5 Shows to watch instead Pretty Little Liars

As we wait with bated breath for Pretty Little Liars to come back for its final episodes we’re looking for other shows to fill the void of high drama, mystery shows set in a small town with a teenage cast…



The dark and twisty Archie comic book adaptation is still in its freshman series but it’s already got legions of fans. Taking place in the small town of Riverdale following Archie Andrews and his friends and the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom. Riverdale has the same young attractive cast, high school drama, and mystery.

Gossip Girl


The first anonymous social media star, Gossip Girl followed the lives of the young, rich and fabulous in New York City. With friendship and romantic drama heavy in the New York skyline, Gossip Girl doesn’t have the same stakes but if you go into the show looking for style and relationships then this in the show for you.

Twin Peaks


Both Twin Peaks and Pretty Little Liars actually follow similar premises with the death/disappearance of a mysterious enigmatic blonde girl. However, Twin Peaks focuses more on the investigation, like Rosewood the town of Twin Peaks has an unusual amount of secrets. If you enjoy the surreal and dreamlike moments of Pretty Little Liars then you’ll be on board with Twin Peaks.

Switched at Birth


If the intricate family drama is the reason you’re into Pretty Little Liars then you might like Switched at Birth. Centering around two girls who *spoiler alert* are switched at birth there’s class differences and a look into deaf culture that balances teen drama with heartwarming moments.

Veronica Mars


So it turns out there are more than a few shows that center around the mysterious death/disappearance of a blonde girl and I’m starting to feel weirdly insulted…Anyway, when her best friend Lily Kane dies Veronica Mars devotes her time to becoming a teen detective in her small town of Neptune. If you’re into the plot twists of Pretty Little Liars then you’ll like Veronica Mars, best to avoid season 3 tho.

By Katie Beech

11 of the best TV female friendships

In media, it’s very easy to see two women pitted against each other, whether it’s for career success or for a man. Sometimes there comes along a friendship so grand it shapes a whole show. So in honour of Galentines Day we’ve featured 10 of our favourite female TV friendships.

Grey Anatomy

greysantamony .gif

Meredith+ Cristina

“You’re my person” Three words that sum up exactly what best friendship is and Meredith and Christina had it in buckets.Meredith and Christina, bickered, challenged and hated each other at times but more than anything they loved each other dark + twisty ‘n all.

Gossip Girl


Blair + Serena

Blair and Serena were two other volitive besties backstabbing each other on the school yard. One of the most satisfying things about Gossip Girl was watching their friendship grow as they accepted each other flaws and all, choosing to support each other before dragging the other one down.

Broad City


Abby + Ilana

Broad City is a show so unashamedly about female friendship and the way it can brighten up even the most mundane days of your life. Abby and Ilana may never reach romantic paradise but at the of the day they have each other and that’s way more fun.



Phoebe + Monica+ Rachel

Phoebe, Rachel and Monica didn’t get a whole lot of time to hangout in a female only setting but when they did it was comedy gold. Whether it featured Danny Devito as a stripper or Phoebe declaring that Rachel and Monica were her bitches, the Friends girls always held their own and their bond was stronger than anything.

Jessica Jones


Trish + Jess

Trish and Jessica are the ultimate ride or die, two girls who have been to hell and back. With Trish being the not-so-perfect child star turned radio host and Jessica being an unlikely superhero come, alcoholic detective, Trish and Jessica make the most of unlikely of friends that’ll kill for each other.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

buffy the vampire slayer 9.gif

Buffy + Willow

Buffy and Willow are truly the heart of the show. Even though they end the show as a Witch and a Slayer they still found their way to each other as the Geek and the New Girl at Sunnydale High. Buffy and Willow transcend the supernatural.

Orange is the new Black


Taystee + Poussey

At the end of the day, we all want a friend who we’d get through prison with. That’s why Taystee and Poussey were the perfect pairing for life at Litchfield and why the ending to last season was so entirely devastating.

Sex and the City


Carrie + Samantha + Charlotte + Miranda

Never was there a show so in centred around female friendship, exploring the idea that your love story doesn’t have to be of the romantic type. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda informed an entire generation of girls that the women in your life will be there through thick and thin.

Pretty Little Liars


Aria + Spencer + Hanna + Emily

The Liars may spend more time keeping secrets than shopping but that doesn’t mean the girls don’t care for each other. Pretty Little Liars is a show ultimately about the crazy and insane moments in young female friendship and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Gilmore Girls


Rory + Lorelei

Rory and Lorelei are mother and daughter and also best friends. Their story together goes through more ups and downs than the roads around Stars Hollow. Their friendship and witty dialogue are just a couple of the reasons why Gilmore Girls is just as popular today as it was in the late 00s.

