So does Sabrina crossover with Riverdale

As part of the Archie comic universe, it’s been speculated that the modern adaptations of both Sabrina and Riverdale were going to crossover at some point and we’ve just got our first taste in episode seven when a familiar face popped up.

During The Feast of Feasts, an episode following the twisted tradition of human sacrifice and cannibalism in the witch community, Miss Wardwell orders a pie from Persephone’s Pizza and who should show up…

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Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 14.26.47

To bring the rest of you up to track, Ben Button has been a side character within the Riverdale universe. You’ll remember Ben’s traumatic suicide at the beginning of season 3 in relation to the Gargoyles game. However, he’s been working around the corners of the show since season 1.

He was also memorably another victim/target of Miss Grundy during the opening of season 2- this scene also took place in Greendale. I don’t believe that this is just a coincidence but rather a genuine sign that the two shows exist in the same universe.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina “An Exorcism in Greendale” Review

Sabrina Spellman’s two worlds collide in the sixth episode of an exorcism in Greendale as she uses magic to help her friends.

This episode was fantastically dark and perfectly shot as Susie’s demon Uncle Jesse haunted (is that the word?) Sabrina and her friends. Demon possession is the perfect motif especially as it relates to Susie’s family life as we see her quite clearly possessed uncle being dismissed. Sure, he’s crawling up walls right now.

Building up from the last couple of episodes Uncle Jesse’s demon tapped into Sabrina’s and her friend’s anxiety’s about their life while also providing more than a few jumps scares. In a way, this episode mirrors the sleep demon one in a lot of ways. However, there’s more story development in this one to keep you interested.

I’m not Regan

Demon possession is the perfect motif especially as it relates to Susie’s family life as we see her quite clearly possessed uncle being dismissed.

Sure, he’s literally crawling up walls right now, but as a kid, he used to wear dresses, so it’s pretty much the same.

It also introduces us to the reactions of humans to magic, with many elements of Uncle Jesse’s possession being dismissed by everyone. Sabrina’s naturally nervous about helping her friends with this, unsure if she even has a right to step in which leads me onto my next point

Wardwell ways

Miss Wardwell makes herself known this episode- well kind of- after Sabrina figures out that Miss Wardwell is magic she has no choice but to come out and say she’s got a vested interest in keeping Sabrina alive. Although she chooses to do this by aligning herself with Sabrina’s father instead of as a servant for the dark lord, something we’ve been led to believe for the past six episodes

Which leads me to my next point…

The crux of this episode depends on finding a witch exorcism spell. This was previously thought impossible because witches couldn’t perform to the Catholic right of exorcism. That’s until Miss Wardwell produces one that was written by Edward- Sabrina’s father. Could this possibly mean that Miss Wardwell isn’t lying and she’s both loyal to Sabrina’s father and the dark lord because they are one of the same?

Just a thought, anyway moving on.

I call on Anne Bolyen.

Aunt Zelda is the only one quite rightly suspicious of the witch exorcism as it does not align with their values until having a change of heart towards the end. Overall Zelda’s character development from a cold and distant follower of the dark to involved but ultimately tender caregiver has been the most satisfying to watch.

Losing my religion

This episode also gave us more of an insight into the way religion works in this world after the Catholics looked to be Sabrina’s only hope of salvation it leads me to wonder if it will be brought up again in future episodes.

All in all enjoyed this episode, great pacing, storytelling and acting.

18 Things About The New Netflix Sabrina Reboot

So I may have missed the boat talking about the new Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot when everyone cared about but my excitement is still there and whether you’re discovering that there is a Sabrina reboot through this post or you’re just bored and hoping to point out something I got wrong


So after trawling the internet here are 18 things we currently know about the Sabrina reboot

