Arrow: Laurel could have been a Legend

Fan favourite and all around badass Katie Cassidy looks set to be returning to the cast of Arrow as earth two Laurel Lance, Black Siren.

Her return to the Flarrowverse has been slow with moments passing through the Flash, Arrow and now Legends of Tomorrow. The scene with Laurel and Sara Lance proving to be one of the more emotional points of the season finale could have spent into something more…

Marc Guggenheim, Legends of Tomorrow EP talked to Vulture her almost joining the Waverer crew:

 We briefly spoke about bringing her on “Legends,” but I think from a story perspective we would get far more mileage out of her interacting with the cast of “Arrow.”

It’s rumoured that Black Siren will be the main villain for the next season of the Arrow so maybe she’ll pull a Snart/Rory and join the crew as a reformed villain.

The Flash ‘Duet’ Review

With a sketchy couple of episodes, The Flash pulls crossover out of the bag with a 1920s musical number.

Supergirl and The Flash are the perfect crossover companions especially for something like this, it was a bright fluffy episode that is unashamedly proud of its musical heritage. As Grant and Melisa are two charming leads I think you could throw them together in any situation and I’d enjoy it.

Darren Criss plays the Musical Meister trapping Kara and Barry in a musical they have to get to the end in order to get out the world.

For the most part, Meister is an enigma all powerful and able to easily jump between worlds. Also becoming a lightning rod for Wally West’s problems, it’s nice that a one-off episode doesn’t ignore its continuity.

From Glee to Broadway, Supergirl and The Flash’s musical pedigree probably wasn’t intentional casting but taking advantage of it proves delightful.

Which meant that they could pull a litany of well loved characters for the singing roles + Stein and Joe beings West’s Gangster dads were a lovely addition.

The songs were a little hit and miss with the song sung by the Dads being a surprisingly sweet ‘Put a little love in your heart’ number while ‘Superfriends’ felt corny.

But the 1920s backdrop was absolutely beautiful as Kara and Barry follow their musical script as two singers having to track down Iris West. In the bigger picture, Barry and Kara are working on their feelings for their significant others, does love win?

Spoiler alert: Yes. Yes, it does.

Iris and Mon-El vibing into the musical world is what gets them out of the situation. These shows are supposed to be fun and can often get bogged down in the dramas of their relationship sometimes you just need a stunt-casted alien from an alternate dimension to inject some whimsy back into all of the universes.

Overall it’s a tight episode, I’m relatively disappointed that all relationship problems are tied up at the end of the story, Mon-El lying to Kara did feel a little more serious than the resolution. Although Barry singing proposal to Iris at the end was incredibly sweet, maybe I’m just a sucker for a happy ending.


The Flash ‘The Wrath of Savitar’

The Flash’s ability to tone-shift between rom-com and dark drama is probably best exemplified in this week’s episode ‘ The Wrath of Savitar’

With Iris’ oncoming death hanging over the heads of all the speedsters, Barry Jessie and  Wally begin training in order to save her.

Not before Iris and Barry announce their engagement to the Star gang. Everyone is super happy for the couple, which are nearly four seasons in the making. Joe’s a little uncomfortable that Barry didn’t ask permission but Barry is a little too preoccupied trying to change the future so the Savitar future he’s seen won’t happen.

And Savitar begins to haunt Wally with visions of his mother, it’s one of the most emotional scenes in a pretty raw episode. In fact, Wally’s whole arc for this episode just feels tragic.

As Wally is vibed into the future he discovers Barry’s secret reason for proposing going off at him in the lab and calling Barry out for his double standards in his own plot.

The whole episode feels very strange, maybe a set-up for something to come in the future as the group feels like it’s breaking into fractions.

Isn’t it pretty obvious that Savitar is future Barry Allen at this point? In some weird suicidal villain origin story. I don’t know if there are comic-book bookies out there but please get in contact I’d like to make a very large bet.

Especially when Savitar is speaking through Julian even at one point he says ‘I am the future Flash’ (foreshadowing or unfortunate wording)

But Savitar convinces Wally to throw the rest of the Philosophers Stone into the speed force and he manages to exchange Wally for himself and thus enacting the ‘fate worse than death’ part of the prophecy.

The emotional end to the episode packs a punch for The Flash and for the whole gang, including a very sweet moment between H.G. and Jessie. And even if Barry doesn’t turn out to be Savitar there’s a pretty prominent shift in his emotions as he becomes so focused on saving Iris he’s beginning to sacrifice his own ethics in place of it.

It’ll be interesting see how the work the next musical episode into this as the crossover next week.