Parks and Recreation


Ann + Leslie

Where would a Galentines Day post be without honouring the original Leslie and Ann? The most tragic moment of the otherwise rose-tinted world of Parks and Rec was Ann’s departure but the show more than made up it by introducing us to the February 13th event.

Lucy Hale gets a Life Sentence

Lucy Hale is set to star in new series Life Sentence after Pretty Little Liars finishes this summer.

The actress/singer will be moving networks from Freeform to CW in order to star in this new comedy-drama from the guys behind Significant Mother.

The series will deal with a young woman facing life after she’s been given the all clear and the consequences of the decision she made while she ‘lived like she was dying.’

With Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend getting CW critical acclaim it’s definitely something the network is investing in.

Hale isn’t the only Liar making plans for the post-Pretty life, Shay Mitchell is moving into reality TV, Troian Bellisario is doing a movie with Tom Felton and Ashley Benson is rumoured to be going on to Dancing with the Stars.


Pretty Little Liars: Ezra meets Wren

Pretty Little Liars is diving head first into season seven and it looks like a whole host of secrets are about to be confirmed.

Entertainment weekly revealed in their new article via a photo set that Wren Kingston, a former flame of Spencer’s will be returning to Rosewood. And it looks like he’ll be on the side of the Liars as this photo reveals he’s back with a new haircut and a sombre attitude.



How Pretty Little Liars changed TV

When Pretty Little Liars premiered in 2010 it was an easy show to dismissed. Similarities to Gossip Girl and the OC with an all-powerful online persona and a cast of ridiculously attractive people, seven seasons on and Pretty Little Liars has transformed into a global phenomenon changing the way we think about TV.

The millennial triumph

The books were originally set in 2006 and easily weaved in their mid-00s settings Pretty Little Liars followed suit by updating their setting to 2010. Now for all those that can think as far back as 2010 will remember it was a weird time for contemporary set TV. Most shows were quietly ignoring the large part that technology had to play in the daily lives of teenagers, while a stray text make its way onto the TV screen nobody really wanted to admit how much time we spent on our electronics. The whole premise of PLL was the symbiotic relationship between our technology and our real life, with ridiculously modern phone and laptops that the first season of the show now feels a little out dated.

Don’t just write strong women

Usually, a teen show falls into the Bitch, the Sweetheart and the Rebel. But Pretty Little Liars showed us women that were more than that, smart girls making mistakes and ‘dumb’ girls with a master plan. Pretty Little Liars may not have been the best for overarching plotlines but it never dismissed the power of its own characters.

Representation matters

Although it’s still far from perfect Pretty Little Liars was one of the first teen shows to have a lesbian character on it from the get-go. And the show stood by its pro- LGBT stance even as the Parents Television Council threatened to boycott in its first season. The show isn’t without its flaws in this area but Emily’s sexuality is a respected part of the show.

The social factor

While one of the most popular shows on Freeform Pretty Little Liars it never really succeeded in the ratings wars. But the show ran circles around its competitors in terms of social media engagement. As it was one of the shows with the highest social media engagements it meant more people were watching it at their leisure rather than when it premiered. This inspired Freeform’s recent move towards VOD and streaming services. Adapting to the way young people watch TV means they are already ahead of the game.


If nothing else Pretty Little Liars was a show that married mystery with the teen experience paralleling 21st tech anxiety with troubles of growing up and as the show finishes this year fans of PLL will be waiting just as anxiously to see the unveiling of A as they will be for seeing how the Liar’s lives turn out.


Now all we have to do is wait….

Pretty Little Liars: Season seven news

Pretty Little Liars is coming to an end this summer and it looks like they are going on with a bang.

As the stars continue their press tours for the seventh season we’ve been treated to some great insight into what’s coming up. At the recent TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour cast and crew joined together to celebrate

Stars Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse joined executive producers I. Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick, Charlie Craig and Joseph Dougherty to spill the beans on what’s going down in Rosewood

Here’s what we know about Pretty Little Liars season 7

We will learn who A is

There will be a musical number

There may be a Liar wedding

It will be hella emotional

We’ll know more about the DiLaurentis family and why she is the way she is

The box we see the Liars open in the first episode contains a twisted board game designed by A

Everyone will end up with who they’re suppose too

Emily will end up with someone that cares about her deeply

There will be another time jump and we’ll finally catch-up with the season 7 clip of Alison in the classroom

There’s still no definitive proof on how the mom’s got out of the basement

Mostly the final 10 episodes will be about honouring the fans and all they’ve done for the show in the past seven years

Pretty Little Liars has been a show on the cutting edge since it’s premiere in 2010 with its headline grabbing storylines and cutting-edge use of technology. Making stars out Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell, with Bellisario set to star in a new movie with Tom Felton following the season seven finale it seems that the Liars will still be on our screens long about the credits roll.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait till the 18th of April to witness the Liars final send off but until then we’ll have to rewatch it on Netflix.

