Wynonna Earp ‘Forever Mine Nevermind’ Review

The Widow Sister’s are ready to mess things up and Wynonna and Doc are attempting together the world’s weirdest family.

An awkward interaction between Rosita and Dolls has Rosita and Waverly going on a spa day and Wynonna decides now is the time to end the curse.

Tucker’s reappearance marks a satisfying end to one of the world’s crappiest characters. His obsession with Waverly, his misogyny and all around terribleness mark themselves as the perfect deterrent to the rest of the Scooby gang.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch he argument culminates in the two realising that the creepy doll painting is actually a creepy doll lady who is attracted to the tumultuous couple due to Doc’s ring.

Rosita saving the day while wearing a fluffy white robe is the beautifully campy action I’ve come to love from this show. Rosita as a character really starts to fit into the storyline it’s revealed she was a revenant it started to feel like history was repeating itself.

The revenant storylines have been going pretty crazy recently, they’ve been going on quite a big foreshadowing movement for the past few episodes.

I’m kind of disappointed that they’re not expanding on the universe. With the sandman demon and the dollface-painting-girl there’s a whole world of new problems out there stringently sticking to revenant problems doesn’t feel as fun.

And another thing

-Creepy ‘painting is real’ trope shoulda been it’s own episode

-Momma Earp needs to appear real soon

-The original Gardener is still alive, I hope it fixes itself

Wynonna Earp ‘No Future in the Past’ Review

Actions have consequences and if you’re an Earp they can last for centuries.

As the mysterious Juan Carlos who has been a steadily confusing for the past season is now Purgatory’s premium vision quest facilitator takes Wynonna Earp back in time to where everything started.

The history of the Earp curse defined a lot of season one but we’re still left without coming face to face with the man himself we instead learn how Bobo and the Stone Witch came to be.

The return of Bobo and watching his origin story play out looks to be widely different to the Bobo we were originally introduced to, his jiggery fuckery with Willa and manipulating Waverly had him set as the villain. However, there were moments of goodness sprinkled in with the season one finale so maybe Bobo’s redemption was planned all along.

I feel like the meat in this story really lies in Momma Earp, who is out there and knows who Waverly’s father is and more of the history that the Earp girls know nothing about.

Waverly battles with her own feelings about family, unaware of her sister’s predicament she goes on trying to organise a ‘baby bash’ with Rosita, Doc’s lady friend and Haught.

I’m assuming that Rosita has some supernatural connection (fingers crossed for werewolf) that will have her connecting with the group and I appreciated the scenes with her as comic relief.

And at the church Dolls wades in as our favourite protector dragon fighting off the black widows and watching over Wynonna as she completes her vision quest and I can’t imagine whatever happened in this show when he disappeared.

The episode ends with Earp dying a lil bit and Bobo coming back from the dead it looks like things are going to get a little more complicated….

And another thing

  • When Bobo died he mentioned that he’d seen flashes of Wynonna all of his life, could this mean we have another time travel episode coming?
  • Does Waverly know that Bobo was the one pulling her out of the lake, did he tell Willa about Waverly’s parentage
  • Ew I forgot that Bobo essentially groomed Willa
  • It looks like we’re moving from monster of the week episodes into overarching story and I wonder how that will go
  • #WhereisBobby



Wynonna Earp ‘Whiskey Lullaby’ Review

The secret from last week is kicked up a notch and the town of Purgatory goes into a deep sleep as Wynonna Earp comes face to face with the literal Sandman.

Still reeling from the discovery she’s pregnant, Wynonna Earp is practising the ‘if I ignore it maybe it will go away’ method of problem-solving. Even when Waverly, the proverbial angel on her shoulder that she should tell Doc (btw Doc is older than the state of Colorado and has a whole mess of magic keeping him alive, what does that do to a baby?)

Waverly and Nicole continue to be adorable as they stumble into relations in a post-possessed Waverly world and Dolls and Wynonna look like they are FINALLY heading towards romance and then the entire town goes into a deep sleep.

As the Sister’s Grimm blackmail the clockmaker demon into stopping time by letting Tucker the-worst Gardener kidnap his daughter and use her for a creepy Waverly inspired sex game.