  1. Sabrina will be based on the comic books not the TV series. Fans will be more likely to remember Sabrina the Teenage Witch from the TV series starring Melissa Joan Hart in the 90s however this version of Sabrina will be based on the darker and twister Sabrina published in 2014 called ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’
  2. It will be a Riverdale spinoff: Although we don’t know exactly what that means at this point, we know that Sabrina will exist in the same universe as the Riverdale most likely taking place in Greendale which has been shown/referenced to before
  3. It’s going to be on Netflix instead of the CW. Netflix and CW do have a contract so a smarter person than I could unpack that for you but this potentially means more blood and violence (yay) and less actors cast because of their unbelievably stunning good looks.
  4. The show itself is said to be in the vein of Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist
  5. It was rumoured that Sabrina was going to show up in the first season of Riverdale walking into Pops, this was back when Chloe Grace Moretz was rumoured to be in the role
  6. A leaked casting list showed Charlie Torr, Ariel Kaplan and  Adelina Hudson in the running
  7. A quote from the show added to the imdb also says “I… wanted you to see where I was born, Harvey. Not in Greendale General, like it says on my birth certificate. Here. In this grove of trees. Almost sixteen years ago… And, uhm, where I’ll be reborn this Saturday night. On my birthday. At the stroke of midnight. In the middle of a – a penumbral lunar eclipse. The kind that only happens once every sixty-six years… That’s why I can’t go to Rosalind’s Halloween party this weekend. Keirnan Shipka (Mad Men) will be playing the title character of Sabrina Spellman, described as a relatively ordinary girl who knows she’s a witch but is sort of not super on board about the whole being evil side of it “
  8. Miranda Otto (Lord Of The Rings) will play Aunt Zelda who is described as pragmatic and she was played by Beth Brodrick in the 90s sitcom version
  9. Lucy Davis (The Office UK) will play Aunt Hilda who is described as ‘forbearing’ and was played by Caroline Rhea in the 90s version
  10. The showrunner will be Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa who has previously worked on Riverdale, Supergirl and Glee
  11. It’s rumoured to be getting a Halloween release date
  12. The first episode is called ‘Chapter One: October Country’
  13. The first season will have twenty episodes in total
  14. Chance Perdomo (Midsomer Murders) will be on the roster as Ambrose Spellman, Sabrina’s cousin who is unable to leave the Spellman house due to breaking the rules. From a bit of digging Chance seems like a British actor and this will be his first major role stateside.
  15. Michelle Gomez (Doctor Who) marks the fourth Brit on the cast list, she will be playing Mary Wardell, a favourite teacher of Sabrina’s who becomes possessed by the devil
  16. Texas actress Jaz Sinclair (Easy, Paper Towns) joins the cast as Rosalind Walker, Sabrina’s best friend who is the daughter of an outspoken pastor in the town
  17. Richard Coyle (The Fall) is the fifth Brit and will be playing Father Blackwood, theHigh Priest of the Church of Night and Dean of the Academy of the Unseen Arts
  18. Harvey Kinkle has not been cast but his role is very important to the series

90s teen sitcoms that we need rebooted

Let’s  face it we’re in an age of a reboot and the nostalgia for the 90s is at an all time high, so it’s only a matter of time before these 90s kid’s shows get a millennial reboot. For this list we’re just focusing on shows where a teen/ kids are the main focus

5. Sabrina the Teenage Witch


Melissa Joan Hart dominated the 90s with Clarissa Explains it All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. As sixteen year old Sabrina finds out she’s a witch and goes to live with her aunts in San Francisco. We think that Sabrina has reboot potential with Sabrina now being the aunt training a new witch.

4. Sister, Sister


Tia and Tamera are identical twins separated at birth who discover that they’re lost siblings in a bizarre coincidence (is it just us or was this trope very popular in the 90s?) Going through the trials and tribulations of adolescent as sisters in their new blended family.

3. Saved by the Bell 


Fourth- wall breaking early nineties sitcom is perfect for a reboot after a prequel, spin-off and a movie we could now have Zack and Kelly’s fast talking offspring starting at Bayside High and face Mr Belding each week with their gang and a ridiculous amount of antics.

2. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 


The sitcom that rocketed Will Smith into superstar realm depicted a streetwise kid being sent to his aunt and uncles house in Bel-Air. There have been a couple of rumours of a reboot featuring Will Smith’s son Jayden, we think it could work as long as they keep the formula the same of poor kid going to a posh house.

1. Blossom


As Big Bang Theory comes to an end Mayim Bialik could come back as the role that made her famous. In the 90s Blossom was the youngest child in a house populated entirely by boys, she dreamt of a more conventional life. Reimagining it for millennials, we could have Blossom as the single parent realising that life is better spent being happy than being conventional