The Fosters: Finale Episode to be shocking for the whole family

The Foster’s season four looks set to end it’s final episode with a bang for all of The Foster kids. With Callie’s trial looking set to go in an unexpected way…

Callie is torn over a plea deal and EP Peter Paige says it’s not all sunshine and roses

she has 24 hours to respond because they’re about to go to trial. So the time is now, the pressure is on and the choices are difficult…

Meanwhile, Marina’s life is going into a different direction…

Her secret Twitter account has come out, and the ramifications from that will be felt throughout the family. Jesus seems to be onto the news of Emma’s pregnancy

In its fourth season, The Foster’s has reached it’s highest level of critical acclaim and looks set to end with a bang and life is about to change for all of The Foster’s kids, what do you want to happen? Do you think it’ll end well?

The Originals explains THAT shocking character return…


With only a week to go before The Originals returns to the screen, we’ve been treated to an epic new trailer which you can watch here:


Set five years after season three Hayley looks to be resurrecting the Mikaelson family from their hallucination prison? (I may need to rewatch)

But one of the most shocking things about The Originals trailer is the appearance of Cami, the cute blonde grad student turned Klaus special friend.  She was a divisive character among fans so seeing her pop up in the trailer was definitely shocking.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly Showrunner Michael Narducci said,

“It’s pretty clear that Cami was someone who had a massive impact on the entire show and our entire cast of characters but in particular, Klaus, I am positive that the words that she shared with him before she died were echoing in his mind as he went through that trial, as he was stabbed by Marcel, and while he has been tormented and incarcerated for the past five years.”

I mean death never really happened in the Vampire Diaries world so maybe she’s being resurrected, who knows?

Demise in the Vampire Diaries finale?

Warning potential spoilers for Vampire Diaries next episode-

Can you believe Vampire Diaries is ending?

Eight years, hundred of episodes, thousands of dead humans and it’s coming to a close. And it looks like it’ll go out with a bang and it looks like not everyone will survive the finale

In a recent interview with JJJ Julie Plec hinted at a death in the series finale

Someone is going to have to be murdered in the fight against the bad guy. So there were a lot of discussions about who that should be. And the choice of who it was, was made entirely out of character, bringing a character full circle to its proper conclusion.

So who do you think it’s going to be, Elena? Caroline? Damon? Or Stefan?

Or is it a fakeout for something entirely different.

Let us know your theories!

The Flash ‘The Wrath of Savitar’

The Flash’s ability to tone-shift between rom-com and dark drama is probably best exemplified in this week’s episode ‘ The Wrath of Savitar’

With Iris’ oncoming death hanging over the heads of all the speedsters, Barry Jessie and  Wally begin training in order to save her.

Not before Iris and Barry announce their engagement to the Star gang. Everyone is super happy for the couple, which are nearly four seasons in the making. Joe’s a little uncomfortable that Barry didn’t ask permission but Barry is a little too preoccupied trying to change the future so the Savitar future he’s seen won’t happen.

And Savitar begins to haunt Wally with visions of his mother, it’s one of the most emotional scenes in a pretty raw episode. In fact, Wally’s whole arc for this episode just feels tragic.

As Wally is vibed into the future he discovers Barry’s secret reason for proposing going off at him in the lab and calling Barry out for his double standards in his own plot.

The whole episode feels very strange, maybe a set-up for something to come in the future as the group feels like it’s breaking into fractions.

Isn’t it pretty obvious that Savitar is future Barry Allen at this point? In some weird suicidal villain origin story. I don’t know if there are comic-book bookies out there but please get in contact I’d like to make a very large bet.

Especially when Savitar is speaking through Julian even at one point he says ‘I am the future Flash’ (foreshadowing or unfortunate wording)

But Savitar convinces Wally to throw the rest of the Philosophers Stone into the speed force and he manages to exchange Wally for himself and thus enacting the ‘fate worse than death’ part of the prophecy.

The emotional end to the episode packs a punch for The Flash and for the whole gang, including a very sweet moment between H.G. and Jessie. And even if Barry doesn’t turn out to be Savitar there’s a pretty prominent shift in his emotions as he becomes so focused on saving Iris he’s beginning to sacrifice his own ethics in place of it.

It’ll be interesting see how the work the next musical episode into this as the crossover next week.