The ‘sleeping beauty on steroids’ story is simple yet effective, upping the creepy factor and not having to worry about the CGI budget, the clockmaker looks to be a contender for my favourite Earp demon.

So the town of Purgatory takes the ‘big nap’ and Wynonna is awoken by peacemaker having a panic attack and she realises she’s now well into the pregnancy big stomach and all. Luckily her penchant for big coats manages to cover it as she and Dolls try to find out what on earth is going on.

The seals come into play a lot this episode as the Widows in black are attempting to break out of the Ghost River Triangle. Jeremy works out that it’s under Shorties. and the team get together to try and stop them.

Meanwhile, baby Earp makes its presence known to everyone as Nicole sees the belly and is literally the calmest person. Whereas Dolls and Doc both have very different reactions and it turns out that Jeremy just knew anyway.

The episode ends with the death of the Clockmaker at the behest of Dolls who has been slightly off kilter due to his former agency noping out and leaving him without back up + the girl he likes is pregnant with another man’s baby.

I liked the clockmaker, as a villain and as a character he was was definitely interesting. I wonder if with his death his powers will pass down to his daughter, I can’t imagine we’ve seen the last of her.

Wynonna Earp ‘Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers’ Review

One demon looks to rip the Earp sisters apart or bring them together in a life, death and purgatory situation. 

As we saw last episode  the Earp heir Wynonna has been possessed by the demon thats been possessing Waverly all season long. 

Melanie Scrofano is really enjoyable this episode as she plays both the demon, the demon pretending to be Wynonna and Wynonna the saviour. She’s dryly sarcastic and vulnerable in a way that feels earnt throughout. 

Dolls’ appearance at the Homestead after Waverly is tied up gives us a look inside just how far their friendship has come from the farm. The reintroduction to the group has been sort of lovely, as he’s relaxed into the group and the chemistry in everything is enjoyable.

Wynonna (well demon Wynonna) and Doc start investigating the seal and come across a very peculiar fire station which pissed off demon Wynonna. 

And in a move I didn’t see coming, Doc recognises there is something wrong with Wynonna as she walstes about the town in a Wynonna on acid sort of thing. She’s mean to Haught and the perfectly lovely diner waitress but what really sets him off is that Wynonna doesn’t have peacemaker on her…oh and her coffee preference.

The introduction of The Order is a welcome surprise as Purgatory has always been blissfully ignorant of the demons. As a continuing presence, they are vaguely reminiscent of the Initative from Buffy as a bunch of burly army dudes try to encroach on her turf and it looks like they’re staying for a while. 

As demon Wynonna is caught and back at the station they start studying the demon goo and Lucando’s head fucking explodes. Halfway through the episode, one of the main character dies. It was definitely a jarring moment in the episode and tbh I respect it, in a demon Western anything can happen.

The episode culminates with a demon stand off as Waverly actively seeks the demons possession to save Wynonna. The two face-off and all in all this “monster of the week ” double bill was a fantastic threat for the Scooby gang and I’m excited to see The Order take up the place of black badge.

But the episode isn’t done as we end on the plot twist that Wynonna is pregnant. I’m excited to see what happens with a new Earp heir but there are questions on whom the baby daddy is and if Wynonna is ready to be a mommy. 

“You’ve made a friend this Friday.”

“It’s Tuesday.”

“Good to know.”


Wynonna Earp ‘She Ain’t Right’ Review

She Ain’t Right starts with a demon-possessed Waverly sleepwalking across the homestead because, well she ain’t right. This episode brings forth the possession storyline that’s been bubbling in the background along with a piece of Earp history and Dolls ‘situation’ front and centre.

Even though it seems I’m professing this on a weekly basis, Wynonna Earp continues to be the best show on TV. Keeping a demon of the week feel and an over arc it’s nice to this sort of writing back on our screens as ridiculousness and comedy are all wrapped in one leather jacket wearing boss.

Last week we saw that Waverly had been keeping a demon-blood deprived Dolls in the barn out back of the homestead and now he’s escaped, rescued by Wynonna and taken to Shorty’s were Doc and Rosalita have been trying to make a demon blood synthesiser.

