What Would Happen If Gossip Girl Was Set In 2018

Gossip Girl was easily one of my favourite shows growing up, the glitz and glamour of Manhattan’s elite and the judgemental eye overseeing everything with an xoxo. But it’s amazing to see how much things have changed in such a small amount of time, the show ended in 2012 before

Following the lives of Blair and Serena at their Upper East Side, private school razr phones and aim messenger are still a massive part of the original show.

It’s amazing to see how much things have changed in such a small amount of time, the show ended in 2012 before snapchat, the trump presidency and while Kylie Jenner was still in middle school so how would a show like Gossip Girl look like


  • Gossip Girl would have started out as an instagram drama page before getting it’s own website and then app
  • Serena would have been snapchatting her return to the city- completely scooping GG on the scandalous news
  • Blair would have the most followers but Serena would have more mainstream success
  • Dan would secretly want to get twitter verified and secretly seethe when Jenny got verified first
  • Jenny would definitely have a youtube account complete with dress making and heavy eyeliner tutorials
  • Nate would have invested in a poorly thought out new social media platform
  • Blair would be an aspiring make-up entrepreneur
  • Vanessa befriends Lena Dunham, no ones knows how or why
  • Jenny befriends Kendall Jenner
  • The Constance Billard Choir sing a rendition of Bodak Yellow
  • Vanessa would be posting her documentaries to vimeo
  • The #Metoo movement came quickly and swiftly for Chuck Bass
  • Blair would initially be mad Ivanka got to the White House before her but has now decided to take a step back
  • Dorta and Vanya are brought in for questioning about the Russia investigation
  • Georgina who definitely had something to do with the Russia investigation is not brought in for questioning
  • The Gossip Girl app would go through an update and everyone would hate it
  • Serena actually makes it in LA, ends up starting a wellness blog, single handedly brings beet juice to the East Coast
  • Nate finds success in a weed vaping company and becomes an outspoken advocate for the use of pot in New York
  • A reverse google image search would have caught Charlie out
  • Agnes and Jenny date
  • Dan’s book would have been made into a HBO miniseries, Margot Robbie plays Serena, Jennifer Lawrence plays Blair, Elle Fanning is Jenny, Zac Efron is Nate
  • It’s critically panned as a straight, white mess
  • Blair devotes a substantial amount of time to getting on Raya before she realizes it sucks
  • Blair, Serena and Jenny all begin to read about feminism and 90% of the fights over guys are avoided

So that’s just a couple of my ideas on how Gossip Girl would look different in 2018, do you have any of your own let me know and as always…

You know you love me xoxo