Pretty Little Liars: It’s all just a gAme…

It’s all ending (*sadface*)


Okay, seven seasons in and we’re still desperate for any little bit of Pretty Little Liars info.

Including that the A has set up a twisted version of a “board game” with incredibly high stakes. And somehow I think if A loses they are not going to just throw their top hat across the room.

Head honcho Marlene King has also teased a one-year time jump and an Allison redemption arc so although we’ll have to wait till April too see all our favourite liars again Shay Mitchell (Emily) has promised

“Every single answer, except for how the moms got out of the basement.”


New Years resolutions for TV characters

What can I say 2016 hasn’t been the best year, with celebrity deaths, an angry political climate and pretty shit weather. So we’re ready too ring in the New Year with some words of wisdom for our favorite TV characters based on the past twelve months.

Westworld- Teddy – Be more independent 


After following his girlfriend into a murder-spree and  only just inherited a backstory.

The Flash-Caitlin Snow- Communicate better


After getting powers and hiding it, Caitlin could benefit from enhancing her communication

Game of Thrones -Arya Stark- Focus on goals 


Getting a way from the Faceless Men and back to Westeroes Arya needs to focus on getting back to her family

Scandal- Everyone- Get out of toxic relationships


Imagine all the problems that wouldn’t have been caused if we just let things go.

Pretty Little Liars- Everyone- Use less technology


Switch off your phone, announce you’re going to live in a cabin and be done with it

Younger- Eliza-Stop telling lies


You won’t get fired if you finally reveal your age and it will make your life a 100% easier

Jessica Jones- Jessica Jones- Adopt a healthier lifestyle


Realize you deserve something good in your life that doesn’t come in a bottle

Gilmore Girls- Rory Gilmore- Reevaluate career goals 

rory gilmore.gif

Accept that sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them too and focus on what you’re good at


Lucy Hale talks Pretty Little Liars

In an interview with Teen Vogue  Lucy Hale looked back on her time as Aria Montgomery Starting off in the industry at just fifteen years old Lucy Hale wore a lot of different hats through her early career. Including guest spots in Drake and Josh and she made her big screen debut in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 (2008) as Alexis Bledel’s younger sister. But it was being cast as Aria Montgomery that truly catapulted Lucy Hale into a household name and now seven years later she’s off with the finale already in the bag:

It was a mixture of emotions. It was obviously very sad. The cast and the crew grew really close. It was also really gratifying. It’s been a long time on that show – we worked really hard. It felt like we had accomplished something really big. We left it on a good note.

But she’s not quite done yet, fans of the show have been obsessively tracking the clues from the show since the very first episode and the countdown for the final season will see a lot of fans waiting each week too see if their theories have come to fruition.

I think mainly it’s the question that the show has revolved around for seven seasons, which is Who is Uber A? Who is behind all of this? You finally get to figure out who that is and why this person has been out to get us for so long. It kind of comes out of left field too. You see what’s going on, and it makes a lot of sense. I was so scared that it would go in a direction that just didn’t add up or make any sense at all. But it checked all the boxes for me, for lining up with everything, so I was happy with it and I think everyone else will be too.

With a couple of indie movies in the works and no doubt a follow-up too her 2014 debut album the world is truly at Lucy Hale’s feet and we can’t wait too see what she does next.

The Gilmore Girls + Pretty Little Liars connection you never realised

There are a lot of things that Gilmore Girls and Pretty Little Liars have in common.

Both female driven shows set in a small town with relationships being one of the central themes. Of course, Pretty Little Liars is slightly darker than Gilmore Girls but everyone knows they share the Warner Bros Studios lot meaning that Rosewood and Stars Hollow are basically the same town but they also share one particular resident…

Yup, Bryce Johnson aka Detective Wilden aka Paul


In Season Two Episode 9  Johnson plays Paul, a guy in Lorelei’s business class. The two agree to go out on a date things end amicably only for a meeting at Lukes for Lorelei to realise exactly how young Paul is, South Park t-shirt and all.

Johnson would then go onto to play the morally questionable Detective Wilden in Pretty Little Liars and back on the Stars Hollow set.