I didn’t quite feel Doc’s absence until his return this episode, Dolls and Wynonna have excellent chemistry and the juxtaposition between their straight-laced and sarcastic persona’s work really well together on screen.

What’s more, Doc and Dolls screentime together shows a remarkable difference between what they were before and showing Doc working so hard to try and help Dolls is next level adorable.

The demon of the week is a well-dressed mobster type who is hiding a pincer and fighting over a suitcase with the initials E.E engraved on them.

Waverly decides that she’s going to go full black badge and help Lucando track this demon down. They end up tracking him to a bar called Ba-ding, Ba-ding through a series of unfortunate misunderstandings Waverly ends up masquerading as a lounge singer because this show is ridiculous and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Back in Purgatory, The Gardener household is undergoing a few changes including Mercedes who seems to be acting like she’s just eaten bacon for the first time. Tucker continues to be the worst.

After Waverly’s cover is blown Wynonna marches into the seedy club and the two are held captive by creepy demon guy and his bodyguard. We finally get an insight into what’s going on with Waverly as she finally admits there are gaps in her memory and she doesn’t know what’s going on.

The Waverly/Wynonna relationship is ultimately at the heart of this show as the two sisters would very easily do anything for the other which is sort of the reason the whole demon thing becomes more profound.

Waverly ends up losing a hand or not quite losing a hand over this briefcase and the whole team ends up back together with Dolls revealing he’s kind of a dragon with fire breathing abilities.

All seems well in the town of Purgatory until the Earp sisters end up having a heart to heart about Waverly’s current demeanour. Evil Wave reveals herself and possesses Wynonna instead and it looks like things are about to get very interesting….

And another thing-

-Jeremy’s introduction to the group has been lovely, his awkward persona and intelligence are an excellent addition to the show

-Tucker Gardener as the human antagonist surrounded by the new demon sisters seems 100 percent in keeping with his current personality

-‘Call Doc Holliday’ ‘Calling the Holiday Inn’ was a corny gag played ridiculously well, I love how this show embraces everything cheesy

Wynonna Earp ‘ Gonna Getcha Good’ Review

Haught gets the spotlight for this episode which provides a nice divergence from the Black Badge crew. Every group needs to proverbial human to counterbalance the crazy going on. It’s nice to see Haught work out how she fits into the new dynamic and how she deals with her day to day job. Haught feels more human and insecure which is sort of lovely in a show like this.

The episode primarily centres around a homecoming hockey game and the 2007 winners that all went off to be mysteriously successfully into they wind up dead with their guts pulled out.


Three episodes in and the demon-motif of Wynonna Earp’s is wholly successful at keeping interest on an episodic level and whatever is going on with Waverly allows and intriguing season arc.

What can I say, this show is good. Its real strength is in it’s writing,  it’s a refreshingly modern drama wrapped up in supernatural action with a smattering of Whedon esque one liners.

In fact, if you’re looking the spiritual successor to Buffy the Vampire Slayer then you’ve found it, Wynonna Earp, I have high hopes for the second season and I don’t think I’m going to be disappointed.

Wynonna Earp ‘Shed Your Skin’ Review

In a hell of a goo-d episode, we learn more about the demon’s descending on Purgatory, Wynonna still has conflicting feelings about the death of Willa and Wayhaught crosses a milestone.

Also, Waverly’s still a demon but whatever….

With Dolls still in the wind, the dynamics of the Purgatory Scooby team are tentative at best with the addition of the hard ass Lucado and the adorable Jeremy, the chemistry isn’t quite there yet.

But the arrival of Mercedes Gardener, Waverly’s old school friend and the richest bitch in Purgatory takes the pressure off the police station corner of the show. Adding some positive history to the Earp backstory adds new insight to the into teen Wynonna and I hope we get a flashback episode for teenage Wynonna some time in the future.

But Mercedes is buying up the town in a gentrification plot that I suspect will come back to haunt us pretty soon. She’s building a complex on the old Purgatory school and has seemingly dug up a pile of demon eggs that go to attack the Earp girls back at the station.