Legends of Tomorrow ‘Land of the Lost’ Review

Legends of Tomorrow goes dino in an episode that’s half bottle and half epic adventure and I’m not sure which I liked more.

We start with Rip escaping the prison with ease, as a former captain he knows all of the Waverider’s tricks (really think the team should have thought about this)

Nick, Ray and Amaya venture into the unknown (and Ray’s old stomping ground) and there may be a little bit of a dino-vendetta as it looks like Ray may have eaten a dinosaur egg while he was there.

Sara and Jax dive into Rips mind as a dark version of the Waverider. Exploring how Rip has been manipulated into seeing all the Legends as evil versions of themselves. He is imprisoned in the bay looking a world away from the Rip of the past few episodes.

Gideon physically manifests into a very attractive woman in a move that resembles the episode of Doctor Who when the same thing happens to the Tardis. It’s a lil corny but then again so is everything about this show and I honestly don’t hate it.

Nate and Amaya’s relationship moves along and Ray informs Nate that she needs to return to her own timeline to continue on as she’s due to have children and not having her go would be detrimental to the world. Personally, I’ve been loving the relationship between the two but I am thinking she’ll probably be a one-season wonder for the Legends.

But that’s not before they face off against a fucking dinosaur. I don’t know why they chose a very brief (albeit sweet) moment to use their CGI dinosaur, at least it was a giant talking gorilla.

Rip’s return to his old self at the end of the episode feels like all is right with the world. But at the same time Legends of Tomorrow has been going through quite a gold streak without him, who knows maybe he isn’t the captain we need after all…

The Good Place ‘Michael’s Gambit’ Review

What the fork!

The Good Place has been one weird forking ride of a season depicting one bad woman’s journey into the Good afterlife. The premise allowing plot lines to twist and turn all over the place and always with a heavy dose of ridiculousness all with the threat of the bad place looming over them.

*This review contains spoilers*

The prospect of a ‘Medium Place’ is something I think we’re all shooting for, we’re never going to raise millions for charity but we’re not a dickhead. So the arrival of Mindy St.Claire gives Eleanor a momentary relief from trying too fit into a binary Good or Bad after life. Sure the beer is warm but there’s nothing to feel guilty about like she’s had to with Chidi in the Good Place.

Except that if they don’t go back Tahani and Chidi are going to be taken too the Bad Place. Eleanor remembers she’s a good person and forces Jason to go back too the Good Place in order to sacrifice themselves.

Only they’re too late, the Judge decides that he just needs two of them to go too the Bad Place, he doesn’t care which two. And in the perfect get out of jail free card Eleanor the original offers herself up to a hellish existence, I was expecting a someone else too volunteer from within the town.

But nooooo.

The twist that the world they’re living in is the Bad Place A moment where Michael goes from the bumbling goof too evil genius in a very creepy smile that’s going to be a running theme in my nightmares for the next couple of weeks.

Eleanor, Jason, Tahani and Chidi we find out are all perfectly fit together too torture each other and Tahani and Chidi wasn’t selflessly motived into good actions so even they don’t deserve to be in the Good Place.

A twisted playground on personal torture that goes beyond what a hellhound can do. Michael erases their memories and they start again in a hellish Westworld esque existence.

(Speaking of which do you think the guys that wrote this were so pissed that Westworld used the whole memory wipe thing before this episode aired)

But the Bad Place is once again set up as the Good Place, Eleanor is given a new soulmate and only a piece of paper with the word’s find Chidi written on it.

It’s been a fantastic and seriously watchable show, I can’t help but wonder how this show will manage come season three but funk it I’ll still be watching anyway.


Younger Season 3 finale Review

How long can you keep up with a lie? I’m not talking a little white lie but a whole persona, identity and instragram centred around a lie. Eliza answers this question in the Younger season 3 finale.

Many fans have stated in the past that they’d like too see Younger in the hour long, twenty four episode seasons but I think season three made a strong case for it’s current format. The story’s are tight, the drama has been well balanced with the humour and unlike a lot of shows Younger hasn’t suffered from a sophomore slump.

In the first part Liza and Kelsey head to the Hamptons representing their baby imprint Millennial as a way of getting it known with a wider audience. Charles and Diana join but while Diana goes off an attempts to do a sultry photoshoot by the beach, Charles finds himself running in Liza again and again.

