Supergirl borrows Wonder Woman’s boots

In a stroke of genius by the marketing team at DC, a post-finale Supergirl trailer shows Supergirl at a bar wearing a familiar​ pair of boots and cuffs.

Featuring some of our fave female characters including Alex Danvers, Queen Rhea, Cat Grant and President Marsdin in a featurette to promote the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

An added layer to fans see President Marsdin give Kara a knowing look as she passes her, Wonder Woman fans will remember the actress Lynda Carter as the original Wonder Woman in the 1970s.

Supergirl ‘City of Lost Children’ Review

As Rhea’s big plan is finally revealed Terri Hatcher’s evil alien queen is disappointing when it comes to villainy. But by taking off the real estate off ‘alien of the week’ Supergirl finally feels emotionally resonate again.

James Olsen finally gets a storyline this week as he comes to terms with Guardian and how people perceive him. Someone should have told him superheroing is 95% marketing (I’m looking at you Antman)

When a telekinetic alien is manipulated into causing a terrorist attack on the city  James finds himself in the centre of it all as he bounds with her child and plants himself in the middle of a DEO investigation.

The lack of James Olsen throughout the main body of season 2 has been one of the more disappointing arcs of Supergirl. James Olsen and Catco were supposed to be Supergirl’s anchors to the real world she’s supposed to be protecting and giving James the whole Guardian storyline just felt like an easy out to get him off screen.

However, the whole thing is seemingly wasting such an iconic comic book character and the acting abilities of Mechad Brookes who brings a lot to the more emotional moments of this especially working with the young actor playing Marcus.

The other part of the Supergirl storyline centres of Lena Luthor and Rhea (Daxam?) as the two work together on a transmitter for Rhea’s ship the electrodes are messing with the telekinetic alien’s powers and causing mayhem.

Lena however, is blissfully unaware of the damage her creation is causing, Rhea manages to play on the youngest Luthor’s mommy issues manipulating her into fixing her transmitter and thus messing with a whole heap of telekinesis aliens.

As James is the one to save the day and for the first time pulling Marcus out of the elec-trance, ‘A hero without a suit’ Winn states at the end which is sort of the whole point of the episode, it feels a little awkward to have it pointed out so clearly.

Cheesy, but it is a show about superheroes so I’ll let them off.

The episode also has a nice moment of development for Mon-El as he takes on his mother (We’re not bulletproof on this planet) with a gun to her head, Rhea again uses her superpowered mommy manipulation getting him to put the gun down and she reveals a masterplan…

She’s not trying to get home she’s bringing the alien invasion to earth claiming a New Daxam…

So what did you think of this episode? Is this how you pictured going into the finale?

We’ve got two episodes till the end of season 2 and it looks like Cat Grant is back to kick some ass in the alien invasion, there are also rumours of a wedding in the finale episode, who do you think it’ll be.

Watch the trailer for ‘Resist’ right here


Supergirl ‘Alex’ Review

Alex Danver’s has been something of a pillar to Supergirl, originally the overprotective sister she’s come into her own during season two.

With her search for her father and burgeoning relationship with Maggie, her character arc has won over legions of fans.

In this episode, she stands right in the middle of a battle of wills between Maggie and Kara. Interestingly Maggie does bring a ‘lay’ person’s perspective to team Supergirl as everyone else is seeing it through the eyes of the D.E.O Maggie is on the streets doing actual police work that’s occasionally interrupted by a perky blonde space alien.

The contention between the Kara and Maggie dynamics brings Alex into the middle and their differing opinions on law enforcement are heightened as Alex is kidnapped.

The very underused villain this week is Rick Malvern, a blast from Kara’s past. Their former middle school classmate apparently worked out Kara’s secret and has spent a year working on a kidnapping plan to blackmail Supergirl into releasing his dad from maximum security prison.

Revealing that Kara’s secret is so easily worked out is quite surprising, especially as Kara has been coming to Lena Luthor as both Kara and Supergirl for a while now without her putting two and two together.

But as Rhea decides to befriend Lena and propose a business venture between the two of them, it’s even more surprising that Lena instantly works out that Rhea is an alien. I’d be interested to see if this Lena plot leads to an introduction between mom Luthor and mom Mon-El.

Maggie is really the winner in this episode as her emotional conflict comes from whether or not she should follow the law or save her girlfriend. Of course, at the end of the day, it’s up to Kara to punch through the glass but heroics come in all forms.