The scene of Waverly and  Wynonna Earp fighting against the creature under the metal bin in the police station is exactly the reason I enjoy this show, I don’t think any other show could pull off b movie effects with such charm and confidence. Honestly, the show runs circles around its big budget competitors thanks to the acting skills of its cast and writing that balances emotions with one liners.

And at the same time Doc is now the proud owner of Shorty’s bar (if anyone knows how to get a Shorty’s t-shirt pls email me) but all isn’t as it seems with the addition of Rosita it seems that Doc has other things of his mind.

After feelings of conflict about their now different status with Officer Haught being a police officer and Waverly being a part of black badge blood pact but the two make up for it as the sidled into a new avenue of their relationship.

Waverly’s new demon status is probably my favourite part of the new season and its conflict with Wynonna’s misson. I’m interested to see if this comes from demon possession or some Earp blood pact.

Wynonna Earp ‘Steel Bars and Stone Walls’ Review

Wynonna Earp returns for its second season in a hail of bullets and demons.

The story of the great-granddaughter of gunslinger Wyatt Earp and the Peacemaker gun as they rid their town from the revenants that killed Wyatt all those years ago.

Wynonna Earp became a surprise hit in 2016 mixing its supernatural elements in a Western setting and an ultimately modern twist. It’s a hilarious, sarcastic and well-engineered show that embraces diversity in a healthier way than a more ‘prestigious’ drama. More than anything it’s ridiculously fun.

Picking up from where it ended in season one the Purgatory gang are hatching a plan to release Agent Dolls from the Black Badge prison he’s being kept in.

Only to add another ring of craziness, Willa Earp unleashed a demonic threat onto the town of Purgatory with slug headed demons running around the woods it still looks like Wynonna has her work cut out for her. The demonic element to this season feels like the natural next step to a show like this and it allows them to play around with expectations of the supernatural that make me excited for episodes to come.

The introduction of black badge agent Eliza is a nice juxtaposition against Wynonna’s messier style of combat. She also adds a new side to Doll’s who has been something of a yellow-eyed question mark throughout the first season.

But maybe we should get to the demon in the room….

wtf is going on with Waverly!?!?!

At the end of season one, we saw Waverly be taken over by a demon and point a gun at Wynonna. Throughout the episode we see her get clouded over with demon eyes, we see her and Haught get way closer and a scene in a certain demon zoo we’re still left reeling as to exactly what’s going on.

Season 2 are always tricky, especially if you’re coming to it with expectations. If they’d drawn out the revenants storyline or romantic drama then things could have grown stale rather quickly. Wynonna Earp continues to be weird, mysterious and funny this show could jump into cult status.


Wynonna Earp, season two trailer drops

Wynonna Earp, the marvelous modern day feminist western about the descendant of Wyatt Earp officially premiered their second season trailer today.

In the 1:30 second trailer a whole mess of things happen including a gun battle, Doc bare-knuckle wrestling, and Waverly + Haught getting to some next level of their relationship.

The second offering from the comic book adaptation had slowly been gaining a cult following for the past season and will no doubt continue it for the next season at least.

With the Distant Cousins playing the trailer Wynonna Earp is definitely the coolest chick on the syfy network. But are you excited by the new trailer? Do you think Wynonna will get through the season?

Wynonna Earp: What can we expect from season 2!

After a season which involved zombie strippers, salty witches and the tentacled guest stars Wynonna Earp ended with the death of Willa Earp, Dolls being shipped off with Doc and Waverly questioning her own Earpness.

The second season of the show is slated to be broadcast on Syfy in 2017 and will reveal who/what/if Waverly Earp shot (Dominique Provost-Chalkley).

Waverly suddenly takes a turn for the evil when she puts her hand in a puddle of black goo, whether that means she’s been possessed with whoever the owner of the black goo is or if she might be a revenant clone.

There are lots of balls up in the air at the moment and showrunner Emily Andras hasn’t ruled out a potential cross-over with another badass female, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In an interview with SpoilerTV she expressed her love for the blonde bad-ass“I would love for her to land in purgatory and have to team up with Wynonna Earp.”