Josh on the other hand is back in Brooklyn and decidedly smitten with Eliza and is deciding that he needs to do something about it.

Emily, the EW assistant rears her head again,this time with a pitch for a self-help book from the perspective of her puppy (tbh if you go to Urban Outfitters you will find even more ridiculous books on sale) With Kelsey refusing to hear her pitch, although she seems to be having more trouble with her pretentious boyfriend, she shows her hand to Liza ad decides to blackmail her way into a book deal by threatening to expose her real age.

In all seriousness, we were led to believe that Liza’s age had been scrubbed off everywhere so if Emily did find out, why isn’t she actively pursuing a career in investigative journalism?

With the information hanging over her head Eliza hits the self destruct button and after a night out with Charles the two kiss again. A lot of Charles’ attraction too Liza seems to be based on the novelty of a twenty six year old who enjoys old bands and reads Russian literature. That and the power disparity at work, it makes me think that if Charles’ knew Liza’s real age he’d turn ugly very quickly.

And in a heart twisting turn of events Josh sees them and Liza discovers that Josh was planning on proposing.

As they return too New York Diana enjoys cohabitation, Kelsey’s living quarters get a bit too crowded and Liza is in a shame spiral. It’s lovely too see Diana in a state of happiness and the writers embracing a woman over forty leading a full and happy life even if her parrot is inappropriate.

Kelsey and Liza end up attending a self-help seminar for a woman who’s potentially signing with Empirical Press. The same self-help seminar as Liza’s ex, whom on stage manages too twist round his cheating and gambling problem into a victim-status. I don’t know the name of the actor who plays her ex-husband but he somehow manages to be both hilarious and annoying all at the same time.

Forced to confront each other in a phone call, Liza realises that she is #TeamJosh and runs too try and make up with him. Things don’t work out exactly as planned and Liza realises she is now single and alone.

Returning too her apartment Maggie warns her Kelsey’s moved in so she needs to pull herself together. Maybe it’s the emotions of the day or the fact they’re friends now but Liza comes clean confessing her age and her mom status too one of her best friends in an great final scene. Personally I can’t wait till season four.

Arrow ‘What we leave behind’ Review

Arrow continues too hone it’s talents as the gritty superhero in a sea of the attractive yet nonthreatening racially diverse CW shows. It’s heavy life or death situations and complicated hero slowly being elevated with character development and meaty stories.

Prometheus and Evelyn Sharp team up as both see Oliver as a murderer more than a hero. Although I was initially enjoying the injection of new characters into the show as people’s actions change it’s hard too keep track of motivation. Especially as just trying too work out who Prometheus is so intriguing its easy for other characters to be pushed to the side.

Flashbacks too season one make a nice change from the Island flashbacks, we were there for this stuff and it also shows how much Oliver has changed since that first season. It’s nice too see the beginnings of the core team, including a slightly awkward Felicity.

Prometheus’ beef with Oliver seems to be long held and Oliver finds evidence that Prometheus might have something to do with Claybourne a guy who created a virus and then sold the vaccines at a larger cost to make the city great again. But Oliver isn’t the only one who goes looking for Prometheus and Felicity’s boyfriend gets kidnapped

Look, it seems like Prometheus is going to be Tommy Merlyn, with his brief reappearance in the crossover, the reference too him in this episode and possible time messes from Flashpoint, Tommy looks like a suitable candidate for Prometheus. I know a lot of people say it’s going to be Adrian Chase but his motives just feel so personal that I have to believe that it’s someone close to him.

Also as Felicity said “People around here seem to comes back from the dead every Wednesday” (Dear writers, if your reading this, please give me more meta Felicity moments)

I mean the whole theme of the show is around people who we thought were dead coming back to life. Star City needs a more secure morgue tbh.

In a final showdown Oliver accidentally kebabs Felicity’s boyfriend whom Prometheus dressed up in costume. It’s a moment of showing growth of Oliver’s character as he’s dragged back into being the killer he once was and a moment of heart break for Felicity as her ex kills her current boyfriend. But as an audience member it just doesn’t feel all that emotional as Felicity’s boyfriend always just felt like an extension of Felicity instead of an actual human being.