And finally 

-Mon-El is great in small doses as he pops up for emotional support through the episode


-I’d like it if Supergirl could move towards more team orientated missions as opposed to relationship drama, this episode was a great example of balancing both.


Supergirl: Cat Grant returns

Supergirl looks set to be bringing back Cat Grant at the end of season two.

With EW reporting she’ll be showing up in the final two episodes there is no current word on any permanent return.

Cat Grant, the owner of Catco Media and Kara Danvers boss became something of a fan favorite through the first season for her quippy one-liners and cutting commentary.

Calista Flockhart left the show on a full-time basis at the beginning of season two following it’s move to the CW.  Although she did leave the door open for return, we hope she continues to pop up in season three.

Supergirl: Finale to be BIG for Sanvers

Supergirl looks set to end its second season and first season on the CW and one of the bright spots for the show has been Alex Danver’s coming out story and her burgeoning relationship with detective Maggie Sawyer.

In a recent interview, Chyler Leigh hinted at major relationship developments for fan favorite ‘Sanvers’

I know one thing that could be happening that might be kiiiind of a big deal for Maggie and Alex….it’s kind of, maybe, sort of a big deal.”

We know that life in a CW superhero show doesn’t usually work well with functioning relationships, so do you think it’ll be a big twist that’ll turn things better or worse?

Supergirl ‘Distant Sun’ Review

Kara is still funemployed and happily reunited with Mon-El after the Flash episode last week. Although this probably quite jarring for exclusive Supergirl viewers and now the relationship walks that fine line between cute and sickly sweet. More or less saved by Wood and Benoist’s charming chemistry, Mon-El and Kara are the becoming one of the pillars of the show.

Whether you like or not.

Alex and Maggie explore the finer points of their relationship with the arrival of Maggie’s ex-girlfriend. Possibly due to the fact most of their problems are less of an alien variety the Alex and Maggie relationship feels a little more grounded in reality.

I mean sure it turns out Maggie cheated but at least her parents aren’t trying to get her killed by alien bounty hunters.

As half the episode focuses on the alien dark web and the bounty placed on Kara’s head, I’m kind of disappointed that this wasn’t the whole episode. It seemed like it was just touched on there was this evil alien internet and then most of the action turned to Daxam.

Please give me alien Facebook.

President Wonderwoman  also makes another appearance, informing J’onn that he shouldn’t engage the ship. The President’s apparent alienness continues to go unexplained although I suspect some sort of showdown in the near future.  Possibly between Marsdin and Rhea…

I’m here for it tbh.

Mon-El returns to his parent’s ship with his mother unveiling she was actually responsible for the bounty. Teri Hatcher plays evil mom pretty well and she’s genuinely enjoyable in the role.

As King Lar Gand begins to understand why his son wants to stay on the planet Rhea would rather lock up her son and force him into being the prince he once was. In a way, seeing the unrelenting cruelty of his mother shows how far Mon-El has come as a person although I hope a lot of the rest of the story isn’t centered around Mon-El character rehabilitation.

Staging a rescue and fitting in a Star Wars reference it’s good to see both J’onn and Winn as integral parts of the team. Actually, if the writers want a likable Mon-El I think they need to focus on the bromance a little more cos it was awesome.

Rhea ends the episode going all out super villainy by murdering her husband and ominously staring down at the planet. It looks to be that at least the next episode will be a Lena centered one as Supergirl goes on hiatus for the next month I will be taking suggestions for other Tuesday reviews, in the meantime, you can watch the teaser for the next episode right here…



The Flash ‘Duet’ Review

With a sketchy couple of episodes, The Flash pulls crossover out of the bag with a 1920s musical number.

Supergirl and The Flash are the perfect crossover companions especially for something like this, it was a bright fluffy episode that is unashamedly proud of its musical heritage. As Grant and Melisa are two charming leads I think you could throw them together in any situation and I’d enjoy it.

Darren Criss plays the Musical Meister trapping Kara and Barry in a musical they have to get to the end in order to get out the world.

For the most part, Meister is an enigma all powerful and able to easily jump between worlds. Also becoming a lightning rod for Wally West’s problems, it’s nice that a one-off episode doesn’t ignore its continuity.

From Glee to Broadway, Supergirl and The Flash’s musical pedigree probably wasn’t intentional casting but taking advantage of it proves delightful.

Which meant that they could pull a litany of well loved characters for the singing roles + Stein and Joe beings West’s Gangster dads were a lovely addition.

The songs were a little hit and miss with the song sung by the Dads being a surprisingly sweet ‘Put a little love in your heart’ number while ‘Superfriends’ felt corny.

But the 1920s backdrop was absolutely beautiful as Kara and Barry follow their musical script as two singers having to track down Iris West. In the bigger picture, Barry and Kara are working on their feelings for their significant others, does love win?

Spoiler alert: Yes. Yes, it does.

Iris and Mon-El vibing into the musical world is what gets them out of the situation. These shows are supposed to be fun and can often get bogged down in the dramas of their relationship sometimes you just need a stunt-casted alien from an alternate dimension to inject some whimsy back into all of the universes.

Overall it’s a tight episode, I’m relatively disappointed that all relationship problems are tied up at the end of the story, Mon-El lying to Kara did feel a little more serious than the resolution. Although Barry singing proposal to Iris at the end was incredibly sweet, maybe I’m just a sucker for a happy ending.


Supergirl ‘Star-Crossed’ Review

What’s a superhero without the alter-ego? The part of them tethering them to the world they’re sworn to protect, Kara’s job as a reporter kept her in tune with what was going on now who is she?

Well as Kara enjoys her ‘funemployment’ by slowly depleting her ‘to be watched’ list and hanging out with her boyfriend it seems like a state of arrested development for her. Which is worrying side-effect of the CW show as superheroes tend to become eclipsed by the storylines and character development lacks…

But as Daxam mommy and daddy, Queen Rhea and King Lar Gand the secret that Mon-El has been keeping from his girlfriend. With almost perfect family casting (seriously Teri Hatcher is perfect) we see the sort of people Daxam royalty are and a couple of not-so-subtle ‘Make Daxam Great Again’ references.

Meanwhile, Wynn and Lyra still seem to be still in that breaking into museums to have sex stage of the relationship. Only it turns out that Lyra is more in the stage of robbing museums and setting Wynn up to take the fall in the relationship.

Overall I enjoyed this side of the story more than the Daxam family drama as we got to see Alex, Maggie, and Jimmy (yay!) team up to try and set Lyra out and clear Wynn’s name.

The episode ends with Kara and Mon-El breaking up which will hopefully inject a bit more life into Kara’s personal life and possibly the crossover episode with The Flash will mark a turning point for the show and move away from self-contained episode into something more overarching.

Musical Meister is introduced at the end of the episode marks it’s saving grace, a little Glee  reunion and a silly concept for an episode I honestly can’t complain..


Supergirl ‘Exodus’ Review

From its opening scenes, Exodus draws up its battle lines in one of the strongest episodes of Supergirl yet.

With the original Superman being an allegory for Jewish immigrants it seems only natural that Supergirl should explore the idea of alien immigrants.

As a sweetly nerdy family are abducted in the middle of the countryside by Cadmus the stakes have never been higher. It’s the pay off for a mounting season long threat that mirrors what’s going in the world at the moment and asks us to look at it with a compassionate perspective.

It’s safe to say that the past few episodes haven’t been Supergirl’s strongest but Exodus felt like a natural point for both personal and professional lives of the Danver’s sisters.

This is really an episode where Alex Danvers shines as emotionally conflicted and volatile as her father’s betrayal counteracts everything she knows. In one particularly tortuous scene J’onn- disguised as Jeremiah- tests Alex’s alliance and as she fails disastrously she’s suspended from the DEO.

Meanwhile, Kara desperately wants to get the word out about the alien registry, Snapper is tentative at best when she claims that Supergirl confirmed the story. He points out that one primary source and no confirmation of the government black-site isn’t enough to make an accurate story, coincidentally citing fake news as his excuse.

It’s primarily a story about the conflicts of interest that make double identities of both sisters, leading Alex to go rogue in order to find Cadmus and Maggie solidifies herself as the best romantic partner with her ‘ride or die’ attitude.

At Cadmus, Alex really comes into her own placing bombs all around the site and winning a game of chicken with Momma Luther. It’s a world away from the straight-laced agent we saw at the start of Supergirl and in one of the more powerful scenes in the episode Alex chooses to get in the ship sending all the aliens away in an attempt to stop it.

Supergirl saving the day, was of course, inevitable but the cinematic hand on the glass moment proved to be one of the more touching moments on TV this week.

Real consequences were finally given but not in the way I suspected, Kara loses her job for irresponsible journalism and creating her own opposing website. Although I don’t doubt this will be reversed in some upcoming episode having Kara work out what a jobless human life looks like will be fun.

The teaser at the end of the trailer saw two aliens in a ginormous spaceship, dress in royal garb maybe next week Mon-El’s princely secret will finally be revealed….