aria got the chance at normal relationships but we all know that’s not going to happen.

Emily finally rips Addison- and thus teenage Allison- a new one as the young teen threatens to go forth and expose her as inappropriate with students. (I mean Rosewood High employed Ezra so I doubt they’d have much of a problem with that) but it seems Little Alli’s plan blows up in her face as an email bragging about her plan is forwarded to the school principal.

With A.D seemingly behind the highschooler’s take down Emily receives another piece of the puzzle.

The game seems to be leading to a map of outside Rosewood but with very little clue to what it all means yet the girls are going to have to keep playing to find out.

Pretty Little Liars ‘Playtime’ Review

Pretty Little Liars starts with its End Game, a week after Spencer is shot things look to be getting back to normal. As normal as it can be in Rosewood.

Often Pretty Little Liars is guilty of lagging through its season but as we get closer to the end things are firing off on all sides.

So Noel and Jenna were A.D. The girls are very quick to believe it as one by one they declare it’s finally over. We know it’s not, you think they would have started looking for solid proof before they jumped to conclusions by now.

Hanna and Caleb are back together and seemingly the healthiest relationship on the show, respectfully keeping it low key. Hanna’s main focus this episode is a burgeoning fashion design career we have never seen any hint of that she ropes Mona into helping her use her contacts to dress Rosewood’s rich and famous.

Spencer is coming to terms with her biological mother being Mary Drake and finally, confronts her mother about it. Mr’s Hastings confesses they adopted Mary Drake’s baby after Mr Hastings mistook Mary for  Alice and slept with her. I feel like a lot of shit could have been avoided if Mr Hastings kept it in his pants.

Aria’s wedding brings back a familiar face in the form of Holden and I feel like this is a very lazy addition to the end season as it feels like another means of creating conflict in the Ezria relationship. We all know they’re endgame so let’s bite the bullet and just get the married already.

Emily is caught in the centre of high school drama as Alison and Paige duke it out in the teacher’s lounge. It’s nice to see an almost bitchy side to Alison that we haven’t seen in a while. And Emily get’s to play conflicted caught in the middle girl without a decent option on either side (#freeemily) But it seems Alison’s bitchiness is just misplaced aggression at her current situation of being pregnant with the baby of a man who tried to murder her then subsequently got killed by her friends.

Wow, I missed this show.

All while a very ornate board game A.D had delivered to the Hasting household hangs over their heads. Adding game designer to their long list of skills A.D sends Spencer to the hospital to go talk to Toby, the two have a heart to heart and come to some form of resolution.

This is rewarded with a puzzle piece from A.D and a letter from Mary Drake and then Spencer finally decides to tell her friends she started playing the game. Hanna being the only sensible one decides they should take a crowbar to it and see what’s inside, sadly this excellent plan is stopped when it turns out A.D has footage of them burying the body of Doctor Rollins.

The final scene basically confirms that Jenna isn’t A.D but is shown to be working with them as the episode ends with her slyly smirking about an ‘End Game’

All in all, I feel like this was a slow premiere but it set up everything to come Pretty Little Liars is going to need to pack a whole lot more in before the finale…

And you can watch the trailer for Episode 12 right here: