Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Pfeiffer creep us out in new mother! trailer

In a house in the middle of nowhere, an in love couple are visited by a peculiar and sinister group of strangers that maybe there are to tear them apart….

The new film from Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) stars (Oscar winners) Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Pfeiffer along with Javier Bardem and Ed Harris.

The trailer shows a stylish, Rosemary’s Baby horror movie with an A-list cast, released on September 15

Stranger Things ‘Thriller’ Trailer hits Comic Con


Stranger Things has fast become the most popular sci-fi this side of the upside down. And with over two months to go until season 2 hits our Netflix queues a new Michael Jackson themed trailer dropped at comic con this weekend.

It looks like a lot of season two will focus on Will as he returns to normal life (well as normal as his life is ever going to be) and coping with the after effects of his time in the upside down.

There are also a couple of glimpses into a sort of War of the World’s style alien from the sky (maybe, maybe not tell me what you think) and a look at what happened to Eleven after the season finale.

Stranger Things: Season two makes Demogorgon look quaint

As we wait patiently in our Ghostbuster’s outfits for season two. With Will out of the upside down, Eleven alive and Barb still being fucked over it looks like Hawkins Indiana is going to be getting even crazier.

In a recent interview Executive Producer Shawn Levy hinted at what’s to come:

“Will Byers is very much at the center of several intersecting challenges…forces of evil that are inherent in season two make that Demogorgon look quaint in retrospect.”

As Hawkins National Laboratory gets a new leader it looks like a real threaten will be coming…

What is going on in the new Game of Thrones trailer?

Khalessi is coming to Westeros y’all!

In the fresh new trailer for Game of Throne’s season seven, old friends and enemies return but what does this all mean for our favourite fantasy show.

Well, it was announced a few months ago that the final two seasons are only going to be seven episodes each meaning that not every character is going to make an appearance in every episode.

But you can watch the season seven trailer right here…

The trailer begins with a narration by Cersei Lannister who now sits on the Iron Throne, all of her children dead and gone it seems like there is nothing holding her back.We already saw her blow up the Citadel last season and now with Jamie by her side, she’s preparing for all out war.

As of now, it seems Daenerys Targaryen has crossed the Narrow Sea with her army and Tyrion with her and looks like she’s taking her seat at Dragonstone ready for the oncoming war.

Meanwhile, up North the Starks are still at odds with Little Finger whispering doubts in Sansa Stark’s ear about her brother and the whole ‘King in the North’ situation. However, the North looks to be fighting things on two fronts with Jon Snow referencing a Great War at the end of the trailer it looks like the White Walkers will be heading North.


The first trailer for Moana and Disney reinvents it’s princess.



A young woman, chosen by the sea sets out to find legendary demigod Maui. Sorry that’s Maui, shapeshifter, demigod of the wind and sea (and hero of men) to help protect her home against the great danger that is coming.

There are several symptomatic features of a traditional Disney film, family (although Moana seems to have a full set of parents), she’s spunky and she has a ridiculously cute animal friend (voiced by Alan Tudyk)

Dwayne Johnson takes up the helm of Maui, a funny and albeit pretty quirky demigod he and Moana don’t get on immediately.

Even in the trailer the real stand out for the movie is definitely going to be Auli’i Cravalho, the wily and fearless voice behind Moana, a driving force within the film and no doubt a le model for all the girls who want to be Moana growing up.

Watch everyone get shot in the new official Free Fire trailer

This French-British action thriller takes shots at the 70s in a shot out thriller.

In 1973 members of the IRA meet with an American arms dealer in an abandoned warehouse to strike a deal centring around machine guns, until things go disastrously wrong.

The film which showed at TIFF is from High-Rise director Ben Wheatley stars a mix of indie superstars and big names. Noticeably Brie Larson plays the only female role in her first feature film since winning the Academy Award for Room last year.

Currently getting rave reviews at TIFF Free Fire evokes movies like Reservoir Dogs in it’s contained thriller like way.

Younger: Season three trailer

After a drama-filled season two finale, Younger is coming back on September 28th.Eliza is desperately trying to get back to some normalcy at both work and in her romantic life and her hair looks ah-may-zing.

Now the love triangle is heating up between Eliza, her twenty six year old boyfriend and her divorced boss. But the tentative relationship is getting more strained as it looks like one of the books they are signing at millennial press reflects her own life.


Will Eliza’s double life be found out?

Check out the trailer and tell me what you think!