Speaking of unnecessary deaths…

The season five mid-season finale ended with Laurel Lance standing in the middle of the Arrow cave. Whether or not she’s actually there or a figment of Oliver’s imagination remains too be seen…


Five things we want to know after the Westworld finale

After THAT season finale we were left reeling as the credits began to roll.

Who was that? Is that really the maze? What time are we in? Am I host?

But it looks like we won’t know anything until season 2 which comes back in 2018, until then, here are some questions we need answering…

How big is Westworld? 

And is actually called Westworld? We saw some vaguely Samurai looking guys as Maeve and her team moved towards the exit so does this mean that we’re going to be getting a Roman World and a Medieval World like in the movies? Also are they new? Does Ford bounce between all the different Worlds or is there another evil genius waiting in the wings.

Where is Elsie? 

Elsie was a main character in the first couple of episodes as an inquisitive behaviour programmer. But as things began too unravel it looked like her fate was sealed in the basement as someone grabbed her. Then her tracker pinged within the Park and Stubbs went looking for her only too be greeted with members of the ghost nation. Although there are some theories confirming that she is alive and others saying she was never alive, we still have not definitive answer on what happened too her. Maybe it was all part of Ford’s plan too keep them both safe until the main storyline was finished.

Was Maeve’s story just a storyline?

As we watched Maeve turn from jaded bar Madam, too fierce and intelligent robot hero we found ourselves rooting for her too get out of the park. And just as she was about too she went back in to go look for her daughter. As we’ve seen Ford use children as character motivations before it’s possible that Maeve’s whole striving towards freedom was just a distraction technique for Ford too get all of the other hosts into the Park without suspicion  .

Do we really know anything about Arnold? 

The season came and went with some amazing twists and turns. And there were a hella amount of Arnold plot twists, as Jeffery Wright played the original park founder and his host counterpart. All narrative surrounding Arnold’s story was told through Ford’s perspective meaning that it could have just been part of his bigger plan. Also why are the reveries and malfunctions just showing themselves now? Maybe someone out that there wanted too finish Arnold’s plan?

How is the board going to explain this? 

Time jump? The world’s best paid clean-up team? As the hosts went on a killing spree of investors it looks like things might just be over for the human race. But somehow I think that the board of directors will find a way too reopen the park and continue to use it too make money. Maybe next season will be about Westworld truths///


Westworld Season One finale review

These violent details have violent ends and so does the final episode of season one of Westworld.

With twist after twist moving through the hour and a half finale we’re left with a million questions and are agonisingly waiting for season 2 (which is in 2018)

The build up too the Man in Black and William reveal was enticing, even though many fans had theorised that these two characters were the same person in different timelines it was amazing too watch it all play out and as William slowly accepted his dark side and let go of Dolores.

Maeve’s story was definitely the action intense of the finale as she and her band of psychopaths moved through Westworld behind the scenes. At points I did suspect that Maeve’s story was written by Sizemore as a way of getting the information the board needed out of the park. But she returns, the bond too her daughter is too strong to override simple logic, although will she be returning to the park she once knew?

The biggest reveal was that redemption of Ford, played by the wonderfully brilliant Anthony Hopkins (if he doesn’t get an emmy then I will riot)

Locked in within his new storyline he presents too the board,Dolores and Teddy on the beach as she’s about too die. We’ve seen Dolores deal with what she knows to be the maze and finally once again killed by the Man in Black. Dialogue amped up too a million the two recite lines more at home in a lifetime movie than HBO the scene pulls back and we see the board of directors, their emotions just entertainment.

A part of you wonders if the whole show is just watching a bigger storyline play out as Ford remains the smartest man in the room and Dolores realises her part in all of it.

Although Arnold thought he’d mastered the consciousness of the hosts and sending Dolores on a killing spree Ford realised it would take more time than that for them too truly be sentient beings.

The rising of the forgotten host army is haunting as they move through the trees and the Man in Black seems almost happy that this is the way he dies, maybe it’s what he’d been hoping for all along. The final shocking moments see Dolores put a bullet through the back of Ford’s head, however from a show like this what would be the bigger plot twist, that it was a robot version of Ford? Or that Ford’s actually dead?

That show itself has room to grow and change as it’s season two premiere won’t be till 2018 and they’ve also introduced the other worlds that we saw in the Westworld movies. I expect a big time jump for season two but I hope not more of the same, there are hundreds of different storylines to take with Westworld let’s just hope that don’t blow through them all.