The Flash ‘Attack on Central City’ Review

Gorilla v Meta, it’s the fight we all want to see, and ‘Attack on Central City’ delivers all the action we’ve come to expect from The Flash.

When Grodd makes his way to earth one things start to go haywire. I kind of wish the show enjoys itself more when it has a giant CGI gorilla as the episode’s antagonist.

Instead, Barry’s ethical decisions are brought into question as he debates killing Grodd and stopping any moment of the Gorilla attack altogether.

Meanwhile, Wally and Jessie’s interdimensional romance hits speed bumps as Harry lets slip he’s dying and Wally puts an end to her moving- only he’s not actually dying and just wants to keep Jessie close.

And they aren’t the only couple having inter-Earth problems. Cisco and Gypsy toy with their emotions for each other and eventually it’s these feelings which lead Gypsy into helping them get rid of the Gorilla’s on  Earth One.

Grodd’s ultimate plan is setting off a nuclear missile across the city, taking over the mind of a military general and setting things into motion. With seconds to spare Barry finds the code.

Only the next step is a full on Gorilla attack on Central City and a part of me is really wondering what kind of military there is on Earth One because surely there has to be some other sort of back-up.

Also, it’s very lucky that during this massive gorilla attack on Central City there seems to be no one else to witness it.

The only thing that stops him is a fight with Solva and before Grodd is killed Barry begs for mercy, reminding us all of Barry’s inherently the hero we need.

Barry proposes to Iris in a candle filled apartment, often in shows like the Flash once characters are in a relationship things seem to stagnate without the internal conflict.

Of course the episode couldn’t end on a deliciously high note. Instead Wally gets a glimpse of Savitar and I have a feeling we won’t be hearing wedding bells anytime soon.

Darren Criss headed for Supergirl/The Flash in a mini Glee reunion

In the vein of shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Scrubs, Supergirl and The Flash are coming together once again only this time with a musical flourish.

Darren Criss is set to play Music Meister in episode 2.16 of The Flash & Supergirl, he will be reuniting with former Glee alum’s Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin.

EP Andrew Kreisberg says:

With our Flash and our Supergirl being Glee alums, how could we not have them go up against another Glee favorite like Darren Criss? We have been blown away by his talent over the years and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the Music Meister.

The Flash: Who is Gypsy and what does she mean for Cisco?

A new addition to the Flarrow Universe is set to shake things up as she enters next month.

Gypsy played by Sleepy Hollow’s Jessica Camacho and based on the ‘Justice League of Detroit and she has a certain connection with our favourite Star Labs geek.

Cisco and Gypsy (aka Cindy Reynolds) certainly have a long running comic-book ‘familiarity’ with the two being introduced together in comics during the 80s.

Listen if anyone needs a break in the Flash universe it’s Cisco Ramon.

His brother is dead, his friends occasionally break and try to kill him and no one understands his references. Although Cisco is a notoriously awkward character meaning if there are romantic flickers out there then it won’t be realised until at least half a season in.

The Flash returns January 24th

Justice League: Ezra Miller confirms family dynamics

DC superheroes have really been kicking it up a gear as it attempts to win back cred after the less than stellar reception of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.

As a new Entertainment Weekly spread hit the stands we finally see The Flash added too the team in what looks to be a stormy battle scene. With Snyder stating that the he’s happy with the team chemistry, Justice League’s 2017 premiere could be a turning point for the DC comic films.

And with new recruit Ezra Miller makes some great observations about the team dynamics:

“Flash is Ringo Starr. He annoys everybody, but he doesn’t have any specific beef with anyone. Uncle Fish Curry [Aquaman] is very grumpy. Dad [Batman] gets grumpy too. (He’s had a long life of fighting crime.) ­Wonder Woman is very considerate, so even though she’s annoyed with the Flash, she’s still very compassionate.”

Just when I thought I was out god dam DC movies keep pulling me back in, I’m definitely going to watch it…



Legends of Tomorrow Midseason Finale trailer

Legends of Tomorrow is suitably going full steam ahead within it’s second season we’ve had new characters, ninjas and aliens. And the mid-season finale looks too be a doozy as the Legion of Doom team up with notorious gangster Al Capone.

And Snart looks too be back to join the Legion of Doom and come face to face with his old partner Rory . The Chicago Way will also feature Eobard Thane, Damien Darhk and  Malcolm Merlyn as adversaries too the Legends, so who do you think is getting out alive?


Legends of Tomorrow ‘Invasion!’ Review

Legends of Tomorrow culminates the four-part crossover week in an alien, time-travel and meta-human drama. It was the biggest storyline attempted by four shows at extremely different points in their development with the overall ending being a satisfying part of the CW superhero series.

