Still Star-Crossed ‘The course of true love…’ Review

From secret romances to forced weddings, Still Star-Crossed is serving us Elizabethan problems on a Monday night and proving that the course of true love never did run smooth.

As the marriage of Rosaline Capulet and Benvolio Montague is met with the same enthusiasm as a gallows walk we begin to see the backstory of the relationship between Rosaline and Escalus and how that came to crumble.

Escalus, the new prince of Verona takes a show of strength with the biggest families in Verona. The nuances of a young man finding his way in his new station while still dealing with his love for Rosaline. As a blank slate in the first episode, Sterling Sulieman shows himself as a romantic lead this episode.

Princess Isabella continues to be woefully underserved as we watch her help Escalus and Rosaline reunite it looks like she’s almost on his side. But as she whispers encouragement for him to behead the murderers you can’t help but wonder if she really has her brother’s best interests at heart.

Or maybe I’m just a sucker for a Lady Macbeth character…

I still can’t decide what I want from Still-Starcrossed, How to Get Away with Murder and Grey’s Anatomy both have episodic elements to their show in the form of medical and law cases respectively. Whereas Still-Starcrossed is building on the story from its first scenes which is a shame because it feels like an untapped avenue to bring in new viewers.

I wonder if it would have made a bigger impact on a streaming service with all the episodes dropping all at once would have allowed for its slow burn set-up.

The last half of this episode has secured my continuing viewership, Anthony Head pushing the sculptor to his death and the discretion of Romeo’s tomb and beheadings provided the show with the bite it needed to offset the romantic drama.


Still Star-Crossed ‘In Fair Verona’ Review

Still Star-Crossed tells the story  of Verona after the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, the hour long drama unpeeling loyalties, secret romances and boob crushing corsets.

The first episode picks up halfway through the classic Shakespeare play during the secret wedding between Romeo and Juliet, both  are gorgeous, the perfectly cast doomed romantic lovers.

Rosaline, the unseen character in the play is now Juliet’s cousin. Lashana Lynch is most definitely a bright spot as a leading character, as an orphan placed into the Capulet’s family she also doubles up as the Nurse from the original play. She keeps her mouth shut as Juliet Capulet’s mother treats her with distain and is focused on ensuring her sister’s future so she can run off and join a nunnery.

As we see the daily lives of those in Verona a couple of the smaller moments irking me. Accents are always an awkward one in American verisons of European shows, with RP English being the catch-all for medieval dramas even in Italy.

Politics are the main focus of the episode, introducing a new dynamic to the play, the addition of the Prince’s ruling family and allusions to real world threats (Medici, anyone?) it sets the groundwork for a political drama. Although at the moment I’m still trying to size up how the series is going to go.

With it’s young attractive cast and tenatitive literature link I think this show could have easily been snapped up by the CW with a Jenner or an ex Disney star cast in the lead. But I think Rosaline manages to bridge the gap between the romantic attributes and the conflicts of the surrounding city.


Most of the episode follows the second half of the play with the fight causing the death of Tybalt and Mercutio, Romeo gets sentenced to death and the whole poison and the dagger sitch happens.

I’m sorted of disappointed that there wasn’t a bigger twist on the original play within the first episode as it’s a jumping off point for something more sinister. As it seems that Mr. Montague had been trying to orchestrate the marriage from the beginning in order to strengthen his own house.

Rosaline is then paired with Benvolio as a way to mend the broken ties between the two houses and thus another secret relationship is revealed.

Overall, I feel like Still Star-Crossed could have opened with the funeral of Romeo + Juliet and worked it’s way back with flashbacks, I could have happily dived into the chaos of the end of the play and seen what happened with the relationships after the fact.



12 TV shows we can’t wait for in 2017

Still Star-Crossed


When you hear the name Shonda Rhimes you know that you’re going to be in for a good time. Which is why our ears pricked up about a new take on Romeo and Juliet. Following Rosaline, whom rejected Romeo pre-play as she deals with politics of 16th Century Verona

The Punisher 


Another Netflix Marvel offering places the spotlight on Frank Castle, including guest appearances by Karen Page and probably Daredevil this will be the first Marvel show too focus on a villain and will potentially be connected too the Defenders series.

American Gods 


When ex-convict ‘Shadow’ is taken out of prison on early release too attend his wife’s funeral he happens across a man named ‘Wednesday’ whom offers his some work. Things might not be exactly what they seem as they cross America.

The Handmaiden’s Tale


In a future, America is under a totalitarian theocracy, Offred is kept as the concubine too The Commander. Forced into sex-slavery as a way of repopulating the earth, Offred works through the new system and tries to figure out a way too free herself.



A boy wakes twelve years after a coma only things aren’t exactly what they appear too be as he begins to form mysterious abilities and he’s thrown into a conspiracy theory where he learns he can’t trust anyone around him.



How does life work in a world of superheroes when you’re just ordinary? It’s a daily task for Emily Locke an insurance adjuster in a Gotham-city like world. But even worse are the ‘normal’ villains including her new boss Del.

Room 104


In a single hotel room, five different stories are told and the assorted characters whom pass through it at different times. Room 104 is a look in the vunerable and often strange goings on in mid-size hotels.

Emerald City 


Coming this January, a New Oz is rising in the Emerald City. Emerald City takes a dark look at what exactly the origin of the city is in between the Witches and Dorothy. A fantasy Game of Thrones esque look at one of the most well known fantasy landscapes.

A Series of Unfortunate Events


After a less than stellar movie adaptation Lemony Snicket’s “A series of Unfortunate Events” has been given another chance with a Netflix adaptation. The three Baudelaire children have their lives rocked forever when their parents perished (perished means killed) and their wicked uncle tries too get at their inheritance.



The Archie comics are getting a dark twisted TV adaptation with this CW series. Archie’s got a six pack and is juggling the interests of many different girls including one teacher.



Another Marvel comic adaptation but not as you know it. Legion tells the story of David Haller, a man with an outlandish amount of power. Only a different part of his split personality takes over, commanding a different part of his power. Things seem to be on a downwards spiral until he meets a mysterious woman.

Sharp Objects


Another dark offering by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn, a reporter leaves a mental hospital and returns too her hometown in order too investigate a gruesome murder. Dark and complicated female characters and plot twists, Sharp Objects is one too note down in your diary.