The Flash ‘The Wrath of Savitar’

The Flash’s ability to tone-shift between rom-com and dark drama is probably best exemplified in this week’s episode ‘ The Wrath of Savitar’

With Iris’ oncoming death hanging over the heads of all the speedsters, Barry Jessie and ¬†Wally begin training in order to save her.

Not before Iris and Barry announce their engagement to the Star gang. Everyone is super happy for the couple, which are nearly four seasons in the making. Joe’s a little uncomfortable that Barry didn’t ask permission but Barry is a little too preoccupied trying to change the future so the Savitar future he’s seen won’t happen.

And Savitar begins to haunt Wally with visions of his mother, it’s one of the most emotional scenes in a pretty raw episode. In fact, Wally’s whole arc for this episode just feels tragic.

As Wally is vibed into the future he discovers Barry’s secret reason for proposing going off at him in the lab and calling Barry out for his double standards in his own plot.

The whole episode feels very strange, maybe a set-up for something to come in the future as the group feels like it’s breaking into fractions.

Isn’t it pretty obvious that Savitar is future Barry Allen at this point? In some weird suicidal villain origin story. I don’t know if there are comic-book bookies out there but please get in contact I’d like to make a very large bet.

Especially when Savitar is speaking through Julian even at one point he says ‘I am the future Flash’ (foreshadowing or unfortunate wording)

But Savitar convinces Wally to throw the rest of the Philosophers Stone into the speed force and he manages to exchange Wally for himself and thus enacting the ‘fate worse than death’ part of the prophecy.

The emotional end to the episode packs a punch for The Flash and for the whole gang, including a very sweet moment between H.G. and Jessie. And even if Barry doesn’t turn out to be Savitar there’s a pretty prominent shift in his emotions as he becomes so focused on saving Iris he’s beginning to sacrifice his own ethics in place of it.

It’ll be interesting see how the work the next musical episode into this as the crossover next week.