Legends of Tomorrow has always been the step-sibling of the other shows, not as gritty as the Arrow and not as fluffy as The Flash, but it means it’s been able too stretch itself and play around with storylines and characters.

The episode has difficulties managing all of the storylines and characters (seriously Jefferson deserves his own story line) but overall it feels like a Legends episode inside of a crossover.

Martin Stein discovers he’s got a daughter, not a fault of the flashpoint but of his own dealing with his timeline. It’s great too see him deal with his own internal conflicts about changing the past and it helps contextualise Barry’s changing of the timeline with Flashpoint.

Another story point within the episode is Cisco’s forgiveness of Barry, Cisco’s trip too the 50s and the realisation that it’s incredibly easy too change the timeline means he moves forward too fixing his relationship with Barry.

Agent Smith, a fantastic villain whom I hope we see again soon, barrels into the 1950s to kidnap the alien and the Legends. Seen in both the past and the present ready too mess with what the teams are trying to do Agent Smith feels like we’re laying the groundwork for a villain that will show up again in Legends of Tomorrow.

The final battles takes places on top of a building on what I think is a helipad. Vaguely reminiscent of the fight sequence in Civil War. Although it’s not quite explained why all the alien keep coming in streams too fight them instead of just overwhelming them a million too one.

As they neutralise the bomb the Dominators were planning on setting off with the help of Firestorm, everyone is saved and things quickly go back to a normal (ish) way of being. I was vaguely expecting someone too die within such a large threat as the Dominators, but they didn’t exactly have the time too do anything that heavy and the CW has never been a fan of killing  off popular characters.

So instead the final scenes surround a going away party for the Legends with a nice little Easter egg at the end of the episode when former Superman actor Brandon Routh comments that Supergirl looks like his cousin.

The show ends with Barry and Oliver having a drink in a bar. It’s nice to wrap up the episode in a quiet manner, although I think a Legends episode should have ended with the Legends, the crossover universe started with Barry and Oliver so maybe it’s okay that we end with it.

Arrow ‘Invasion!’ review

The concept of a four part crossover is no easy feat, when you’ve got seventeen different characters, story arcs and one big alien race to contend with it’s not so much having a lot of plates spinning as plates spinning while juggling sticks of fire.

But somehow Arrow manages it, a really well done, emotionally resonate episode of Arrow that doesn’t ignore the other elements of the crossover and even gives Team Geek the time to shine.

Last episode ended with five of the team being abducted by aliens and this episode opens with them a world away (literally) from The Flash and Supergirl.

Team Arrow is brought back to the first episode flashbacks with Oliver Queen never getting on the boat, both parents being alive, Oliver and Laurel together and getting married and things looking audaciously normal for everyone.

It’s revealed that the five of them are in coma pods, sharing a hallucination that the Dominators are using to keep them placid. It’s nice to see Laurel again, even if it is in a very stilted characterisation of her and I’m excited too see how the cross-show contract Kate Cassidy has is going to be used throughout the next season.

Meanwhile the Geek team and Arrow’s-in-training are on the ground trying to find out what’s going on. It’s a little awkward having Felicity, Cisco and Curtis in the same room as they all basically share the same personality traits, if Winn enters the scene then there’s probably going to be a breakdown in the pop culture references continuum.

But everything’s going well for Oliver as he gets closer to his wedding with Laurel, Ray Palmer and Sara Lance come into frame and everyone is having memory flashes of their actual lives. And Oliver finds his bat cave and John Diggle as ‘The Hood’ with Felicity helping him (although I’m confused to how these two would have met without Oliver)

Realising things are not quite right, they begin to work out a plan, only Thea doesn’t want to leave. It’s a nice emotional moment for Thea who has otherwise been pushed to the fringes this season wants too stay within the fantasy, she was a lot younger when she lost her parents and takes longer to figure out what she wants to do.

In the real world Supergirl and The Flash back up Wild Dog as they go and retrieve some alien tech from Cyborg Woman. Wild Dog, doing his best season 1 Arrow impression, is less than welcoming too the very lovely, far more powerful alien and meta-human team just trying too help him.

The shared hallucination comes too a close without any real or lasting effects, but it’s a great way too create a hundredth episode that honours where it comes from even though Arrow feels a world away from it’s beginning.

The episode ends with the Wave Rider coming in as the calvary which is a nice way to transition from Arrow too Legends of Tomorrow, that’s happening tonight. Legends doesn’t have the strongest viewership so I’m interested as too how it will cope as the finale of the crossover. But it is my favourite out of the four so I’m excited too see what it has to offer!